Monday, 27 May 2013

Benefit...They're Real Review

Its pretty obvious I'm a bit of a fan of benefit products. I was introduced to the brand by a friend a few years ago and I was surprised at the quality of the products. One of my favourite buys was their smokey eye kit... (For people like me who have NO IDEA on how to achieve a smokey fail, the kit is basic idiot proof). 

I have been desperate for a new mascara for a few months now. I just want longer lashes, but I really am reluctant to try new products basically because my eyes are rather sensitive some products. However, I thought, how will I know what works unless I try it, so I picked up They're Real mascara by Benefit. Basically since I last visited the Benefit Brow Bar this mascara has been on my mind, and after googling the results I thought I just had to try it. 

Honestly if I didn't read up on my product, I think I would never bother picking this up. I hate products with claims on the front i.e. 94% saw dramatic length etc...

The packaging isn't amazing but I won't hold that against them....

This mascara is a dream to apply. The brush glides across your lashes - no need to apply multiple layers to achieve that dramatic look. 

The brisels at the very tip of the brush get all those small hairs that usually refuse to get picked up with a standard brush. 

This is a before and after. This was two coats. I thought the result was awesome! Unfortunately (as you all probably know) I'm not the best photographer but believer me, the result is long, curled and non clumped lashes. Definitely a big tick from me! 

My eyes look so much bigger, and I feel like I don't need to wear eyeliner which is what I've been trying to avoid. (By the end of the work day my eyeliner ends up looking a mess).

The only thing I'm a bit worried about is my sensitivity. So I guess we'll see how it goes after 24 hours and if I get the puffy eye look! Otherwise I'm back to the drawing board! 

I purchased the Benefit They're Real Mascara from Myer for $38. Click here if you want or should I say NEED the link. 

I also ventured to the Benefit Brow Bar and again - I was not let down. I am never disappointed when I go there. 

Okay my serious face, but you get the idea. Brows perfectly shaped to my face and tinted. 

I have a terrible routine, and I should be making sure I visit the brow bar fortnightly like clockwork. I feel like I run out of time to make any appointments anywhere, and then I end up getting stuck with a dud at the local down the road. I sound rather anal about my brows, but hey its my thing, don't hold it against me! 

If you have tried an awesome lengthening mascara, what was it? Do you think it would outdo They're real? 

Happy Monday Peeps! 

PS - FYI from my last post, these little babies are mine! 

Yay! When something is stuck in your mind, you know you have to have. (and one wonders why they can't save haha).


  1. Love the brows and lashes!
    I am big on Benefit products too.

    How much is the Brow bar in Melbourne? Ive only done it overseas!

    - KK x

    1. Hi Karz,

      Yeah from memory it cost $37 for the shape and tint. So yeah it is a bit more expensive, but I think well worth it.

      I seriously could spend hours at the make up counters, pity I have no idea about how to apply have the shadows etc!

  2. Your eyebrows look great! Which reminds me, I ought to do something about mine errrr.

    Speaking of eyeliners, I typically use a primer and then my body shop liquid liner. Works like a dream, and washes off easily too.

    I've tried MAC pencils, liquid and supermarket brands too but all have either just smudged terribly regardless of price and/or required some heavy duty scrubbing to get off at the end of the day. Bonus is the Body Shop eyeliner doesn't cost a bomb.

    K xx

    The Past and Pending
    Royal Fuchsia Kohl

    1. hahah ... we all get like that sometimes. Maintenance is never ending!

      Meanwhile that always happens to me re: smudging! Maybe I should try this liquid liner. That said, a liquid liner scares me! I don't have a steady hand- I guess I'll have to trial run it and see!

  3. Eyebrows look amazing babe!
    I think i'll need to look more into these benefit products xx

    1. They have some cool stuff to try! def give it a go xxx

  4. If you are still interested in growing your hair out, may I make one suggestion? Don't allow your hairdresser to layer your hair again, as straight, fine hair rarely has the thickness to look good layered as it grows. You are really pretty, resembling actress Shari Rigby, I think, and your hair would look fantastic long. But be patient, and let the layers grow out together. My two cents! lol