Friday, 29 March 2013

Living the good life

Howdy everyone! 

I have been busting to write to you all about the great weekend Pani I had maxin' and relaxin'!

It was Pani's birthday weekend, and she decided that a day of pampering was in order. And really who am I to argue! 

First stop, the Crown day spa. Can I say, it was fantastic. We felt like we were living the high life, rolling on into the vallet, wandering through the corridors of the impressive Crown Towers to level 3 up to the General Reception of the day spa. We were greeted by our therapist who walked us to a more intimate reception area. From there, we were walked to a beautiful general lounge area where we laid back on the day lounges and giggled as we filled in our massage forms thinking how impressed we were already. As much as I wanted to happy snap as I was there, I didn't want to be a creep so I tucked my phone away. Click here to view the gallery on the Crown Spa website. 

As for the massage, it was just OK (that said, I've only had one other massage in my life so not much to compare it to). I should of said I wanted it a bit harder, so if anything probably my fault. After the massage, we were then taken to a general locker room, which lead to the spa, sauna and pool area. I loved how it all was almost hidden, and you had to wander through random doors and walkways to get to where you needed to go. 

I forgot how much I loved being in the water. I haven't been swimming in so long, I really wish I made more time for it during summer! We also did a bit of celebrity spotting, sharing the pool with Nathan Buckley and his family.

After a relaxing afternoon, we decided it was time for our next stop being the Sofitel on Collins Street. We had a beautiful view from our room... I posted this on Insta, I love a good view, after I got over the height factor when I was close up to the window! 

Pani and I were totally impressed, as after we came back from a walk around collins street, we came back to a bottle of bubbly curtosey of the hotel. Now that is customer service! I think they thought we were a couple hahaha 

Although at that point I realised I left my watch at the day spa which was a bit of a downer. I love that watch. But I guess it gives me an excuse to find a new one! The last edition of vogue had some beautiful watches ... If only I had a pit of money! 

Sunday we had a yum breaky at this little delight at the GPO building, and wandered around the shops. I got my shellac redone, as I have been studying I thought it would be best to run with shellac so I don't distract myself with doing my nails constantly. Sorry a bit blurry, but you get the idea! 

 I also found a replacement watch, which is on my hit list on payday! Love mimco! 

Mimco Sportivo watch - $249

I also finally got this Nars blush from strawberrynet which I'm rapt about! The colour is so bright which I adore. Although, I'm not exactly sure how it will look on... so I will keep you posted on that one! 

Nars Desire Blush

Well thats about it for now... although we did have a work function last Friday night which resulted in me drinking to much and giggling like a mental case. I remember telling a group of people a repulsive story I had heard from someone, and now I can't shake their looks of horror they were giving me! haha ...I took this photo the next day... the bottle was tucked in my handbag.. can't even remember putting it there, and my shoe busted on me again! Stupid shoe! I was just walking along and BAM! Again, Busted! Worst buy ever... This is return number 2! 

Any who, hope y'all enjoy the long weekend! I know I will, Easter with family and a night out on the town with Pani! Can't wait to check in with you all soon xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mecca always makes me smile

Thank goodness the weather has cooled down. I like the weather hot, but Melbourne was getting out of control. I hate those sleepless nights, I was like a zombie by the time I got to work! My poor work mates, I think they copped the worst of me haha No sleep makes for a grumpy kitty!

I have seriously been laying low, wake up - travel - work - travel - sleep... repeat. Exciting life I lead hey! Although Pani and I have decided we want to treat ourselves, and we are going to the Crown spa next weekend for her birthday and then staying in the city. I am pretty excited! I love that stuff! We are getting a massage each, then making the most of the spa and pool. Easter weekend we booked metropol, which I'm just darn excited about! We are planning a night on the town, but I'm defiantly going to make the most of the pool looking over the city!

After we did all the bookings, I realised that my bathers really aren't appropriate for such activities. Yes I have put on weight, Yes I own bikinis and NO I don't want to be prancing around in them! I jumped straight onto the Seafolly sight and found some awesome one pieces with the halter. Just want I want,... draw all attention up not down lol

So today Mum and I went to Melbourne Central... and can I just say, Mecca Maxima is probably my most favourite store in the whole world! So many awesome make up delights, I just can't leave empty handed. I also love the girls in there, they are always so helpful. My Mum bought me this awesome lip gloss from smashbox. It goes on clear, and they goes a soft pink that adjusts to your skin tone. Love this! 

See just accentuates your natural colour. Will be using this non stop at work! perfect! 
I would give you the price, but Mumsie paid, but I'm thinking roughly $35ish ....

While we were there I thought we better get onto the bathers sito that I have...
I was trying to decide whether to post this picture or not... mainly because it may be a little creepy. but it will kind of be hypocritical of me if I didn't after you read the next paragraph...

Seafolly - Coastline Soft Cup Malliot $159.95

It is actually funny because I have been increasingly interested in body perception. When I started googling size 14-16 swimwear there were like maybe a handful of pretty pictures, and the rest were absolutely hideous! I'm sorry but just cause I'm bigger doesn't mean I want to look daggy, old and frumpy - I still take pride in the way I look. I'm not saying ban skinny models, because I don't agree with that AT ALL. To be honest, without sounding lame, I think girls are beautiful in all sizes - just depends on your style and the way you carry yourself. I just wish that when I jumped onto any website, they had a model for each size - so when you click a size, a girl of that size should pop up with that piece on. At least then you can judge things a bit better ... Do you think I'm just being a big complainer.. what are your thoughts?

I have decided to stop complaining about the living sito and just focus on things coming up. I have the little over nighters in the city coming up, my birthday, my work conference (Port Douglas!) ... I hope that these things will help make this year move as fast as possible! Good old Gtown it ain't no Melbourne that's for sure! 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I have been meaning to get a Vogue subscription for months, and like the savvy (cheap skate) shopper that I am, I wanted a good freebie when I signed up. 

I came across these Kerastase gifts and I thought, yep, done. After 3 weeks of waiting (and still a few weeks till my Vogue arrives damn it) I got these bad boys in the mail last night. 

 So on the left is a mist spray - for treated hair to feel el natural. On the right is a 'heat protective agent' for dry to very dry hair. 

I was worried my hair would go greasy after using these products as you have to always be so careful with your dosage with Kerastase products, but it didn't. I washed my hair last night, and when I woke up this morning it felt smooth and soft, and straightened up perfectly. They both made such a difference. 

This is me now, after work, make up faded (but I'm hoping the dodgy lighting hides that). My hair is still flat as, not greasy and feels so soft. 

Wow that shot tells you nothing apart from my Mum not being able to take a photo properly, and the fact that you have to trust me that my hair feels nice and soft! 

This post really isn't that informative is it? haha Basically I'm telling you these products do the job. 

I do want a new shampoo and condition though. I've used matrix smooth down (my forever favourite), redkin (which I didn't like) and Kerastase but I dunno.. I just want my hair to feel as soft as possible. Taming the curls can sometimes be quite the challenge! So please any recommendations would be great?! 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

My usual ramblings

Hey guys,

Okay without being a broken records, where the heck did the weekend go! Granted I sleep for most of it .... My weekdays consist of 5am starts, which is normal for some of you, but something I'm still adjusting to - by the weekend I'm ready to go into hibernation for 48 hours. My problem is I can never get to bed early enough during the week as I am struggling to fit everything I need to do after work... I'm back to studying again, and it takes so much of my time. By the time I get home, it feels like I relax for an hour and I have to get into bed. I guess this moving home thing has its downsides! Maybe I need to quit my afternoon naps on the train ride back to Gtown and do some reading... YAWN!!!

The last week has been pretty quiet to be honest. We had our work social club bowls night on friday. I didn't drink that much cause I was driving which is pretty boring! My bowls game is terrible, and in all honesty I probably was there for the BBQ and to have a chat rather than bowl (yeah i know, fatty lol). We so should go to that strike place, ten pin bowling would be way more fun. I was speaking about it with my brother, and he brought up the ad they used to have on tv for crown and galatic circus or whatever it is. There is this scene where these people are bowling, and they get a strike, and then break out into dance. I don't know who does that, but if thats how it rolls at strike, I'm so breaking out the robot haha 

I got my eyebrow done yesterday, and I don't understand people. When I say specifically say don't thin them out, does a light bulb go off in the beauticians head to actually go and thin them out. Next time I am going straight to the benefit brow bar... that place was awesome. 

My brother stayed down here for the weekend... so it was like old times with the parentals. We got some sun today, my back is well and truly burnt to a crisp. But my legs, still white as can be - they insist on reflecting the sun. Why are they being so darn challenging. 

Look I don't really have any new pics to share apart from insta stuff. I'm sorry, I am slack, I will try and give the readers something fresh to look at next time! 

Another Revlon gloss I have curtosy of Pani. Revlon Colorburst - Hot pink rose. Totally kissable lips, however, where is my frog huh huh!!? hehe

I bought this Essie a long while ago, and finally have given it a go. LOVE! Nice is nice is actually really nice :P 

A picture from last weekend, I wish I went to the beach! Its going to be hot this coming weekend (note that this one isn't even over yet and I'm already looking ahead), I want to go back, and swim and tan. Can you believe its March already. Stop moving so fast time ... Stop it ya hear! hehe