Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Escape.....


Without sounding too much like my mum ..where does the time go? Its almost September and it makes me wonder where the hell did the year go? My life has become so monotonous ... work - home - work - home. Although I love where I live and work ain't so bad (lets be honest work is work - people who absolutely love their jobs are just bloody lucky) I have to start making the weekends more eventful at least! Honestly I would love to go overseas but at this point I can only realistically see that happening in 2015! So in between I can settle for short trips or a week or so at semi local destinations that don't burn a hole in my wallet haha. 

Pani and I both agree on this and we decided that we wanted a mid year break so to Phillip Island it is! The idea was to book kind of like a pampering session for us, and just be tourists for the weekend. We left the massage booking until last minute, so when I finally got to the phones I was having no luck at all. Until I randomly came across his lovely lady named Patricia who managed to fit us in at the same time on Saturday arvo. Perfectos! The place was called Aromatherapy in Action and although maybe not decked out with the latest and greatest furnishings as we city slickers are used to, the staff nevertheless were lovely and they did a great job. This was my first massage and I loved it... I could really get used to fitting it into my schedule hehe. Afterwards we both felt really groggy and tired, so we decided to go straight to our accomodation. 

We stayed at Silverwater resort in San Remo. In all honestly the apartment was really nice and all but it ended up being a bit of a rip off if you ask me! We spend something like $260 for the room ( literally an aparatment with a bedroom each), and then we got room service which was TERRIBLE! I am a eating machine and I really couldn't down my souvlaki... we really should of complained but I just never got around to it! So that was money down the drain plus the inhouse movies were like $16 -- so we spent $32 on movies which seems kind of ridiculous. Was still cheap for a saturday night but still if we had our time again definelty no room service.. yuk!

Girls night in .... movies , chocolates and trashy magazines.. what more does one want! 

Our large apartment for just the two of us! A family could fit in here no problems...

I don't know about you, but I feel rather conned when they say you get a king bed and it was actually two matresses pushed together! 

As you can see the weather was pretty bad, and our apartment was set a bit back from the view of the ocean, but hey its in the horizon its good enough for us haha

I was exhausted on the Saturday and went to sleep early so I was ready for a bit of touristing on the Sunday. When we left Silverwater we went straight to Mad Cowes on the Island for breaky. Finally a good meal and we were energised and ready to go! Pictures tell a thousand words so here we go.... 

Watching for seals... gorgeous view, but the wind was bloody freezing! Take note of my stark white hair! AWFUL!

As we drove around we found this detour to a random historic farm on Churchill Island which is off the main drag on Phillip Island. I loved it! I love historic stuff... think Soverign Hill. Is that tragic? hehe

So cute .. hanging out with mumma

This beast did not even bat an eyelid as we drove past....

Mary had a little lamb... this lil guy was funny kicking and running around with his buddies

Having a look around the old homestead....

There were wagon and horse rides which were probably for the kids... but I wanted to go on it too! ahh well.... this poor guy looked lonely

What you looking at?!

Scarecrow out of the front of the veggie garden...

After a wander around we decided to venture back to Melbourne... there was nothing else we were busting to look at. We did stop by quickly to the chocolate factory. Can I say the chocolates were not very good! Not really a must do if you ask us! 

When we got back to Melbourne we went for a very late lunch at The Boat House located just opposite the Anglers Tavern on the Maribyrnong River. I haven't had a meal there for a while and can I just say it was actually really good this time! I got this squid pasta... I'm sure it has a fancier name but whatever it was so good! Highly recommend it! 

So that was our little trip to Phillip Island... great for a sneaky getaway from Melbourne. 

Which brings me to ask you, where have you been for a weekend getaway that isn't too far from Melbourne. Any suggestions on somewhere that the girls and I can do together?

Have a great weekend guys :) 


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