Thursday, 23 May 2013

Winter Layering .. HELP!

Winter fashion is here, and I'm totally at a loss what to wear. I love wearing dresses - I own one pair of jeans and a few pairs of tights for gym (when I say "gym" thats actually translated to relaxing around home). Unfortunately its getting to the stage if I don't embrace stockings or some sort of leg coverage I will look like a poor-per that can't afford pants.

So I've been googling and pinteresting for winter fashion. I like the idea of layering, but several problems have arisen thus far. 1 - tights/skin tight pants are BIG this season . 2 - due to number 1 I'd be required to wear boots (considering that's basically all you have to choose from in the shops at the moment) and 3 -Thick woolen jumpers. I bet your thinking yeah so what, nothing to worry about. Anything that requires me to wear boots is out of the question. Boots do not suit me AT ALL. My calves are like beasts. Even being a fitness freak my calves were big... unfortunately this means boots either cant' zip up OR when they do fit, they accentuate an already problem area. Tights are OK depending on the quality - but they also accentuate my thick legs. I do however desperately want one of the many gorgeous woolen jumpers in the shops at the moment - But the extra bulk scares me. I already have biggins, do I really want to make my top half look bigger? The point of the rambling is, do you have any winter fashion ideas for me? Just hit me with some links that would be awesome! 

Meanwhile on my hunt for a winter jacket, I found this gorgeous wool trench from Witchery. I adore it! Granted its bulky and probably isn't doing me any favours, BUT I don't care I love it! 

I actually bought stockings for this trench so I don't look naked under my jacket. I am not looking for that look as I go into the office! 

I also have embraced hats... this is my current favourite! 

My only pair of jeans but more importantly the jacket. Its brand new from David Lawrence. What a disappointment. Such a saga.... I bought it and when I took it home, right next to the zip there was a hangy bit of stitching that kept getting caught in the zip. I couldn't cut it, because it was actually in a loop (this is really hard to explain clearly). Obviously it kept catching on the zip until finally it pulled the stitching and now I have this long hangy thread on the inside that I never pulled to begin with! Whats annoying is that when I took it back to the Geelong store, I was told to possibly choose another item, and they need to 'check with the regional manager' if they could refund, but they would let me know on Monday (this happen on Sunday). Anyway I'm yet to receive a call. I'm concern because they took the item, and all my docket details, and told me to retain the docket.  Now that I don't have the item I feel like I have nothing to show for this docket  Does this sound dodgy to you? I dunno, I'm really a bit confused about the whole thing. 

Anyway that's enough rambling for the moment. and yeah I know, I'm yet to blog about my birthday. I will do it soon! Every time I go to write something about it, I realise I have the funny photos on the other camera damn it! 


  1. I love the witchery trench, it's gorgeous! And the hat/beanie. :)
    What I do is just buy thicker tights (the stocking kind) and wear them with skirts and dresses.

    1. Awww thanks, your always full of great compliments! :)

      Thats a good option! I should venture into myer and suss out the stocking section properly for once! xxx

  2. That white Coat looks FAB on you!

    Embarcing hats was a good choice. I want to get a coat similar! I'm scared to buy white though. I am super clumsy.

    1. Thanks kars!

      Already have make up on the collar :( but I knew that would happen. I've been wearing it all week and I'm toasty and snug in it! So glad I tracked it down!

  3. The coat is actually really flattering on you, beautiful clean lines.

    Also, tights do not accentuate curves THEY HIDE THEM!!! Take it from me.

    1. Yeah I'm a bit confused what to do. I guess I'll be wearing dresses all winter and reject the trend haha good luck to me for casual day at work!