Thursday, 14 February 2013

A bit of this, a bit of that....

Can I just say moving back to Gtown is such a drag! Can the travel be anymore draining! I've been taking the train and pretty much sleeping as much as I can! I have noticed I often wake myself up to my own snorting, what the hell is with that! Surely people must be chuckling to themselves. Maybe I should opt to sit next to those annoying people with blasting music on their headphones to block out my sleeping noises haha 

Last week I cooked up a storm of cupcakes for a few birthdays at work - I raced home ready to cook a cake, only to find a massive cupcake tray left in the cupboard. Clearly Mum isn't interested in baking. I bought a betty crocker cake mix which said to fill the base of the cake tin with raspberries, so I thought I'd apply the same them to the cupcakes. Hrm, didn't quite work, the bottoms kinda exploded, I think I overfilled the tins. Whatever, at least they got eaten - after I tried to hide the holes with frosting, and you know, surely its the thought that counts? 

I still remember baking a cake for my cousin, and she told me how fantastic it was, and what the recipe was... my reply, head toward isle 4 in your local supermarket and find the betty crocker boxes, flip box around, walk around the supermarket to find remaining ingredients. Okay so I'm a cooking fraud when it comes to cakes! 

Meanwhile I haven't bought polishes in a while, but I picked up these Butter London colours on OZsale a few weeks ago. Thought I'd pop them onto my Audrey Hepburn tin so the colours could pop more ... not that it worked! 

Fruit Machine, Sprog, Pink Ribbon and Alcopop

Clearly Fruit Machine is my favourite ...

My polish application has been horrible of late.... I actually think I need a good manicure, I have been maintaining my nails for so long, every so often its good to have it done for you! I can't believe I had acrylics for so long, el natural is so the way to go! My nails have never been the same since. 

I also bought these few from Essie. I love Essie polishes...The colours are great, and their application is always pretty good. 
Nice is Nice, Cascade Cool and Lights. 

I also bought a nail corrector pen, the bright white pen and some nail polish thinner. Can't wait to unleash that on my bottle of Fiji. How I miss that colour....

Anyway I plan to go to the shops tomorrow night after work. I want to find a few new dresses for work, hopefully I can find what I'm looking for. I love peplum, it hides sins! and I want to take full advantage of this trend while it lasts - but I want something good quality so I'm willing to pay a little more than the usual. 

Mezzy's baby shower is this Saturday - I'm pretty excited to see her. Work can be a drainer without our daily gossip sesh as she was located conveniently near my desk. At least Jkats is back ... yipeee! 


  1. Betty Crocker mixes are the best! I love them. I dare say even better then some cakes made from scratch. I love the polishes you got too, great colours.

    1. Hey!!!

      Yeah how good are the Betty Crocker mixes! Although I use the vanilla icing and it has this metallic tang to it. Its rather odd. The choc is far better.

      Awww Thanks! Might actually give the pale pink essie a whirl tonight :)