Friday, 31 August 2012

Online shopping... Don't mind if I do

Heya Prowlers! 

I thought I'd share with you a few purchases I've made over the last 24 hours! 

I have to say I love strawberrynet! How could you not love the prices compared to the makeup counter at myer! People have told me they have had problems with products before but I haven't at all... and I shall continue to use the site until I'm proved otherwise!

My standard buy - Take the day off makeup remover especially for the lips and eyes. Love love love! I have sensitive skin and this is the only product that doesn't puff up my eyes! This was $26 on strawberrynet.... from memory in myer roughly $45 to $50. 

I haven't bought this in ages but I love it! Diorshow mascara! Long, thick and curled eyelashes. What more does a girl want (before going fake)! $37.50 spent wisely! 

A few weeks ago Pani and I were in Mecca Maxima in Melbourne Central and I spotted these gorgeous lip glosses. I was happy to find them on strawberrynet!!! Golden Gloss Shimmering Gloss #49 - Golden Violette $30- I really can't wait to use this stuff. They look ultra shiny! I'm a big fan of big glossy lips! 

Ozsale has a Butter London sale on at the moment! Horray! I got a top up of my favourite Lippy - Teddy Girl. I have been wearing this constantly lately and teaming it up with a pastel pink or purple nail colour. I have been getting quite the compliment about it. However a few guys have not shared the same view. I think guys don't like the pale pink lips look. Whatever I'm loving it! 

Butter London Lippy - Teddy Girl $15- 

I thought I would get another pink nail polish (no I don't need another pink, yes I just want this one!) $14- 

I actually emailed Butter London once about the fact they do not ship to Australia from their website. Instead they sent me a list of stockists in Australia. All of which were so bloody expensive! I'm sorry guys but I'll just wait will Ozsale have the polishes/lippys up for grabs! At least they bothered to email me back! 

What are your favourite online shopping sites? I hate waiting for ages for my package - downfall with ozsale! 

In addition to lip glosses and nail polishes I don't need, I also sourced out a few new tops to go with my jeans. 

I found this ultra cute peplum top on the portmans website and I had to have it. Unfortunately when I went to Highpoint tonight, Portmans had moved and was not open! Boo! Instead I impulse bought at Myer and got a black sleeveless peplum top. I actually really love the top but found when I tried it on with my jeans they kind of clashed as my jeans are so dark. I want to keep the top but now I want the portmans top below and some type of pant/skirt sito to go with the black top! I will post the black top when I find a half decent combo for it! 

Portmans Penny Peplum top $39.95 (cheap cheap)!!

I ended up getting Dad a laptop sleeve for his new laptop for fathers day. Lame present if you ask me! But whatever! I tried! We are going out to Fathers Day lunch in Geelong on Sunday afternoon. I'll see if I can rope the family into getting their mugs into a picture so you can meet them all too! They are a hilarious bunch! Thats the joy of having twin brothers!

Have a great weekend guys :) 


  1. Strawberrynet is fantastic! I always buy things from there and have never had a problem at all. The fast shipping is great. :) I hate how slow Ozsale is as well, so frustrating. Love the purchases!

    1. Thanks! I am looking forward to getting my YSL lipgloss... It is more of a bold colour than I usually get so we'll see if I can pull it off!

      Yeah ozsale shipping delays suck. I know they clearly state it but I don't get why it happens.

  2. I have actually never bought anything off Strawberrynet! It seems like it's worth it and have no idea why I never thought of it by! why THANK YOU KITTY! :)

    Are your brothers Identical? We have sets of twins in our fam too. Except one set of twins has orange hair, blue eyes, pail with freckles whilst the girl has olive skin, dark eyes and dark hair! Haha!

    Safe to say - we can differentiate between the two! ;)


    1. Yes you must try it! I am a big fan as you can tell! hehe

      My brothers aren't identical, but people get confused when they don't know them very well. They are both tall and athletic looking with messy hair haha but thats were the similarities start and end!

      hahah @ the random set of twins in your family! Corruption in the blood lines... milk man? haha

  3. as if I spelt pale like PAIL - whats wrong with me!
    -Fridayitis I assume :)