Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Mid Week Ramblings Anyone?...

Not much happening this week...

I don't know know about you but as a single woman it seems that sometimes you have a lul with the male folk and then bam! they come out of the woodwork! .. then after a few days over thinking everything such as where is this going, does he like me, bla bla bla (don't pretend you've never thought this in your life... you lie you lie!) you realise you just wasted many hours thinking about someone that probably wasn't worth thinking about! I am a bit of sucker for the odd compliment though ... it is like my kryptonite -this code is easily broken with the many sweet talkers there are out there! 

I am totally unlucky in love! Yet I have no problems making friends with guys... why is this so?! Sometimes I freak out a little about it ... nearly 30! I can't believe that really... I mean what the heck! I remember being 18/19 thinking 30 was so old and making pacts with male friends if we're still single we'll get married ... idiots! haha

Anyway don't get me wrong , I'm not feeling sorry for myself. I love my life and if a guy is there or isn't whatever! As long as my buddies (and obviously family) don't leave me stranded then I'm sweet haha

Was that just a case of talking for the sake of it... sorry if I'm making you yawn! 

Meanwhile this is a tad random but I'm such an in the closet rnb and hiphop lover! I was telling a girl at work today how some of my friends think it is weird that I'm an accountant and I love lil wayne! ... yes its true! Do you reckon its an odd combo? I still remember listening to 2pac greatest hits on my disk man when I was about 16 (remember the disk man! my friends and I were amazed at how compact it was - how technology has changed!) and a girl I was friends with said why the hell are you listening to 2pac! Its like .. gangster! And her point?... I loved it! ...California loveeeee.... 

I am after a few songs to add to my collection, what are your favourite rnb tracks? I love that older stuff... think along the lines of Hell Yeah! by Ginuwine... 

Fathers day this weekend.. I'm seriously struggling to get a good pressie for papa! He is getting the freebie laptop but getting him a laptop bag to go with it seems kinda lame! I don't know about you but buying for Dad is hard work! 

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  1. Hahaha! Oh Em Gee! I just posted about Tupac randomly enough! I went to watch a movie from MIFF - Art VS Rap - You would probably like it!

    My classic RNB Jams (that i can remmeber at the top of my head)

    Keith Sweat - Twisted
    2Pac - Are you still Down
    This is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
    U Know What's Up - Donell Jones
    Only You (remix) - 112 feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Ma$e

    Actually I could keep going!!! So many good classics. Love.

    - KK

    1. Hey!

      o0o0 i like your style! I love all those songs!!! I have on at the moment Just Because by Ginuwine.. o'how i love that song! You know what is disappointing the rnb clubs or lack of them - i love this stuff!

      I will check out movie sometime soon too!:)

  2. Replies
    1. Horray!! Thanks Miss Directions :)

  3. Kitty its so scary I am single and 30 tooooooo ! With odd tastes in music too. I love my life but often feel that I have missed the boat sometimes! Drop me an email if you want to do coffee to nut out 30 singledom and I'll impress you with my stories of how shiz my dating experiences are. I also have no one to go out with LLLLOOOOOOOSSSSERRRRRRR. I too have heaps of guy mates... probably more male than female?! Is that bad?! haahahh.... oh I am going to end up a crazy cat lady.

    1. Lol soph...u crack me up. How alike we are! We Def need to exchange a story or two!

      I'll drop u an email soon x