Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Friday night shopping was a winner!

Heya guys... (You will find this post has a bit of a time lag - we lost our power on sunday night when I first typed it out... good old geelong). 

I'm feeling hot, a tired and I'm a bit grumpy. So I'll keep this short.... (common air con work your magic)

Yesterday was Mez's baby shower. I don't want to really say much about it --- This is Mez's terrain to blog about ... BUT! She looked awesome! Her new place is so cute, and totally matches her personality. I am really looking forward to seeing the little tacker when she arrives. Your can read all about it here... (and yes that is me in the background trying to work out what disasters happened in each nappy). 

Friday night after work I was on a mission to buy a few new dresses. The dresses I had my eye on from David Lawrence looked ridiculous on me. So I ended up just grabbing anything from the rack and giving it a go. I tried this one on, not the kind of colour I would usually choose I thought perfectos for work. Done and Done! 

David Lawrence Fold Collar Manners Dress - $199

I tried to take a picture from the back but that was way to difficult. Click here to see the dress on the website, it has a low v cut. 

I then ventured through Myer and noticed this gorgeous pink peplum Charlie Brown dress.... I had to have it! 
Probably isn't fitting me perfectly at the moment, but this dress is totally me. I couldn't not get it!

Clearly I love this dress.... I think I just posted two of practically the same picture... its almost like spot the difference. 

I finally decided to clear up my polishes and stuff after the move back home. I am rapt to have the Essie polish thinner at hand now. A few of my OPI's have turned into a thick glug. As I type this HELLO to Mez's sister who told me at the baby shower she reads my blog and noted my love for nail polish haha. Yippeee I have a reader! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Did any of you head down to the beach... I have been in Geelong during some great beach day weather and still haven't been .. How lame is that!


  1. You have two readers :P

    Love the new dresses!!!

    1. Thanks mez!

      Letting me loose around myer on a Friday night is bad bad news lol

  2. Haha 'spot the difference'. Both dresses are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Rhiannon!

      I tried on the pink one before and now I'm questioning if I want to strut around the office with it on... Who am I kidding of corse I will lol

  3. You've got a great Blog.

    Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know ;)

    Kisses from the UK :*