Sunday, 10 February 2013

My hair is on Cloud Nine


I'm so excited to be reviewing my new hair straightener... Cloud nine. 

As you all know my hair is big! and I need a good straightener to tame it. At the moment I've been using a GHD but it feels like after all the effort I put into doing my hair, by the time I get to work, it looks like I've stuck my fingers in a power point, and my hair has extra unwanted volume. 

Turns out my GHD is a dud! Mez and Jkats have the old GHD.. and it would always leave my hair extra straight. Then I'd use mine, and it wouldn't straighten quite as good. After doing a bit of reading the original makers of the GHD sold out, and then created cloud nine (I think thats how it went?!... my 'research' isn't exactly extensive hehe). I thought surely I'm onto a winner now. 

So Friday last week I'd had enough... and decided to buy a cloud nine. After ringing a few stores and getting upset, then harrassing the guys in my pod to pick it up from a store near them (wishful thinking haha) I found a stockist in Highpoint.. and whats more their price was cheaper than the others I had called. 

and here we are ... TA DA.... 

Cloud Nine (From Mazen Bali Highpoint) - $239- 

Sorry poor shot - heat controls

I was keen to try it right away, but I didn't see the point as I was getting my hair done on Saturday. Trudy did an awesome job, I went with a choc brown and I LOVE IT! I feel more me again! I think cause of regrowth I might have to see her more to maintain it, but we'll see how I go. 

As I was so excited to try out the new straightener I washed my hair the same night after getting it done! For some reason I thought as soon as I used this straightener I would be like WOW this is amazing. But I didn't feel that way at all. If anything I felt my hair catching of the plates and pulling. In hindsight, I probably should of used more product and combed out each section from knots, then straightened. 

So the next morning I tried again and it worked so much better. My hair was dead straight.. and that NEVER happens! I took this picture of me today, after being out all day. Still straight as can be. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results so far! 

My hair is insane!! In its natural state its a thick frizzy curly mess.. I figure if it can tame my hair, I can't see why it wouldn't work on anyone else! and if your hair doesn't need something so heavy duty, you have heat controls which go quite low - this is good when you go away with the girlfriends and your the designated hair straightener bringer hehe

I'm interested to know if you have bought a GHD within the last 2yrs or so and had the same issue as me? It kind of makes me mad honestly.. when you think your buying the best and it isn't what you thought.  


  1. Did your GHD have gold plates? Mine has gold plates and is nowhere near as good as the classic. My hairdresser says a lot of people with gold plates complain about the quality.

    1. Yes! It sure does. How annoying! We all got dudded!!!

  2. My GHD is the old style one and I've never had an issue with it but I have a few friends with newer models and they reckon they are duds too! The Cloud Nine I have only heard good things about. Your hair looks lovely!

    1. Aww thanks!!!

      Yes I think if I had a old one I would never bother upgrading ... They r the bomb!

    2. I totally won't be until it dies.. Which *fingers crossed* doesn't happen!

  3. I agree with the new VS old GHD.
    I love the results keep us updated x

    1. Thanks!

      I will def see how I fair in humid weather... that will be the real test haha

  4. Replies
    1. Yeah I'm loving it I must say :)

  5. Oh my gooooooosh! I ALWAYS complain about my GHD! My Mum has like a vidal sassoon ($70) and it does a better job than my GHD! I think I am missing something - why did they all turn dud like?

    I want to try this cloud 9 and my hair is also OOC!!!!

    Ps, You look great :)

    - KK

    1. Hi Karz,

      Awww thanks! Not feeling my best, but Hey, I'll be taking the compliment! haha

      You crack me up with all your replies to my posts! Thanks for reading them all!

      So far I'd def recommend the Cloud 9 -- My GHD was def too much hard work for my limited time in the mornings thats for sure!

      Hope all is well with you! xxx