Sunday, 3 March 2013

My usual ramblings

Hey guys,

Okay without being a broken records, where the heck did the weekend go! Granted I sleep for most of it .... My weekdays consist of 5am starts, which is normal for some of you, but something I'm still adjusting to - by the weekend I'm ready to go into hibernation for 48 hours. My problem is I can never get to bed early enough during the week as I am struggling to fit everything I need to do after work... I'm back to studying again, and it takes so much of my time. By the time I get home, it feels like I relax for an hour and I have to get into bed. I guess this moving home thing has its downsides! Maybe I need to quit my afternoon naps on the train ride back to Gtown and do some reading... YAWN!!!

The last week has been pretty quiet to be honest. We had our work social club bowls night on friday. I didn't drink that much cause I was driving which is pretty boring! My bowls game is terrible, and in all honesty I probably was there for the BBQ and to have a chat rather than bowl (yeah i know, fatty lol). We so should go to that strike place, ten pin bowling would be way more fun. I was speaking about it with my brother, and he brought up the ad they used to have on tv for crown and galatic circus or whatever it is. There is this scene where these people are bowling, and they get a strike, and then break out into dance. I don't know who does that, but if thats how it rolls at strike, I'm so breaking out the robot haha 

I got my eyebrow done yesterday, and I don't understand people. When I say specifically say don't thin them out, does a light bulb go off in the beauticians head to actually go and thin them out. Next time I am going straight to the benefit brow bar... that place was awesome. 

My brother stayed down here for the weekend... so it was like old times with the parentals. We got some sun today, my back is well and truly burnt to a crisp. But my legs, still white as can be - they insist on reflecting the sun. Why are they being so darn challenging. 

Look I don't really have any new pics to share apart from insta stuff. I'm sorry, I am slack, I will try and give the readers something fresh to look at next time! 

Another Revlon gloss I have curtosy of Pani. Revlon Colorburst - Hot pink rose. Totally kissable lips, however, where is my frog huh huh!!? hehe

I bought this Essie a long while ago, and finally have given it a go. LOVE! Nice is nice is actually really nice :P 

A picture from last weekend, I wish I went to the beach! Its going to be hot this coming weekend (note that this one isn't even over yet and I'm already looking ahead), I want to go back, and swim and tan. Can you believe its March already. Stop moving so fast time ... Stop it ya hear! hehe


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    1. Oh Thanks!

      I haven't taken it off yet, loving it so much :)

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    1. Its so odd though, it goes on matte and stays matte for a little while, then BAM! glossy as hell. yipeeee