Friday, 31 August 2012

Online shopping... Don't mind if I do

Heya Prowlers! 

I thought I'd share with you a few purchases I've made over the last 24 hours! 

I have to say I love strawberrynet! How could you not love the prices compared to the makeup counter at myer! People have told me they have had problems with products before but I haven't at all... and I shall continue to use the site until I'm proved otherwise!

My standard buy - Take the day off makeup remover especially for the lips and eyes. Love love love! I have sensitive skin and this is the only product that doesn't puff up my eyes! This was $26 on strawberrynet.... from memory in myer roughly $45 to $50. 

I haven't bought this in ages but I love it! Diorshow mascara! Long, thick and curled eyelashes. What more does a girl want (before going fake)! $37.50 spent wisely! 

A few weeks ago Pani and I were in Mecca Maxima in Melbourne Central and I spotted these gorgeous lip glosses. I was happy to find them on strawberrynet!!! Golden Gloss Shimmering Gloss #49 - Golden Violette $30- I really can't wait to use this stuff. They look ultra shiny! I'm a big fan of big glossy lips! 

Ozsale has a Butter London sale on at the moment! Horray! I got a top up of my favourite Lippy - Teddy Girl. I have been wearing this constantly lately and teaming it up with a pastel pink or purple nail colour. I have been getting quite the compliment about it. However a few guys have not shared the same view. I think guys don't like the pale pink lips look. Whatever I'm loving it! 

Butter London Lippy - Teddy Girl $15- 

I thought I would get another pink nail polish (no I don't need another pink, yes I just want this one!) $14- 

I actually emailed Butter London once about the fact they do not ship to Australia from their website. Instead they sent me a list of stockists in Australia. All of which were so bloody expensive! I'm sorry guys but I'll just wait will Ozsale have the polishes/lippys up for grabs! At least they bothered to email me back! 

What are your favourite online shopping sites? I hate waiting for ages for my package - downfall with ozsale! 

In addition to lip glosses and nail polishes I don't need, I also sourced out a few new tops to go with my jeans. 

I found this ultra cute peplum top on the portmans website and I had to have it. Unfortunately when I went to Highpoint tonight, Portmans had moved and was not open! Boo! Instead I impulse bought at Myer and got a black sleeveless peplum top. I actually really love the top but found when I tried it on with my jeans they kind of clashed as my jeans are so dark. I want to keep the top but now I want the portmans top below and some type of pant/skirt sito to go with the black top! I will post the black top when I find a half decent combo for it! 

Portmans Penny Peplum top $39.95 (cheap cheap)!!

I ended up getting Dad a laptop sleeve for his new laptop for fathers day. Lame present if you ask me! But whatever! I tried! We are going out to Fathers Day lunch in Geelong on Sunday afternoon. I'll see if I can rope the family into getting their mugs into a picture so you can meet them all too! They are a hilarious bunch! Thats the joy of having twin brothers!

Have a great weekend guys :) 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mid Week Ramblings Anyone?...

Not much happening this week...

I don't know know about you but as a single woman it seems that sometimes you have a lul with the male folk and then bam! they come out of the woodwork! .. then after a few days over thinking everything such as where is this going, does he like me, bla bla bla (don't pretend you've never thought this in your life... you lie you lie!) you realise you just wasted many hours thinking about someone that probably wasn't worth thinking about! I am a bit of sucker for the odd compliment though ... it is like my kryptonite -this code is easily broken with the many sweet talkers there are out there! 

I am totally unlucky in love! Yet I have no problems making friends with guys... why is this so?! Sometimes I freak out a little about it ... nearly 30! I can't believe that really... I mean what the heck! I remember being 18/19 thinking 30 was so old and making pacts with male friends if we're still single we'll get married ... idiots! haha

Anyway don't get me wrong , I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I love my life and if a guy is there or isn't whatever! As long as my buddies (and obviously family) don't leave me stranded then I'm sweet haha

Was that just a case of talking for the sake of it... sorry if I'm making you yawn! 

Meanwhile this is a tad random but I'm such an in the closet rnb and hiphop lover! I was telling a girl at work today how some of my friends think it is weird that I'm an accountant and I love lil wayne! ... yes its true! Do you reckon its an odd combo? I still remember listening to 2pac greatest hits on my disk man when I was about 16 (remember the disk man! my friends and I were amazed at how compact it was - how technology has changed!) and a girl I was friends with said why the hell are you listening to 2pac! Its like .. gangster! And her point?... I loved it! ...California loveeeee.... 

I am after a few songs to add to my collection, what are your favourite rnb tracks? I love that older stuff... think along the lines of Hell Yeah! by Ginuwine... 

Fathers day this weekend.. I'm seriously struggling to get a good pressie for papa! He is getting the freebie laptop but getting him a laptop bag to go with it seems kinda lame! I don't know about you but buying for Dad is hard work! 

If you haven't already, please follow me on instagram @kitty1983 and twitter @prowlerKITTY ...  let me know if you found me from my blog!? How fun is this blogging world?! Thanks for all your comments guys! 

Monday, 27 August 2012

Greys Be Gone!!!!

Maybe 3 weeks ago now I headed down to Geelong to spend time with mumma. I guess it would suck to live with boys all the time... who are you going to talk about shopping and the like to ?! So I came down on a Friday night and left on the Saturday night. 

On Friday mum and I decided to try the Customs House for dinner... it is located along the water front and looks gorgeous. Before we go on excuse my horrid picture taking... I was trying to be subtle so I snapping quickly...

This is a terrible picture .... you can't see the water that is lit up by the blue light. 


From chef - an asian broth.. it was horrid. What was the kitchen thinking serving this up to people! 

For entree... mum had this interesting tastings plate. In the cup was this thick and gluggy pumpkin soup, some beef carpaccio and I think some procuttio and something salad. I think mum wasn't that impressed!

My salad was beetroot and goats curd and walnuts and pear! Just not good at all! It was literally jelly on a plate with chunks of randomness on the plate. The walnuts were good... I guess!

Our mains were alright.. but things didn't match the description in the menu. The mushroom sauce was awesome though! 

Presenting the bill... in an empty book... which also emptied my bank account needlessly! 

This was really a disappointment. The location is great and all but it doesn't make up for the try hard menu and terrible service. There seemed to be so many staff running around but doing nothing. I hate how businesses do this... spend the money on awesome well trained staff.. you will need less of them and they actually control their designated areas properly. We were served by at least 4 different people throughout the night. The meal cost together $176 --- Ridiculous! We had sparking water and one glass of wine, the two entrees and two mains. The food is not good enough to justify such a price. All is not lost though, it still is a pretty place to go to, and its good to see an old building in Geelong being put to good use. Ah well hopefully it gets better over time... definitely some tweaks need to be made! 

After our interesting Friday night I went to bed early as in the morning I was off to the hair dressers! and guess what... 

I did it, finally coloured my hair!!!

T did a great job! I am really happy with it. That said I'm not 100% sure if I want the foils in it again. Maybe I just go all dark like my natural colour. Although I am loving that my hair is growing longer... slowly but surely people! 

Pre Cut and colour...


TA DA! No more stark whites!!! 

Horray! I am looking forward to next time ... any ideas you have that would suit me I am happy to give a go. I wouldn't mind experimenting... seeing as I can't do much with the cut for now, may as well enjoy the colour. 

So after my excitement I rushed home to get Mum as we were off to get pedi's done! Mum did a bit of ringing around to find somewhere that could do both of us at the same time... and randomly came across a small business called the Nail and Beauty Room. It was awesome! A lovely lady, who I forget the name of, has set up a cute nail room in her house. The bonus is the prices are dirt cheap! We had great pedi's done for $45 each! I highly recommend this place if you are a geelongian. It is located in Highton and they do anything from waxing, shellac, facials and hot stone massage. You really can't go wrong! 

After our pedi's we went to visit Babcia's for coffee and cake.. and I passed on the couch. I have been so tired lately! I changed my hours for work and I think my body clock is a tad out of whack! Babcia said " I don't care if you sleep... as long as I get to see you" .. awww!  

So that was my little adventure to the hometown! 

In other random news... here are a few of my favourite nail polish purchases I have made over the past few weeks. 

Finally received my OPI polishes from Brandsexclusive... unfortunately one smashed in the package so that was pedal faster suzie so i'm a little upset about that. Although they happily refunded the money which was good! The colour are... pamplona purple (thumb), ate berries in the cannaries and finally black cherry chutney. I love love love love these!!!

I randomly bought these revlon polishes.. not sure why i got the glitter. It is rather an odd tone so trying to work out what it will look best with. The white is called calla lily which is a sheer white with a shimmer. Love it! I used it as a top coat on my essie lilacim and looked great! Calla lily is actually a colour stay polish... in general not a fan of the revlon polishes but this one has been an exception. 

Kit - Winner takes all and High roller 

Kit polishes are awesome! I highly recommend them... I love the colour selection! Here is winner takes all teamed up with sally hansen gemcrush big money. Sometimes we just need a bit of bling!  

Sorry for my huge posts lately... now with my new lappy I hope to keep much more up to date!!! 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Escape.....


Without sounding too much like my mum ..where does the time go? Its almost September and it makes me wonder where the hell did the year go? My life has become so monotonous ... work - home - work - home. Although I love where I live and work ain't so bad (lets be honest work is work - people who absolutely love their jobs are just bloody lucky) I have to start making the weekends more eventful at least! Honestly I would love to go overseas but at this point I can only realistically see that happening in 2015! So in between I can settle for short trips or a week or so at semi local destinations that don't burn a hole in my wallet haha. 

Pani and I both agree on this and we decided that we wanted a mid year break so to Phillip Island it is! The idea was to book kind of like a pampering session for us, and just be tourists for the weekend. We left the massage booking until last minute, so when I finally got to the phones I was having no luck at all. Until I randomly came across his lovely lady named Patricia who managed to fit us in at the same time on Saturday arvo. Perfectos! The place was called Aromatherapy in Action and although maybe not decked out with the latest and greatest furnishings as we city slickers are used to, the staff nevertheless were lovely and they did a great job. This was my first massage and I loved it... I could really get used to fitting it into my schedule hehe. Afterwards we both felt really groggy and tired, so we decided to go straight to our accomodation. 

We stayed at Silverwater resort in San Remo. In all honestly the apartment was really nice and all but it ended up being a bit of a rip off if you ask me! We spend something like $260 for the room ( literally an aparatment with a bedroom each), and then we got room service which was TERRIBLE! I am a eating machine and I really couldn't down my souvlaki... we really should of complained but I just never got around to it! So that was money down the drain plus the inhouse movies were like $16 -- so we spent $32 on movies which seems kind of ridiculous. Was still cheap for a saturday night but still if we had our time again definelty no room service.. yuk!

Girls night in .... movies , chocolates and trashy magazines.. what more does one want! 

Our large apartment for just the two of us! A family could fit in here no problems...

I don't know about you, but I feel rather conned when they say you get a king bed and it was actually two matresses pushed together! 

As you can see the weather was pretty bad, and our apartment was set a bit back from the view of the ocean, but hey its in the horizon its good enough for us haha

I was exhausted on the Saturday and went to sleep early so I was ready for a bit of touristing on the Sunday. When we left Silverwater we went straight to Mad Cowes on the Island for breaky. Finally a good meal and we were energised and ready to go! Pictures tell a thousand words so here we go.... 

Watching for seals... gorgeous view, but the wind was bloody freezing! Take note of my stark white hair! AWFUL!

As we drove around we found this detour to a random historic farm on Churchill Island which is off the main drag on Phillip Island. I loved it! I love historic stuff... think Soverign Hill. Is that tragic? hehe

So cute .. hanging out with mumma

This beast did not even bat an eyelid as we drove past....

Mary had a little lamb... this lil guy was funny kicking and running around with his buddies

Having a look around the old homestead....

There were wagon and horse rides which were probably for the kids... but I wanted to go on it too! ahh well.... this poor guy looked lonely

What you looking at?!

Scarecrow out of the front of the veggie garden...

After a wander around we decided to venture back to Melbourne... there was nothing else we were busting to look at. We did stop by quickly to the chocolate factory. Can I say the chocolates were not very good! Not really a must do if you ask us! 

When we got back to Melbourne we went for a very late lunch at The Boat House located just opposite the Anglers Tavern on the Maribyrnong River. I haven't had a meal there for a while and can I just say it was actually really good this time! I got this squid pasta... I'm sure it has a fancier name but whatever it was so good! Highly recommend it! 

So that was our little trip to Phillip Island... great for a sneaky getaway from Melbourne. 

Which brings me to ask you, where have you been for a weekend getaway that isn't too far from Melbourne. Any suggestions on somewhere that the girls and I can do together?

Have a great weekend guys :) 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm back ... with a new laptop in hand!

It is true, I have been very neglectful of my blog. Not on purpose... my old computer at home has nearly packed it in. Literally by the time I logged in and wrote a blog post I was left thinking where the hell did my whole night go?! So I finally took the plunge and bought a new computer.. and yes a laptop. I am slowly entering the modern age haha. 

My Satellite L850/0CC Laptop.... anyone care about specs? If so click here

I am so sorry to everyone for my continual 20 questions about this! I fear you tech savvy people maybe ready to diss my choice! but back off punks! I really only want this computer for important purposes like internet shopping and the like hehehe.... plus surprise surprise, I like the white! (I have a thing for white... ) 

Whats even better is that Harvey Norman have buy a Toshiba laptop and get one for free... granted possibly a crappy one but who cares.. its free! HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! haha 

Can I just say as I waddled to my car with my laptops in hand, trying to open my car as my keys were all twisted in my hand, a guy ran over and helped me get my purchases in the car and proceeded to guide me out of the car park to avoid the bombardment of traffic. Chivalry is not dead people! 

In other shopping news I went to Highpoint right after work last night. I am a big fan of the hand car wash in shopping centres. You don't have the hassle of looking for a car park, get your car cleaned, and it somewhat limits your spending when you know you have to be back in an hour or so. 

My intention was to finally go to MAC and get my eyemake up done... but I really don't know why I bothered going to the Myer in Highpoint for this. They are terrible! I was standing in the MAC area and did not have one person approach me to say sorry we are busy but we won't be to long or something along those lines. So I walked to the Chanel counter... nobody, benefit... nobody.... and then finally to Christian Dior. CD had three girls behind the counter and having a convo, laughing etc. So I go over there and pick up some products and stand around for a bit ... they literally carried on and did not even acknowledge me. I'm sorry but this is terrible! I don't feel it should be my job to stop their conversation when they are supposed to be on the job. Granted I work in a very different industry but if a customer/client is standing around you drop what your doing and serve them. I have found the girls in the city store much better - why is the Highpoint store so terrible! Well David Jones will be in there before they know it so hopefully that drives up the competition! Anyway I should stop ranting ... Sorry!! 

So I proceeded to wander the shops aimlessly as I didn't really have a mission to get done! I did however go to JB and got a few cds that the biller at work recommended. Is it odd that I actually bought cds.. who does that these days thanks to itunes?

I have been after a pair of round cubic zirconia (not sure how to spell it) earrings for a while now. I went into Michael Hill and they charged $300 ... No sorry buddy I want the cheapest of the cheap! So I got these from prouds. I must admit all the jewelry I love is literally out of my price range ... so like I say, fake it before you make it baby! lol 

I ordered this Michael Kors bag which I love! It was from Ozsale... and can you believe it arrived in like a week! AMAZING! I think this will be perfect for summer! Whats better is that I haven't really seen anyone around with the same bag which is even better! I feel like some bags like those Mimco button bags, like everyone had them! I dont mind having the same things, but not all the time. 

I got the bag for $230 including shipping. Horray! I can't believe how expensive this stuff is when you go into DJ's.What did we do before online shopping? Dusted our homes? Polished the silver? lol How times have changed! 

Anyway while I've been gone I have had a few adventures which I plan to update you on. Pani and I went to Phillip Island... fun times! and I had a girlie weekend with mumsie in Gtown which unearthly a fantastic little nail salon hidden the suburbs!

I hope you have all been well and staying out of trouble! I plan to go to the city next Friday and suss eyebrow pencils/powders. Apart from MAC are there any other brands you would recommend?