Thursday, 27 December 2012

and so this is Christmas...

I'm devo... Christmas is over! 

Sunday 23rd we all went to our Grandma's place for Christmas lunch. Its the good old tradition fare, from turkey, ham, cheesy cauliflour to trifle, fruit salad, pav and pudding. I was proud of myself, I didn't go too crazy with the food. I viewed this as my stomach starter... as I had two massive days to follow. 

My cousins have had their own children now, so it was so much fun watching them tear open their presents.... and their responses with "wowww mum look at this!!!" ... how good were those days just totally oblivious to the Christmas stress! 

Christmas Eve I woke with the worst hayfever ever! I looked ridiculous with my puffy eyes and nasily voice hehe I hoped that the telefast kicked in so I looked half okay for our Polish Christmas. After rushing around all day, and having a quick nap I was ready for the night ahead. It was good to see my brothers and their gf's all in the one place - we are all so busy these days, we never get a chance to catch up and have a laugh. As you would know from my previous post, Babcia and I had done a lot of prep for the night ahead.. so it was good to see the final product getting eaten (and no complaints). 

Presents were exchanged and I got my favourite Lychee candle, yipee! Great timing as I've used mine all up. My cousin is awesome, she got me this decorative tree. My cousin said she remembered how much I loved my aunties xmas tree from last year so here is my own little wooden version.. perfectos for apartment living (unlike my 6 footer haha). 

We all hung out at babcia's for hours joking and talking rubbish before everyone left, exhausted, as we were about to back this up for Christmas day lunch! 

Christmas Day and my brother woke me up ... he was ready to open the pressies together before he left for the coast with his girlfriend. I got a perfume I'd have my eye on for ages... Thanks Santa! 

As one brother left, another one arrived, and off we went to my aunties for more awesome food. We were well and truly done by the end of the day, all laying on the couches like we've run a marathon (aka food coma). 

I ended up spending boxing day and today in geelong, relaxing, watching trashy jersey shore repeats and movies. Its funny how being at mum and dad's is always home, no matter where you actually live! 

I have had a look through instagram today, and was shocked to see the present hauls people received (as in adults, not children). People really do go all out! Or do we (my family) not really get into the pressie exchanging enough? Your thoughts..

Before I forget I got a few things I wanted to try while I did a last minute Christmas shop last Saturday. 

I tried this... I like it but just not dark enough. If i had a undercoat of something and then the bronzer on the top I'd be happy. But not bad for $9.95! 

Okay so I got this tacky grape scented polish from Sportsgirl for $7.95.. Turns out I love it! The colour is awesome for a cheapy. Unfortunately even with a good quality top coat it doesn't really last.. had to reapply after 2 days. I really loved it against my black David Lawrence dress so can't complain. and yes it does have a scent... although more bubblegum than grape! 

Anywho, hope your Christmas was awesome!... What did you do? Is anyone away on holidays? I don't think I've done a proper xmas holiday is years...

Friday, 21 December 2012

Holidays are here! YIPEEEEEEE


The holidays are finally here... I don't have much time off, will be back at work on the 3rd Jan - but a little time is better than none at all! I want to save my leave as much as I can for a proper holiday. 

I have been struggling this week... just so damn tired! Last night I thought I'd get in the Christmas cheer and do my nails Christmas style... 

I ended up taking this off... hate it! That red just doesn't do it for me! 

I then put on this... what I thought was a red with a pink through it... but clearly I couldn't get away with the red argument at work, everyone agreed it was pink! ahh well.. what can you do! I'm loving the nude colours lately. When I'm feeling a colour, I should just run with it, I just end up wasting time taking polish on and off. My nails need a good shaping to be honest. I have been quite lazy of late.

We got these hampers from our bosses' today! Horray! Love the double bottles of wine... 

I got these little goodies from buddies at work as well...

Shortbreads in this cute tin! I love it! 

And a little bag of lindt chocolates.... one of my FAVOURITES! hehe

Can't wait to relax for a few days ... What are your plans over the Christmas break? I love to know what everyone is up to! 

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hit me with the Tan


I dunno about you, but this year has killed me with expenses! So I'm on the hunt for cheaper alternatives to my usual make up routine. As we are getting into summer, I love to smother myself in fake tan. I could even be that orange girl you maybe laugh at! However I rather be orange that have my white skin reflect the sun off it haha I know i'm tragic! Anyway my point is I want some budget friendly options for tanning. So I thought I'd trial out a few I saw in Safeway when I was supposed to be shopping for dinner.... 

This Garnier Self tanning mousse I found rather messy to apply. I really needed a mitt, and the colour was so not dark enough for the effort I put in applying it. I think I would have to get to three applications to get near the colour I would want. I'm a terrible reviewer as I can't remember the price of this exactly (or any of the products really)- but I'm pretty sure it was around $11 as I picked it up on sale. 

This is my favourite self tanning product. I like to apply at night before bed to wake up with a glowing tan. It goes on like moisturiser, and is pretty forgiving in the sense that I slap it on and rub it in pretty roughly and it ends up generally pretty even. It costs around $10-$12 but I like to always have this on back up. 

Quite obviously I have a thing for Garnier products.... But this partiular one is not a winner as far as I'm concerned. The gel like consistency feels odd on your legs, and takes ages to sink in. The colour you get from it can often be streaky and not that dark. I have however heard some girls loving it.. Maybe its my lazy application that is not working for me! This costs a little more than the self tanning milk, but if you have the choice, go the milk! 

Okay so you have a party to go to which has totally crept up on you... which means you look like you haven't seen the sun all winter. This could be your emergency solution! Its literally a spray on make up and has a great colour! but don't be wearing it if you expect rain in the forecast - it will just run off you! classy look huh! This is for around $25ish dollars, good to have in the cupboard as a backup! However I highly recommend applying this OUTSIDE or this could happen.... 

This is picture was given to me by Pani! Disgusting hell yes!!! Thank goodness its easy to remove! Seriously it looks like a crime scene its so horrid! 

I have heard great things about Sportsgirls' tanning lotion - I am still yet to try it! 

So what tanning products do you use? Clearly I have some obsession about Garnier products.. I really need to venture out! 

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas preparations and celebrations

Hey guys! 

Friday was our work Christmas party ... my plan was as follows, cab to train station in morning, train to work, get ready for party at work and take a cab home at nights end. Unfortunately my plan turned out to be waiting for a cab for 45mins in the drizzle humid weather - my freshly washed hair officially reached boof status in 10mins. I was NOT happy! After a train and tram ride I got to work at 10:15 - I should of been there by 8:45... Let me tell you I was cranky and looking rather dishevelled haha 

This is me pointing out the obvious fact my hair is not straight! Ignoring that part (and the fact I have no make up on at this point) I wore my new David Lawrence dress as well as my neutral tony bianco pumps which have faired well for me! 

The party was at One Fitzroy Street in StKilda.. was a great spot as we had lots of bars around us for a longer night out if we wanted. Turns out most piked it by midnight - I think the weather really knocked everyone around a bit. Nevertheless a good time had by all! My KK was awesome though, I got this little four pack... someone knows me a little too well! 

Can't wait to crack open these sparkling moscatos! :)

I was majorly drained by the end of the night, but Mez was kind enough to drive me home... especially because its so out of her way! Honestly I was relived by this, the thought of waiting for a cab would make me go insane! 

Saturday I had the best sleep in! I really could of sleept all weekend, but I had to get up and get things done before Sunday as I was off to Geelong. 

I am determined to learn the polish traditional cooking for in the future. I spent all Sunday with Babcia cooking mountains of Perogie. If you don't know what they are basically can be described as our version of dumpling... or as I like to call them, giant tortellini! Perogies can be meat filled, vegetable filled - usually potato, or even filled with berries as a dessert. Babcia and I made over 200 of them... meat filled with her special recipe. I think every family has their own version! Anyway these are the results.... 

These little ones go in our traditional mushroom soup

This was the start of our first batch... this went on for hours! 

We celebrate Vagilia which is on Christmas Eve and we make these especially for it- although this is just for starters... not to mention babcia's famous cabbage rolls and fish starters. Makes me feel full just thinking about it!

After all this cooking, I got home and ended up making a huge batch of truffles for people at work on Sunday night. Usually I make lolly bags, but I thought truffles are always a winner! 

By the time I got back to Melbourne I was so damn tired, and glad for a good nights sleep. I feel like I've been trying to catch up all week! 

What are your Christmas traditions? I wonder if I have any polish readers that also celebrate Vagilia......or something similar?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Looking Forward......

I've been in a odd kind of mood lately... and I think its because I'm trudging through life without any real goals. And goals are so important - you always need something to work towards, we all need some sort of purpose. 

This upcoming new year I want to get started on setting some proper goals and actually working towards them ... from now even! I remember in primary school writing letters to ourselves which we would write at the start of the year, and open at the end. I want to do this again! I want to ponder on this for the next few weeks and see what I can come up with - not off the cuff goals like go out more and eat less ice cream! 

Meanwhile this afternoon I met up with my two good friends for coffee at The Boat House. When we got there around 5pm and it was 37 degrees and we all looked drained before we even got chatting! Pretty soon the weather turned, and it was cold! Melbourne weather is so cray cray! Anyway we were talking about NYE and we all agreed that Riva is the way to go! Sounds like it should be fun.. esp having a group of us going! I went and got the tickets right away for Pani and myself - not taking the risk of waiting until payday to get them! Pani and I have learnt the hard way that getting NYE tickets is a nightmare last minute. So hopefully it will be a good night.. sneaky sound system will be there and Grant Smillie... and some other random people I haven't heard of! 

I was in Geelong last weekend to see family and organise Christmas cooking days (yes I am that ethnic that we have to block days for cooking food haha). I took mum out to lunch and then we went looking through the shops. There were so many good buys... I bought this cute dress from David Lawrence for my work Xmas party. Its a classic cut, so I figure I can wear it to both my mum and dad's side of the family for Xmas ... yes I'm being that thrifty with my purchases haha 

I was lucky enough to also get 20% off which made my day! I think they have great classic dresses, I just noticed they are having buy two, get the 3rd free. If I have a few hunderd to spare, I would def take this up!!! Click here if you are interested

We also ventured to Witchery and I go these cute earrings ... I thought they would go perfect with the dress...

Again I got to the counter and they were $29.95! If your haven't signed up as a Witchery member, I would def recommend you did. They have some awesome offers ... over the Christmas period they have been having the 12 days of Christmas sale... so many good deals to be had! 

Sometimes I forget my mum is in here mid 50s.. she bought this really cute Basque structured dress from Myer and these cute heels from Witchery. She also saw this adorable box clutch, which I must say I wouldn't mind myself, but I think she might get that from Santa (i.e. me) 

I would really like to test myself and see how long I can manage imposing a non useless spending rule. I am a terrible impulse shopper (earrings in this post prime example). I shouldn't really put a rule on this, just another rule I'll end up breaking haha 

I got a few instant tans I want to give a whirl this week... downside = back tanning. If you don't have someone around is it even possible to get your back done? Common girls, tell me your fake tanning secrets! 

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Its Christmas time!!!!

Heya Prowlers! 

I am the worst blogger ever! I know I know! 

BUT I'M BACK! with an attempt to be a good little blogger hehe

Is it just me, or has Christmas come around ultra fast! I'm determined to get into the Christmas spirit this year ... My year hasn't exactly gone to plan so I want to make an attempt of a great Xmas and New year! I love my optimism about New Year... however its often quite the let down...  My last 3 New years have been at Docklands and every event I've been to has just been crap! I'm still haunted by my experience at the Watermark... they ripped us off, and had hardly any bar staff to cater for everyone and therefore impossible to get a drink - not to mention a dud crowd. We did another event at a place I can't quite remember the name, but it was another horrid night. Bogan central! One of the better nights was H2O... but still wasn't thrilled by it either. I was speaking to Mez today and we both agree Docklands is where fun goes to die! But I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do! 

Anyway more importantly back to CHRISTMAS!.... Last week I thought its about time I got myself a Christmas tree. I just decided on a fakey... especially since I'm solo and carting that little baby up to my floor of the block didn't sound like my idea of fun! I got this giant 6 footer for $27 from Big W! Can you believe how cheap! I texted my dad to tell him I got it from there where he replied with "I can't believe you shopped at BigW"... (He thinks i'm a brand snob, I proved him wrong huh!). I also got the lights and star from there too... seriously that place is the bomb for Christmas decos at el-cheapo prices! 


I must admit I did buy some gorgeous Christmas ornaments from Myer before my venture to BigW. I love them all, and they had 30% off so its hard to say no really! I could say no to the hyperactive children running around the decorations section of Myer. Look I know I don't have children and I am sounding like the Christmas grinch, but as I pondered at my lighting choices, some kid ran over, fell to the floor and whacked my legs and was looking up at me like I'm the weirdo. His mum didn't say anything .. I thought it was odd .. is it okay to let random kids just hit you on the legs while your minding your own business? Hence the reason I ran off to BigW ... I shouldn't be such a kid hater, to be honest majority of the kids were pretty cute, amazed by all the Christmas trinkets to choose from!

I didn't think through my shopping as I had to carry a Xmas tree and bags of random decos etc back to the car on a very busy Sunday afternoon! Dumb decision... I was grumpy and irritable by the end.... but my mood quickly changed once I got home and started putting up the tree! 

I love these glass ornaments ... my brothers would always break them when we were little! Myer had so many of them I was like a kid in a candy store! 

I posted this on Insta (kitty1983) ... my Camera skills are terrible! 

Anyway so I'm happy I feel quite festive with my tree up... now to accumulate a few presents to sit underneath! 

I got some great little gifts from Myer today! Myer has a awesome section of stocking fillers and gift packs in the back left hand corner of the store on ground level (Myer Melbourne City store). 

This candle smells AMAZING! I'm not sure if its soy or anything fancy but the scent alone is a winner. 

These MOR packs are so cute! They even include a mini candle! 

What are your fail safe Xmas stocking fillers? I feel like i'm giving the same old thing!