Tuesday, 26 June 2012

o0o0o Is that delivery for me?....

Heya guys...

I am so glad Tuesday is over ! It always seems to drag on... once I get to Wednesday its all downhill from there... horray!

I think I gave my horrid flu thing to Mezzy! Damn it .... she did text me saying I was a diseased mongrel hahaha

Finally I received my MOR products from OZsale. I initially was going to palm them off as gifts, but I don't think I can part with them all. They smell to damn good!

 How good is getting a parcel delivered to work! Brightens my day everytime!
Pomegranate body wash, hand wash and hand cream

The same again except I think this is sorbet flavour.... or something along those lines. Smells awesome, even though my nose is a bit blockaged!

Lychee on the go perfume and lipgloss!

Lip Macaron that everyone keeps telling me is awesome. Unintentionally it matched my nail polish (china glaze something sweet).

What do you guys think about the brand MOR? I like it... except Pani always bags it! How can you bag it?! I mean its in cute packaging and smells awesome -- I don't think its supposed to be some miracle skin care brand.. it is what it is.

I have printed a few cocktail recipes for the weekend. Lychee martini's sound like the way to go! Then i found this really sickly sweet cocktail recipe (its in my handbag - too hard to dig out).. but the main ingredient was Malibu. That stuff causes headaches everytime! Talking about drinks that you know cause you trouble the next day hangover style... Smirnoff double blacks. OMG! When i jump onto those (usually later in the night) I'm in for some serious pain the next day!

Do you guys have any hangover cures? I feel like I don't want to sacrifice the drinks I like just because I can't handle a more than extreme headache.

I am NOT an alcoholic! Even though I'm noticing a trend in my posts haha

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Maxin' and Relaxin'

Hey all,

Hope your having a good weekend! 

I must say I am pretty impressed with myself for making home made strawberry jam. This stuff tastes unbelievable! but talk about sugar high... this stuff is not for the weak! Perfect start to my Sunday! 

I finally think I have got this flu thing under control. I got into work on Thursday and realised I really shouldn't have been there and went straight to the doctor! Probably should of done this from the start but I hate seeing the doctor! ... Its not the doctor as such, its the waiting room that puts me off. No matter where you go there seems to be some weirdo causing trouble. Thursday I fluked getting an appointment just as I walked in as someone had cancelled, however there was a child there shrieking incessantly about " I want to see bla bla" ... okay buddy you wanna see you mate, but can you please calm the hell down! Thank goodness I only had a 10 minute wait!

Anyway the doctor sent me home and I managed to occupy my time with lots of napping and relaxing. I feel much better for it I must say. By Friday afternoon my fever had gone and I thought I would venture out in the evening to visit the parental's who were staying at Crown Metropol.

When I got to Metropol I rang Dad to tell him I was in the foyer only to realise I was in the wrong place --- Crown Promenade.... awkward! Then I totally got disorientated and did this massive circle to track down Metropol.... Seriously what the hell! I usually have a good sense of direction! (Mez, do you still want to attempt doing the amazing race with me after that ha ha) Anyway I have got to stay there! Perfect for a girls weekend with the day spa and the hot baths that overlooked the city! I was amazed by this... Maybe I need to get out more! Have you stayed there? What did you think?

We went to The Atlantic for dinner in Crown which was damn good. I am a massive seafood fan so I was happy to chow down on these delights!

Could not decide! ....

Oysters were certainly demolished by all! 

My main ... Prawns! You cannot go wrong. 

Dessert - Some strawberries and cream stack = deliciousness 

I am looking forward to next weekend already. I am sick of plodding around at home... there are only so many times one can paint nails! I have a work party on Friday night which will be enhanced with their decision to supply the masses with Moscato (HORRAY!) 

Pani is coming to stay with me Sat night and we plan to have a proper girls night out (touch wood the rain stays away but I'm not counting on it). I feel the need to create some delicious cocktails .... honestly the sweeter the better! Any ideas? (We do not have a sophisticated pallet ha ha) 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Adore Beauty ..... I know I do!

Hey Prowlers,

I don't know about you but that earthquake freaked me out! My whole building moved! I've felt a little tremor before but nothing like this. ... and nothing even bad happened and I panicked. These are the times being on your own sucks. If your going to go out you don't want to be alone while doing it. 
I messaged JKats straight away as she lives close by, I needed to know I wasn't going completely delusional and that it did happen... but if she didn't.. the comments on facebook sure did.. phewww I'm not completely bonkers! 

I have had a terrible few days with this horrid flu! It ain't pretty let me tell you that much! I got to work today but felt awful this morning,... but perked up by the afternoon (or when the drugs kicked in haha). Hopefully I haven't passed it on this to anyone else! 

Enough of the complaining... I have more fun things to speak of! I am loving nail polishes at the moment, thanks to Mezzy and Instagram (follow me @KITTY1983)! I used to hate doing my nails but now I almost find it relaxing... is this odd? 

I have been wanting to try Butter London polish for so long, and could not track somewhere local that stocks it, so I turned to the web. I found this fantastic site called ! Horray for me, not only did I find the polishes I wanted but they also stock the Butter London Lippy I keep rambling on about! I don't want to sound like an ad here but seriously you should check it out ... sites like this are perfect when we get lazy and just want our products delivered to our door! I noticed if you like their facebook page they are giving 20% discounts out for the next few days... which is kind of enticing me to buy more but we shall see! 

I actually ordered two packages, both came with two samples and a fun size cherry ripe! What girl doesn't love a cherry ripe! You will notice a cherry ripe is missing, I gave it to Rivers at work.... he is sooooo lazy and never works hard enough! ( if you are from the office you know this is quite untrue haha ) 

The Lippy's ($25 each) .... Teddy Girl (the lighter one) and Primrose Hill Picnic. I also got this awesome Essie polish called Pink Parka ($18.95) which I can't wait to try! 

Left to right : Diamond Geezer , Trout Pout ( both $19.95) and Queen Vic ($22)

The flash was killing my eyes hence the reason they are shut haha.... Teddy Girl Lippy. I actually really like this more than I thought I would. It would look awesome against more olive skin! 

My goodness I look horrid from my flu... however we shall press on, Lippy - Primrose Hill Picnic. 

The Lippy's are really sticky so if that's going to annoy you stay away! However I really like these colours.. I'll definitely be using these little babies! 

Also this may seem weird but I have never coloured my hair before (and I'm 29) ! I feel like I want to wait to grow my hair longer and then give it a crack hehe. I've seen the same hairdresser "T' for ages now, she does a great job with my boof. Trust me, my natural hair is crazy curly and Afro, people from my younger days only remember this about me! Since moving up here I have tried other hairdressers randomly but have really be disappointed and quite annoyed with a- how much they charge (I wouldn't care if the job was good!) and b - hairdressers not understanding my hair.  If anyone knows of a great hairdresser in the city (Melbourne) I would love to try them! I love seeing T (she is hilarious and a great shopper at that) but sometimes I need convenience after work before I go out etc...

I have also booked in at Miss Fox to get my eyebrows threaded seeing as Mezzy loves them so dearly. I'm sick of having my eyebrows demolished ... they used to be perfect now they are really weird looking! I hope they can fix them for me... I have to wait a few weeks until they recover from my last appointment. 

Anyway I'm off to paint my nails... "Trout Pout" style! See you on the weekend guys :) 

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Help .... I appear to be a Clinique addict!


How was the weekend for everyone!? 

Mine once again was non eventful... although I did a lot of girlie crap that I love. I don't know about you, but guys just don't understand! I mentioned to a guy friend that on Saturday night I was doing nothing except painting my nails and watching a chick flick. His response, don't you think you would have just as much fun going out. Well when its cold and wintry it just isn't that enticing! But he does have a point! 

I caught up with Jkats and Jlo on Saturday arvo.... i think Jlo is all of 4 months. As Jkats went to get our coffee I was in charge of keeping Jlo entertained, and I resorted to this horrific baby talk. It is quite clear I have very little experience with interacting with the younger folk! hehe.... Anyway this family turned around to me ( I'm hoping cause Jlo is mega cute not the fact that i was speaking like an imbecile) and the lady said to me "Someones getting clucky"! Far out am I giving out the clucky vibes! Jkats is the bestest... i miss seeing her so often! 

I woke up this morning feeling horrific.... looked in the mirror and looks like I've been punched out! The dreaded winter cold is upon me! Could explain Mez and I's lack luster adventure through the city on Friday night. We were both clearly exhausted, and getting to that point where you cant be bothered conversing anymore. I really wanted to get a winter hat but I feel my noggin is just too damn big! ahh well... i probably didn't search too hard if I only hung around DJ's most of the time! 

The previous Friday night Mez and I were going great guns, we scampered around the shops for hours and decluttered a few racks hehe... Here are a couple of things I have bought ..... 

Last Friday I bought this Clinique 'take the day off' make up remover. Usually I use the lotion in the bottle to take all my make up off. Apparently the lady said its not really for your whole face. However my skin gets really sensitive so when something works I just run with it. Instead this time I bought the pot that looks rather paste like. So when you apply it on your face it becomes the consistency of the lotion. I don't know, it feels rather the same product just in the same form but a whole lot messier. 

I am so sceptical about the whole industry as they say anything and we eat it up like its gospel! I am in the market for a new moisturiser ... what do you use? What products would you say to avoid? There is a whole other world out there apart from Clinique... i need to let go! 

So if you follow me on Insta you would be well aware I love a good nail polish! So I thought I would try Salon Effects nail strips by Sally Hansen. I noticed they are all the rage hehe... However I just don't know .. 

I found them a little annoying to stick on, and I had to keep reshaping them all because obviously I have non standard nail size! I think I made a wrong choice, I don't like this look at all! I think that if you got a brighter colour or design, and then applied a top coat it would be a winner ... especially if you are time poor as there is no dry time and they apparently last for a week or so. 

Instead I thought I would finally apply to my nails OPI Alpine Snow from my last Ozsale haul. I have never been 100% with white nail polish because I think it makes you look like you have come second place to a bottle of white out! 

Not that you can tell but I applied Pirouette my Whistle over the top to break up the bright white look. It made a difference ... probably because I love Pirouette my Whistle.. unfortunately the camera didn't really bring it out so much. 

I would love to know your favourite skin care brands? Cheap or Expensive .. what has worked for you? 

PS - As I am new to this whole Blogging world I am kind of slow with the take up of following you all! My computer is so slow so after I blog I just give up.... maybe this is a good excuse to upgrade to a nice new laptop :) 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Did someone say Lipgloss?!.........

Hey Prowlers..... far out i nearly killed myself... went to get up to put some dinner on while my photos were uploading for this post and i literally slipped and fell side first into the floor. werido! Then i go red out of embarrassment but hello... nobody was around to see it! haha 

Anyway i have recovered and can tell you all about my lipgloss collection! o'how i love lipgloss! i dunno about you guys but its probably just about the one beauty product i can't live without. I was thinking about what i have acquired over the years and realised i don't have anything ultra expensive or fancy branded... just standard stuff that everyone can get without breaking the budget (and u gotta love that). that said i am definetly not oppossed to branded items, i just haven't bothered to branch out! 

So for everyday use i switch between the following .... papaw (should be standard for every man woman and child!) , Clinique Superbalm moisturizing gloss, and Lanolips! Seriously these are my absolute favourite standards... one of my besties just got me onto the lanolips lemonaid recently and its awesome! it smells so good you want to eat it! haha... 

 o0o0o0o yeah hit me with the lanolips... 
 I bought a Clinique chubby stick (terrible name if you ask me) and these revlon lip butters. Personally i think overrated. but hey each to their own. For me i layer the clinique superbalm over the top for that extra shine. 
Another assortment of randoms that i often use..... 

 So here we have two Revlon Super Lustrous gloss' which i love! the one that is just about empty is called racy raspberry and its probably my all time favourite ! but it was a limited edition and i cannot find anywhere that stocks it ... apart from random people of ebay. i emailed revlon about my dilemma and they didn't reply... which upset me ... i'm a good customer of yours damn it! 
The CK one was a freebie i got from strawberrynet .... when i received it i thought what is this dodgy gloss... but turns out i really like it for a everyday nude colour. 

Okay so time to get up close and personal.... here is a picture of the nude CK gloss...
 see... nude with a bit of shine.. perfectos! 

 ........and below is a picture of me wearing the Revlon superlustrous pink pop (i would of shown u the racy raspberry but there is basically nothing left!)
 .... How you doinnnnnn' haha

 o0o0o glossy! 

All in all i just care about the gloss factor and the perfect colour... i don't care really about the consistency (i.e. ultra sticky etc--- except on a windy day when u end up with hair stuck to your lips haha). As long as it doesn't smell horrid then i'm happy! 

I am busting to try the lippy but Butter London (u know the nail polish brand --- don't get me started on polishes ---that will come in time haha). Has anyone tried them and what do you think? I want to get primrose hill and teddy bear! 
Do you guys acquire a tone of glosses just like me? As i'm a gloss fan can you recommend anything i would love?!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Long Weekend .. YIPEEEEE

Well finally I thought I better put pen to paper so to speak ... and write my first proper blog post! Unfortunately i cannot give you a huge post on exciting escapades as i did practically nothing this whole long weekend! Basically i harassed all my friends into giving me their honest opinion about a Oroton bag i had my eye on. Black or burnt orange... hit me with your choice! I don't know why i ask people, i clearly knew which i liked better... however sometimes one likes to be reassured! When i get handbags i need to love them as i literally thrash them around until they are ruined.... which probably sounds rather dodgy but sometimes i can't part with the things i have loved. So i thought i would show you what bags are still sitting in my cupboard and what i just got! please feel free to laugh at some of my past choices, i was rather a maria in my youth. (sorry to anyone named maria --- just play along with the stereotype hahaha). 
My early 20's --- i thought i had the coolest guess bag going around! i loved it to pieces even though it looks pretty tacky! good old guess... still a hit with the marias! 

My mimco bag that surprisingly could fit in a whole heap of crap in it! it faded heaps but my love for it has not. i probably wouldn't use this baby again but i can't throw it out! 

I bought this Country Road bag for work as it is pretty so you can fit all sorts of notes and what not in there. after a couple of uses i noticed a few older ladies on the train had the bag and i was totally put off. i think i shall pass it off to my mum. However my mum's handbag choices are pretty cool and this may drag her down. Damn u mum being so fashionable!

My true love! i love this little baby... i have had it for over two years and its still kicking. the material at the back has totally worn out but i don't care...i love a huge bag, i like to carry everything around with me! 

Don't you love getting a new bag... it feels kind of ridic having to open a bag to get to a bag.... step one.. packaging...

Step two --- more packaging....

Step three.....Ta Da! my new Oroton bag! 

Another shot but a bit blurry.... 
What do you think?
I hope i love this little baby just as much as my old one! 
Do you have love for your handbag/s just as much as me!? or am i the only crazy one...