Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Loving this dress!

Okay heres the deal.................


I bought it from Witchery ... I blogged about it some time ago (here)... but after the move and all, I haven't even put it on.. until last night ( yeah I know duplicate photo from insta) 

Don't you just love shopping in your own wardrobe! 

I have managed to get some colour into my wardrobe over the last few weeks which is good, I'm always pretty boring with my colour choices.

Any who I think I might partake in a mini shopping ban... I have always been against such things, but I'm getting out of control - my will power is terrible. I doubt this will last long but I'll give it a crack. 

Its my birthday early may and I'm going to be turning 30... I want to do something exciting for it, and I have something in the pipeline but I will keep you updated once everything is final. I'm pretty excited. But please people, the saying 'dirty thirties' ain't cool. Makes me feel like I'm some form of prowler... in a non innocent sense hahahaha

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Adventure to Lorne... and other randomness

Heya Prowlers..

Friday started off fantastic... I took this stuck in traffic before 7am ... I wasn't even near the city yet, just passing Werribee. I am not good in traffic, but just thought, getting frustrated isn't going to help so I put on some music and relaxed. I was surrounded by a fair few tradies , this made the view a bit better haha. I'm hopeless! 

So I went to the city after work on Friday night - Yeah I know more shopping. Just wanted a cute summery relaxed dress. I know summer is coming to an end, but I've been wearing the same dresses flat out, its making me feel a bit.. you know.. like ughhh....

I bought this dress at David Jones -- its Witchery. I love it. Its fully lined, comfy and cool for the hot weather. The sandals are new too... Tony Bianco had a sale so I was happy to pick them up for $60. Unfortuantely after about an hour of wear this happened....

What the hell! Thats so not right, I would of look like the biggest loser when it happened at the petrol station.  Lucky I cart around my trusty thongs...  I'm actually really disappointed though... I love Tony Bianco.. and have so many of their shoes, and this happens, I dunno maybe they were just a dud pair. 

Pani, Pods and I went down to Lorne on Saturday afternoon, and the weather was perfect. Shattered I didn't actually get to swim, the water was flat and inviting! Love the beach. But anyway here are a few pictures ....

Cockatoos I guess... they were everywhere! 

Went to this cute little burger place called the Milk Bottle. The burgers were like grilled but better. I chose the pickle ... it was delish! 

The bridal party of a wedding were down on the beach taking snaps... good work to the bride, I don't know how she managed to get out there! Fanstastic view though! 

Strolling along the pier. I think the prerequisite to do this is to have a fishing rod in your hands. Kinda out of place, but whatever. 

More parrotts or cockatoos (i'm not good with wildlife) ... they were pink. I was impressed. 

Amazing views from Teddys lookout. I could sit up there for hours. 

More of the view...

View from opposite direction..

Just me taking a selfie....

Seriously Pods and Pani have this constant pickering all the time. I can't work out if its all in fun, flirting or they seriously just like arguing. So if your reading this guys, stop it, or else I'll stop the car next time and chuck you both out lol 

Pani and I also went to the movies to see the Silver Lining. I actually really liked it... Although I find it really hard to sit still right through movies these days. Sorry to the people behind me who probably were getting annoyed by my constant repositioning! Meanwhile, this is so gross, but before the movie one of the attendants had to catch a little mouse running around the candy bar. He did it by using two empty popcorn boxes. I hope they are not reused... *shudder*

Patty got me onto these... they are awesome! Pineapple and coconut... my fav combo! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Friday night shopping was a winner!

Heya guys... (You will find this post has a bit of a time lag - we lost our power on sunday night when I first typed it out... good old geelong). 

I'm feeling hot, a tired and I'm a bit grumpy. So I'll keep this short.... (common air con work your magic)

Yesterday was Mez's baby shower. I don't want to really say much about it --- This is Mez's terrain to blog about ... BUT! She looked awesome! Her new place is so cute, and totally matches her personality. I am really looking forward to seeing the little tacker when she arrives. Your can read all about it here... (and yes that is me in the background trying to work out what disasters happened in each nappy). 

Friday night after work I was on a mission to buy a few new dresses. The dresses I had my eye on from David Lawrence looked ridiculous on me. So I ended up just grabbing anything from the rack and giving it a go. I tried this one on, not the kind of colour I would usually choose I thought perfectos for work. Done and Done! 

David Lawrence Fold Collar Manners Dress - $199

I tried to take a picture from the back but that was way to difficult. Click here to see the dress on the website, it has a low v cut. 

I then ventured through Myer and noticed this gorgeous pink peplum Charlie Brown dress.... I had to have it! 
Probably isn't fitting me perfectly at the moment, but this dress is totally me. I couldn't not get it!

Clearly I love this dress.... I think I just posted two of practically the same picture... its almost like spot the difference. 

I finally decided to clear up my polishes and stuff after the move back home. I am rapt to have the Essie polish thinner at hand now. A few of my OPI's have turned into a thick glug. As I type this HELLO to Mez's sister who told me at the baby shower she reads my blog and noted my love for nail polish haha. Yippeee I have a reader! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Did any of you head down to the beach... I have been in Geelong during some great beach day weather and still haven't been .. How lame is that!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

A bit of this, a bit of that....

Can I just say moving back to Gtown is such a drag! Can the travel be anymore draining! I've been taking the train and pretty much sleeping as much as I can! I have noticed I often wake myself up to my own snorting, what the hell is with that! Surely people must be chuckling to themselves. Maybe I should opt to sit next to those annoying people with blasting music on their headphones to block out my sleeping noises haha 

Last week I cooked up a storm of cupcakes for a few birthdays at work - I raced home ready to cook a cake, only to find a massive cupcake tray left in the cupboard. Clearly Mum isn't interested in baking. I bought a betty crocker cake mix which said to fill the base of the cake tin with raspberries, so I thought I'd apply the same them to the cupcakes. Hrm, didn't quite work, the bottoms kinda exploded, I think I overfilled the tins. Whatever, at least they got eaten - after I tried to hide the holes with frosting, and you know, surely its the thought that counts? 

I still remember baking a cake for my cousin, and she told me how fantastic it was, and what the recipe was... my reply, head toward isle 4 in your local supermarket and find the betty crocker boxes, flip box around, walk around the supermarket to find remaining ingredients. Okay so I'm a cooking fraud when it comes to cakes! 

Meanwhile I haven't bought polishes in a while, but I picked up these Butter London colours on OZsale a few weeks ago. Thought I'd pop them onto my Audrey Hepburn tin so the colours could pop more ... not that it worked! 

Fruit Machine, Sprog, Pink Ribbon and Alcopop

Clearly Fruit Machine is my favourite ...

My polish application has been horrible of late.... I actually think I need a good manicure, I have been maintaining my nails for so long, every so often its good to have it done for you! I can't believe I had acrylics for so long, el natural is so the way to go! My nails have never been the same since. 

I also bought these few from Essie. I love Essie polishes...The colours are great, and their application is always pretty good. 
Nice is Nice, Cascade Cool and Lights. 

I also bought a nail corrector pen, the bright white pen and some nail polish thinner. Can't wait to unleash that on my bottle of Fiji. How I miss that colour....

Anyway I plan to go to the shops tomorrow night after work. I want to find a few new dresses for work, hopefully I can find what I'm looking for. I love peplum, it hides sins! and I want to take full advantage of this trend while it lasts - but I want something good quality so I'm willing to pay a little more than the usual. 

Mezzy's baby shower is this Saturday - I'm pretty excited to see her. Work can be a drainer without our daily gossip sesh as she was located conveniently near my desk. At least Jkats is back ... yipeee! 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

My hair is on Cloud Nine


I'm so excited to be reviewing my new hair straightener... Cloud nine. 

As you all know my hair is big! and I need a good straightener to tame it. At the moment I've been using a GHD but it feels like after all the effort I put into doing my hair, by the time I get to work, it looks like I've stuck my fingers in a power point, and my hair has extra unwanted volume. 

Turns out my GHD is a dud! Mez and Jkats have the old GHD.. and it would always leave my hair extra straight. Then I'd use mine, and it wouldn't straighten quite as good. After doing a bit of reading the original makers of the GHD sold out, and then created cloud nine (I think thats how it went?!... my 'research' isn't exactly extensive hehe). I thought surely I'm onto a winner now. 

So Friday last week I'd had enough... and decided to buy a cloud nine. After ringing a few stores and getting upset, then harrassing the guys in my pod to pick it up from a store near them (wishful thinking haha) I found a stockist in Highpoint.. and whats more their price was cheaper than the others I had called. 

and here we are ... TA DA.... 

Cloud Nine (From Mazen Bali Highpoint) - $239- 

Sorry poor shot - heat controls

I was keen to try it right away, but I didn't see the point as I was getting my hair done on Saturday. Trudy did an awesome job, I went with a choc brown and I LOVE IT! I feel more me again! I think cause of regrowth I might have to see her more to maintain it, but we'll see how I go. 

As I was so excited to try out the new straightener I washed my hair the same night after getting it done! For some reason I thought as soon as I used this straightener I would be like WOW this is amazing. But I didn't feel that way at all. If anything I felt my hair catching of the plates and pulling. In hindsight, I probably should of used more product and combed out each section from knots, then straightened. 

So the next morning I tried again and it worked so much better. My hair was dead straight.. and that NEVER happens! I took this picture of me today, after being out all day. Still straight as can be. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results so far! 

My hair is insane!! In its natural state its a thick frizzy curly mess.. I figure if it can tame my hair, I can't see why it wouldn't work on anyone else! and if your hair doesn't need something so heavy duty, you have heat controls which go quite low - this is good when you go away with the girlfriends and your the designated hair straightener bringer hehe

I'm interested to know if you have bought a GHD within the last 2yrs or so and had the same issue as me? It kind of makes me mad honestly.. when you think your buying the best and it isn't what you thought.  

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Frenchie Friday

Hey guys...

I think I'm still adjusting to the whole travel to work thing. By the time I get to work, feels like I've traveled for hours. My productivity has kinda dropped at work, I am just drained all the time. I think I really have to incorporate exercise into the schedule.. it would really help I think. 

Any who I drove back to Geelong the other night, and right in front of me I witnessed a scary car crash on that day Melbourne had that crazy storm at 5 pm  I rang the police and emergency but I didn't know what I was doing and just drove right home and burst into tears. After my little melt down I said to Mum later, you probably think I'm a nut case, but she said she was just worried I had shock. So that really wasn't a good end to the working day that's for sure, I just hope the people are okay! 

On Friday after work I met my parents after work for dinner at Bistro Guillaume at Crown. 
We thought we'd go Gabrielle gate' style for dinner... I don't even remember the last time I went out for a french meal. 

I actually really enjoyed it there... I ripped this photo off the website. I really liked the interior of the place and it had a good vibe. 

I had never tried snails, but I thought hey, I'm going French, might as well do what the locals do (Melbourne - France same same :P ) ... 

Escargot tastes like mussels. They just take on the flavour of the saucy stuff you put on them. So by saying I liked them am I just saying I liked the sauce? 

I took my photos too late to show the pretty meals before they arrived at our table. My parents were quick to load up their plates with the side of peas on their plates...

This was mums Salmon... not that you can see it at all.. but Mum said it was really good. 

Dad got their steak with Bearnaise sauce. As you can see he has slopped the sides all over the menu ... we really are not the classiest of eaters. We managed to drop bread and potato on the ground, and just make a general mess. What is wrong with us, its like eating with a bunch of 5 year olds.  

I got the bouillabaisse ... which was a thick seafood chowder kind of soup. I love seafood, and the scallops in it were amazing... but I dunno it almost tasted like it had a pumpkin base, and I hate pumpkin soup, so I was a little disappointed. That said I picked out all the seafood and it all was yum... so it wasn't all bad. 

I am yet to try Rockpool... and I think that's next on my list! Have you been there? and do you think its lived up to its hype? 

Pani came over on Saturday night.. She had a really rough week so it was good to make some plans of what to do in the next month or so (that don't involve solely going out and drinking). We are thinking of doing the run for the kids. Its on in just under 2 months... I have lost all fitness so it would be a big ask for me. But that said I like the idea of getting the chance to run on the bolty bridge.. I mean when else can you ever get to do that? Have you done the run before? How did you find it? 

My study period officially starts in a week... I am enjoying the free time before I'm glued to the books! I can't see my posts getting much more exciting than this though which is really quite sad... Hope you all had a good weekend!