Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I have been meaning to get a Vogue subscription for months, and like the savvy (cheap skate) shopper that I am, I wanted a good freebie when I signed up. 

I came across these Kerastase gifts and I thought, yep, done. After 3 weeks of waiting (and still a few weeks till my Vogue arrives damn it) I got these bad boys in the mail last night. 

 So on the left is a mist spray - for treated hair to feel el natural. On the right is a 'heat protective agent' for dry to very dry hair. 

I was worried my hair would go greasy after using these products as you have to always be so careful with your dosage with Kerastase products, but it didn't. I washed my hair last night, and when I woke up this morning it felt smooth and soft, and straightened up perfectly. They both made such a difference. 

This is me now, after work, make up faded (but I'm hoping the dodgy lighting hides that). My hair is still flat as, not greasy and feels so soft. 

Wow that shot tells you nothing apart from my Mum not being able to take a photo properly, and the fact that you have to trust me that my hair feels nice and soft! 

This post really isn't that informative is it? haha Basically I'm telling you these products do the job. 

I do want a new shampoo and condition though. I've used matrix smooth down (my forever favourite), redkin (which I didn't like) and Kerastase but I dunno.. I just want my hair to feel as soft as possible. Taming the curls can sometimes be quite the challenge! So please any recommendations would be great?! 


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