Monday, 24 June 2013

Engrossed in 50 Shades

Hi Prowlers!

Where have I been you ask.... I've been engrossed reading 50 Shades of Grey. Yeah I know, I'm a little late on the bandwagon but one of the guys at work gave me the first book to read (yeah I'm not even going to ask why he bought it haha) and after reading it in light speed, I was onto the second and third.

Okay I'm no literally genius, but the book seems poorly written, corny and predictable. But all that said and done, I totally got hooked in! So easy to read, and I felt compled to find out what happens in the lives of Christan and Ana. Before I started reading I had an impression the book would be kinky as all hell and was really reluctant to read it. But really its a romance - and thats what got me in! I finally finished it on the train this morning, and I couldn't help by smile and slightly awww at the ending (my fellow train travellers must think I'm odd) . Maybe I am a romantic at heart? Who would of thought it! 

Anywho, I hear there is a movie to come out based on the books. This intrigues me as everyone envisages Christan to be their own version of hotness. Which begs the question, Who is your Christan? 

I feel like a need to do like a Oprah's Bookclub debreif on the book haha.. so many questions.... Did you find the books controversial? Did you find them boring? Did you like Christan's character, did you find Christan and Ana's lack of communication a drainer?

Anyway back to the real world for me xxx 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The week that was

Well prowlers, 

I passed my exam! Yippeeee! 

I can't begin to explain what a relief it feels, knowing all the effort I put in. I am the kind of person who has to work their ass off to get through exams, so I'm pretty proud of myself.I have two exams left to get my CPA status - and the thought of getting through the work is daunting, but I feel like I want to give a good crack before the end of the year. Then start a fresh next year with no study on my back.... (ahhh I'm already looking to next year.. one step at a time Kitty)! 

Meanwhile on the work front things have been interesting to say the least. My good buddy, who I sit next to everyday decided to call it a day.. and he finished up on Friday. Honestly it will be good for him, but at the same time, I'm really sad. Probably for my own selfish reasons. We banter all the time, and as much as he can drive me insaine, I will miss having someone that always has my back. Obviously we will remain friends, but I know it won't be the same at work... that said I do work with some awesome people so its not like its the end of the world. Just will take some time to get used to. 

I have had good friends leave work before and I always get emotional about it. I think I know its because the friendship will never be the same. When a colleuge / friend moves on, do you to get the waterworks?

Talking about crying, the feminist at work says showing my emotions at work i.e. crying means I won't move up the corporate ladder. She makes me laugh, but I wonder if she has a point.

Friday we had the final farewell for my workbuddy followed by a games night with the work social club. We were all split into teams, ours being named Kitty's litter haha... (well I find it funny/funny-lame even if you don't :P ) We bet our arch nemesis mwahahaha ..but I can honestly say the games did not interest me in the slightest, but the drinking sure did haha. After the games I got changed into my party dress, and we strutted to Charlie's Bar along Hardware Lane. I had never been there before, probably a good place to start the night with a few drinks .. and yum cocktails. Unfortunately I piked it early just after 9... I knew I had to take the train home and I didn't want to be stonkered and on the train at midnight. Scary and stupid... so probably made the right decision -- I really have to stay in the city for these drinking events. Was a fun night though! 

The rest of the weekend was pretty slow for me... My brother came down to visit. And I did manage to hit the shops, but left empty handed apart from Hair products and the MAC Lipgloss. Its not as glitterly as I would of liked... there are a couple more glosses I want to waste my money on... I think I will just have to succumb to the temptation to find a new favourite - Smashbox, Dior and Chanel are on the list of must tries. I did order my ever reliable Racy Raspberry super Lustrous Revlon lipgloss today, so hopefully that comes soon. I can hardly remember the gloss on ... hope its as good as I have hyped it up to be in my head haha 

MAC Lustreglass = $35

This picture shows you nothing except up my nose and that its kinda glossy... 

I have booked a hair cut and colour for next week... my ends feel a bit on the dodgy side, and my hair is kinda looking top heavy. I am impressed at how long its grown... that I am happy about! 

Ahhh I love a slefie hahaha 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

A few new favourites just in time for the long weekend

Hope your all having an awesome long weekend. 

Warning, I've gone cray cray with the pictures... some I have taken back from Instagram, so sorry for the repeat! 

I noticed while perusing adore beauty that they are now stocking CND Vinylux. CND are the makers of Shellac which most of us love for its long wear and glossy finish, so when I stumbled across Vinylux I was intrigued. 

Basically the polish claims to be 7 days chip free - with the same glossy finish as shellac. Application is easy, two thin coats of the weekly polish followed by a final clear top coat layer - this process does not need the use of lamps, and the drying time between each coat is very quick. ( The longest dry time is after applying the top coat roughly around 7 mins). The polish reacts to natural light which makes the polish more durable. 

I had to have this baby pink called cake pop (gee fancy me choosing a pink ..)

For me the key to this polish is application, if you don't apply your top coat properly making the base colour exposed, it will still be inclined to chip (which happened to my pointers). I have since reapplied the polish and looks a million dollars. Granted the glossy claims could be over the top (nothing tops the glossiness of freshly done shellac) but it definitely does dry really quickly , and is awesome for a DIY kit. 

I bought both the weekly polish and top coat from adorebeauty for $19.95 each - they now have free shipping in Australia which is a good incentive if you want to give it a whirl. 

I have been looking for an excuse to get this Nebula Choker from Mimco, and as I was going out on Saturday night, and still having a gift card from my birthday, I thought I'd finally get it. 

$149 later... but I seriously do love it!

Pani and I decided to escape Gtown again, and we took a punt on a Wotif mystery deal. We were happy to find out it ended up being the Grand Hyatt which was within walking distance of most of the night spots we like to frequent :P

We walked into our apartment only to be greeted with this awesome view of Melbourne. 

Not bad for a wotif deal! 

We did venture to Spice Market and thought we'd get into the cocktails. Our first choice was some form of peachy deliciousness - I have no idea what was in there but it was good! I drank it so fast, that I was ready for another. So we decided on some coconut white chocoloate liquor thingy. BIG MISTAKE - was AWFUL! 
We decided to cut our losses with Spice Market and we ventured to Fashion Lounge. Awkward, we walked in for free, but I think it was rather humorous for security knowing what we were walking into... a night of boringness. We left quick smart, and ended up at Long Room. Pani was happy as she had never been before... all was good until the coconut cocktail came to cause me havock. Good times.. NOT! 
The music was alright, but I wasn't feeling the whole lets remix California Love into some sort of housey version. 

Meanwhile this morning when we got up, we decided to venture to this awesome cafe at the GPO building. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about it before, but the food is super yummy. 

We did venture through the city for a bit, basically me being a stalker for the glossiest and shimmery lip gloss I can find ... So far I'm loving the Lip Enhancing Gloss by Smashbox. I will have to venture to the shops tomorrow to suss it out. 

Anywho I made Pani drive to True Blue Shoes in Brunswick as I was after some flats for work. I was pretty disappointed - there wasn't much to choose from. Its always a risk going there, sometimes awesome, sometimes sucky.. this time obviously the latter. 

Right next door is this awesome typically brunswick cafe I always walk past but never stop in. I'm pretty sure its called the Green Refectory... 

It has its own hippie vibe going.... 

This lemon tart was seriously awesome. 

Actually all the food looked delish... I'm sensing if your a local you'd be a regular! 

Finally for some Saturday night selfies....

I bought this dress from Portmans on Friday night. 12 hours later it was 30% off.. 

I had to take this at home tonight to show you the dress. I really like it, its different and I wasn't sporting the signature black melbourne look. 

This is me trying to take a picture of the back of my dress.... it has a big cut out on the back. I'm giggling because I cannot even point my camera in the right direction to show you...  But you can check out the dress here..... and unlike me you can score it for 30% off - the offer looks like it ends on Monday night though. 

Hope your having a great relaxing long weekend. Nothing beats not having to get up to an obnoxious alarm clock tomorrow... yipeeeeee! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Turning 30!!!!

Why O'why didn't I post about my birthday sooner! 

The details are already sketchy at best, but I have pictorial evidence of the following ... 


(looks like Pani is going ghetto on someone in the background, common Pani that behaviour is only allowed in Gtown haha)


Why not have one drink, when one can have two.... well appears to be my motto of the night really


(... The PA found this flyer which says Kitty Kat was going to be a headline act)

I chose to have the party at the Merrywell bar in Crown - I'd heard its a pretty relaxed venue, and its perfect for the boys (esp my brothers) who don't mind a punt. 

Anywho, the party turned out to be pretty funny- some awkward moments definitely did eventuate. At least this story I can tell... My friend raced over to me, we'll call her Marcia. Kat Kat, guess what.... Rod Stewart is here, Rod Stewart is here, get a camera, get a camera! I said (even in my drunken state), I don't think so buddy, but I collected the camera and off we went. We circle the bar area, until we approach this tiny dude, who really only had one feature that looked like rod, being the hair. I kept walking thinking, Marcia Marcia Marcia.... and I turn to see her full introducing herself to him asking him if he was Rod Stewart ... I just have her image in my head "Excuse me are you Rod Stewart, really are you?!" and he was just looking at her like she was a crazy person! HILARIOUS... Marcia can be quite awkward at the best of times but this one definitely takes the cake! 

I have got to say the staff at Merrywell were awesome, and made my party fantastic. David had everything covered, so shout out to him for doing a great job! The food was all delicious, and just so much of it! I know they are famous for their burgers so I got mini burgers, beef tacos, pork quesadilla, Vietnamese rolls and buffalo wings. They even brought out two huge birthday cupcakes as my birthday cake! Good thinking guys - I was just way to unorganised to get a cake.  

After a few more drinks, we ventured up to the dodgy clubs in crown. They were seriously crapola! and in my drunken state I ended up pashing on with some random dude, and to which I was told a few days later by the kiwi that I said to her at the time, I just kissed him to get rid of him. Yeah Kitty, who said alcohol doesn't impair your judgement? haha As the night was just reaching a whole new level of class, we all decided to call it quits, and ventured back to the hotel room. 

I was staying at Metropol again, basically because of its convenience  That said, it does lack in some areas, like bathroom privacy. From 9am Sunday morning I was sick, REALLY SICK! Put it this way, I'm sure my peeps were not impressed to wake up to "wahhhh I spewed on myself" -- but I'm pretty sure I just heard laughing. By midday I finally passed out, and woke up later in the day to find that everyone had left. I did have a note from Pani telling me she didn't want to wake me, and left me munchies for when I got my appetite back. That day felt like the longest ever! Haven't had a hangover like that for a LONG time! 

Meanwhile, I have stayed at Metropol a few times now, and I think I've done my dash with it. This is the view from Level 9 - pretty crappy to be honest. 

I must say that Jessica at the reception desk was so helpful, and moved me from a room for two, to a room for four, which was awesome. So Jessica, if your reading, good work!

All in all, I had an awesome time! So glad I decided to celebrate the night with family and friends and have a good laugh. Turning the big 3-0 ain't so bad afterall! 

PS - Looks like I had a thing for the selfie during the night... 

Enjoy peeps!!! xxx