Sunday, 3 February 2013

Frenchie Friday

Hey guys...

I think I'm still adjusting to the whole travel to work thing. By the time I get to work, feels like I've traveled for hours. My productivity has kinda dropped at work, I am just drained all the time. I think I really have to incorporate exercise into the schedule.. it would really help I think. 

Any who I drove back to Geelong the other night, and right in front of me I witnessed a scary car crash on that day Melbourne had that crazy storm at 5 pm  I rang the police and emergency but I didn't know what I was doing and just drove right home and burst into tears. After my little melt down I said to Mum later, you probably think I'm a nut case, but she said she was just worried I had shock. So that really wasn't a good end to the working day that's for sure, I just hope the people are okay! 

On Friday after work I met my parents after work for dinner at Bistro Guillaume at Crown. 
We thought we'd go Gabrielle gate' style for dinner... I don't even remember the last time I went out for a french meal. 

I actually really enjoyed it there... I ripped this photo off the website. I really liked the interior of the place and it had a good vibe. 

I had never tried snails, but I thought hey, I'm going French, might as well do what the locals do (Melbourne - France same same :P ) ... 

Escargot tastes like mussels. They just take on the flavour of the saucy stuff you put on them. So by saying I liked them am I just saying I liked the sauce? 

I took my photos too late to show the pretty meals before they arrived at our table. My parents were quick to load up their plates with the side of peas on their plates...

This was mums Salmon... not that you can see it at all.. but Mum said it was really good. 

Dad got their steak with Bearnaise sauce. As you can see he has slopped the sides all over the menu ... we really are not the classiest of eaters. We managed to drop bread and potato on the ground, and just make a general mess. What is wrong with us, its like eating with a bunch of 5 year olds.  

I got the bouillabaisse ... which was a thick seafood chowder kind of soup. I love seafood, and the scallops in it were amazing... but I dunno it almost tasted like it had a pumpkin base, and I hate pumpkin soup, so I was a little disappointed. That said I picked out all the seafood and it all was yum... so it wasn't all bad. 

I am yet to try Rockpool... and I think that's next on my list! Have you been there? and do you think its lived up to its hype? 

Pani came over on Saturday night.. She had a really rough week so it was good to make some plans of what to do in the next month or so (that don't involve solely going out and drinking). We are thinking of doing the run for the kids. Its on in just under 2 months... I have lost all fitness so it would be a big ask for me. But that said I like the idea of getting the chance to run on the bolty bridge.. I mean when else can you ever get to do that? Have you done the run before? How did you find it? 

My study period officially starts in a week... I am enjoying the free time before I'm glued to the books! I can't see my posts getting much more exciting than this though which is really quite sad... Hope you all had a good weekend! 


  1. I didn't really enjoy Rockpool, however it could have been what I ordered (the chicken, it was fine, just nothing special).
    I think it depends on whether you are a steak person or not, as my partner had the steak and loved it.
    Apparently the wagyu burger is delicious.

    1. Yeah I hear there is awesome steak there.. but the name rockpool makes me think of seafood heaven. I def need to look up the menu it seems.

      I hate going places and are then disappointed, sounds like this was one of those moments for you! boo!

  2. I go to Rockpool at least once every few months. We used to enjoy the lunchtime burger which is delicious!!! I think it is around the $20 but love eating along the Yarra!

    I always order something different. Sometimes it's a hit & miss. I think it has dropped it's game over the years though which is a little dissapointing but it's still somewhere nice to go.

    Tell us about it if you do!

    - KK