Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Loving this dress!

Okay heres the deal.................


I bought it from Witchery ... I blogged about it some time ago (here)... but after the move and all, I haven't even put it on.. until last night ( yeah I know duplicate photo from insta) 

Don't you just love shopping in your own wardrobe! 

I have managed to get some colour into my wardrobe over the last few weeks which is good, I'm always pretty boring with my colour choices.

Any who I think I might partake in a mini shopping ban... I have always been against such things, but I'm getting out of control - my will power is terrible. I doubt this will last long but I'll give it a crack. 

Its my birthday early may and I'm going to be turning 30... I want to do something exciting for it, and I have something in the pipeline but I will keep you updated once everything is final. I'm pretty excited. But please people, the saying 'dirty thirties' ain't cool. Makes me feel like I'm some form of prowler... in a non innocent sense hahahaha


  1. Like I said lastnight on Insta.. Your rocking this dress! Its a gorgeous colour and looks so good! x

  2. LOVE the dress on you! Iy looks fantastic on you! Oh must refarin from using dirty thirties, got it! I hope you do end up doing something exciting for it! and if it's any constellation, you dont look it at all! I think these days people are looking younger!

    Ive never been on a mini shopping ban because I feel like I dont shop much but then everyone tells me I do? Hahha. Oh relativity hey!

    Can't wait to hear about your plans for your clean thirties!

    - KK

    1. Hi Karz!

      hahah @ clean thirties... and thanks! i don't feel like i'm 30 which is what matters i guess.

      yeah I always feel like I don't do that much shopping either! but then I get guilty when I see my savings account (or lack thereof haha)

      will def keep you updated .. i'm getting excited :)

  3. Love this dressssssssssss
    30's is a walk in the park. It seems so much clearer... I am being serious too.... I think you become more cutthroat and more of an idea of what you want.... Ps. yes I know I have been missing and I shall email you soon!!! xx

    1. Heya Soph..

      looking forward to hearing all thats been happening with u :)

      hope all is well!

  4. Love the dress! Looks gorgeous. Green looks amazing on you :)

    1. Thanks!!!! I really do love it.

      I can't wait to whip it out next time i'm on the town hehe