Sunday, 2 June 2013

Turning 30!!!!

Why O'why didn't I post about my birthday sooner! 

The details are already sketchy at best, but I have pictorial evidence of the following ... 


(looks like Pani is going ghetto on someone in the background, common Pani that behaviour is only allowed in Gtown haha)


Why not have one drink, when one can have two.... well appears to be my motto of the night really


(... The PA found this flyer which says Kitty Kat was going to be a headline act)

I chose to have the party at the Merrywell bar in Crown - I'd heard its a pretty relaxed venue, and its perfect for the boys (esp my brothers) who don't mind a punt. 

Anywho, the party turned out to be pretty funny- some awkward moments definitely did eventuate. At least this story I can tell... My friend raced over to me, we'll call her Marcia. Kat Kat, guess what.... Rod Stewart is here, Rod Stewart is here, get a camera, get a camera! I said (even in my drunken state), I don't think so buddy, but I collected the camera and off we went. We circle the bar area, until we approach this tiny dude, who really only had one feature that looked like rod, being the hair. I kept walking thinking, Marcia Marcia Marcia.... and I turn to see her full introducing herself to him asking him if he was Rod Stewart ... I just have her image in my head "Excuse me are you Rod Stewart, really are you?!" and he was just looking at her like she was a crazy person! HILARIOUS... Marcia can be quite awkward at the best of times but this one definitely takes the cake! 

I have got to say the staff at Merrywell were awesome, and made my party fantastic. David had everything covered, so shout out to him for doing a great job! The food was all delicious, and just so much of it! I know they are famous for their burgers so I got mini burgers, beef tacos, pork quesadilla, Vietnamese rolls and buffalo wings. They even brought out two huge birthday cupcakes as my birthday cake! Good thinking guys - I was just way to unorganised to get a cake.  

After a few more drinks, we ventured up to the dodgy clubs in crown. They were seriously crapola! and in my drunken state I ended up pashing on with some random dude, and to which I was told a few days later by the kiwi that I said to her at the time, I just kissed him to get rid of him. Yeah Kitty, who said alcohol doesn't impair your judgement? haha As the night was just reaching a whole new level of class, we all decided to call it quits, and ventured back to the hotel room. 

I was staying at Metropol again, basically because of its convenience  That said, it does lack in some areas, like bathroom privacy. From 9am Sunday morning I was sick, REALLY SICK! Put it this way, I'm sure my peeps were not impressed to wake up to "wahhhh I spewed on myself" -- but I'm pretty sure I just heard laughing. By midday I finally passed out, and woke up later in the day to find that everyone had left. I did have a note from Pani telling me she didn't want to wake me, and left me munchies for when I got my appetite back. That day felt like the longest ever! Haven't had a hangover like that for a LONG time! 

Meanwhile, I have stayed at Metropol a few times now, and I think I've done my dash with it. This is the view from Level 9 - pretty crappy to be honest. 

I must say that Jessica at the reception desk was so helpful, and moved me from a room for two, to a room for four, which was awesome. So Jessica, if your reading, good work!

All in all, I had an awesome time! So glad I decided to celebrate the night with family and friends and have a good laugh. Turning the big 3-0 ain't so bad afterall! 

PS - Looks like I had a thing for the selfie during the night... 

Enjoy peeps!!! xxx


  1. Happy birthday!!! I haven't been to the Merrywell yet but it's on my list of places to try. Looks like you had a great night :)

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thanks!!! I had a great time!

      Yeah def check it out! It's pretty cruisey place!