Friday, 29 March 2013

Living the good life

Howdy everyone! 

I have been busting to write to you all about the great weekend Pani I had maxin' and relaxin'!

It was Pani's birthday weekend, and she decided that a day of pampering was in order. And really who am I to argue! 

First stop, the Crown day spa. Can I say, it was fantastic. We felt like we were living the high life, rolling on into the vallet, wandering through the corridors of the impressive Crown Towers to level 3 up to the General Reception of the day spa. We were greeted by our therapist who walked us to a more intimate reception area. From there, we were walked to a beautiful general lounge area where we laid back on the day lounges and giggled as we filled in our massage forms thinking how impressed we were already. As much as I wanted to happy snap as I was there, I didn't want to be a creep so I tucked my phone away. Click here to view the gallery on the Crown Spa website. 

As for the massage, it was just OK (that said, I've only had one other massage in my life so not much to compare it to). I should of said I wanted it a bit harder, so if anything probably my fault. After the massage, we were then taken to a general locker room, which lead to the spa, sauna and pool area. I loved how it all was almost hidden, and you had to wander through random doors and walkways to get to where you needed to go. 

I forgot how much I loved being in the water. I haven't been swimming in so long, I really wish I made more time for it during summer! We also did a bit of celebrity spotting, sharing the pool with Nathan Buckley and his family.

After a relaxing afternoon, we decided it was time for our next stop being the Sofitel on Collins Street. We had a beautiful view from our room... I posted this on Insta, I love a good view, after I got over the height factor when I was close up to the window! 

Pani and I were totally impressed, as after we came back from a walk around collins street, we came back to a bottle of bubbly curtosey of the hotel. Now that is customer service! I think they thought we were a couple hahaha 

Although at that point I realised I left my watch at the day spa which was a bit of a downer. I love that watch. But I guess it gives me an excuse to find a new one! The last edition of vogue had some beautiful watches ... If only I had a pit of money! 

Sunday we had a yum breaky at this little delight at the GPO building, and wandered around the shops. I got my shellac redone, as I have been studying I thought it would be best to run with shellac so I don't distract myself with doing my nails constantly. Sorry a bit blurry, but you get the idea! 

 I also found a replacement watch, which is on my hit list on payday! Love mimco! 

Mimco Sportivo watch - $249

I also finally got this Nars blush from strawberrynet which I'm rapt about! The colour is so bright which I adore. Although, I'm not exactly sure how it will look on... so I will keep you posted on that one! 

Nars Desire Blush

Well thats about it for now... although we did have a work function last Friday night which resulted in me drinking to much and giggling like a mental case. I remember telling a group of people a repulsive story I had heard from someone, and now I can't shake their looks of horror they were giving me! haha ...I took this photo the next day... the bottle was tucked in my handbag.. can't even remember putting it there, and my shoe busted on me again! Stupid shoe! I was just walking along and BAM! Again, Busted! Worst buy ever... This is return number 2! 

Any who, hope y'all enjoy the long weekend! I know I will, Easter with family and a night out on the town with Pani! Can't wait to check in with you all soon xx


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