Sunday, 14 July 2013

Hey y'all!!

I have been doggin' the bloggin' life! Whenever I sit down to post I get distracted reading... Yes reading! And trashy romance novels at that... the latest one I read was just beyond ridiculous. Just to give you a run down on my latest read basically we have our angel like virgin who looses her virginity in Florence with her muscle flexing, cocaine head, poetry loving Dante professor. Yep this was truly over the top... Maybe I should venture away from this whole romance genre- or find better books?! 

Along with reading I've gone nuts with new music... 

--- HA! I just realised I hit the post button before I had even finished getting through this post. oppsies! ---

.... & I have wasted a stack on mullah on itunes. I have been listening to Wale's new album The Gifted... I'm liking! Although, I've been saying his name as whale not wa-ley ... hehehe One of my friends always says I'm sooo white, once again this proves his point. 

So the music and reading has been occupying my time before another semester of studying starts, which will mean my train rides to work will revolve around reading study notes. I'm dreading getting back to it.. but I know its worth it in the end! 

Anyway I will try to be more organised and post about some fun stuff soon! I'm still reading blogs and prowling around on insta... so make sure to follow me :)