Monday, 27 May 2013

Benefit...They're Real Review

Its pretty obvious I'm a bit of a fan of benefit products. I was introduced to the brand by a friend a few years ago and I was surprised at the quality of the products. One of my favourite buys was their smokey eye kit... (For people like me who have NO IDEA on how to achieve a smokey fail, the kit is basic idiot proof). 

I have been desperate for a new mascara for a few months now. I just want longer lashes, but I really am reluctant to try new products basically because my eyes are rather sensitive some products. However, I thought, how will I know what works unless I try it, so I picked up They're Real mascara by Benefit. Basically since I last visited the Benefit Brow Bar this mascara has been on my mind, and after googling the results I thought I just had to try it. 

Honestly if I didn't read up on my product, I think I would never bother picking this up. I hate products with claims on the front i.e. 94% saw dramatic length etc...

The packaging isn't amazing but I won't hold that against them....

This mascara is a dream to apply. The brush glides across your lashes - no need to apply multiple layers to achieve that dramatic look. 

The brisels at the very tip of the brush get all those small hairs that usually refuse to get picked up with a standard brush. 

This is a before and after. This was two coats. I thought the result was awesome! Unfortunately (as you all probably know) I'm not the best photographer but believer me, the result is long, curled and non clumped lashes. Definitely a big tick from me! 

My eyes look so much bigger, and I feel like I don't need to wear eyeliner which is what I've been trying to avoid. (By the end of the work day my eyeliner ends up looking a mess).

The only thing I'm a bit worried about is my sensitivity. So I guess we'll see how it goes after 24 hours and if I get the puffy eye look! Otherwise I'm back to the drawing board! 

I purchased the Benefit They're Real Mascara from Myer for $38. Click here if you want or should I say NEED the link. 

I also ventured to the Benefit Brow Bar and again - I was not let down. I am never disappointed when I go there. 

Okay my serious face, but you get the idea. Brows perfectly shaped to my face and tinted. 

I have a terrible routine, and I should be making sure I visit the brow bar fortnightly like clockwork. I feel like I run out of time to make any appointments anywhere, and then I end up getting stuck with a dud at the local down the road. I sound rather anal about my brows, but hey its my thing, don't hold it against me! 

If you have tried an awesome lengthening mascara, what was it? Do you think it would outdo They're real? 

Happy Monday Peeps! 

PS - FYI from my last post, these little babies are mine! 

Yay! When something is stuck in your mind, you know you have to have. (and one wonders why they can't save haha).

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The evolving winter wardrobe

This post is basically a list of things I have bought and want to buy... Sorry in advance, probably going to bore you! But i'll try and keep things short! 

I'm still gathering winter fashion ideas, but stumbled across a few things that I love. One of them is this cute little jacket.

I picked this up last Friday, making use of the gift cards I got for my birthday. I love the jacket, but I need a cute top to go underneath. Not quite sure yet what to hunt down, I thought that this witchery peplum might be good.... 

....Is that a bad combo? Argh I'm terrible at this casual attitre! 

Anyway Pani and I ventured to cafe GO in gtown. I have heard amazing things about this place from several people around the traps so I had high expectations. I ordered the breaky cause I love a good poached egg! It was definetly yum, but the hype probably a bit over the top. Coffee was most certainly awesome though. I'd go back for that! 

After, we went to the shops, and I finally got a refund on the David Lawrence jacket. 
I am so annoyed at the girls who served me. I kept getting comments like 'we haven't seen any other faults in the jacket like this', and 'the thread could easily pull from latching onto jewlery'. I just found that patronising. Annoys me because I've spent a lot of money on the brand, now I just don't want to deal with the Geelong store again. 

Anyway I did get a few things from the body shop, they smell amazing! 

Pink grapefruit shower gel - $12.95

Strawberry Body Polish - $16.95

I forgot how good everything in the body shop smells. I think I will be returning. They have a limited edition peach body butter out at the moment - I have a feeling that will be next on the shopping list! 

I finally tried on these shoes at Myer. I really like them, they are cute! 

Urban Soul - Italy Black Pump $179.95

But there were scuff marks on the suede, which put me off. The wedge isn't so high, which is probably good for me shlapping around the office. I'm tempted to just pick these up online - I hope they would be delivered to me still in the plastic cover!

Meanwhile I found this picture after googling winter layering. I wonder if I could wear the wedge above with this kinda combo. Your thoughts? 

I would give credit to where I found this picture, but I can't find it anymore !...

Hope y'all had a great weekend! 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Winter Layering .. HELP!

Winter fashion is here, and I'm totally at a loss what to wear. I love wearing dresses - I own one pair of jeans and a few pairs of tights for gym (when I say "gym" thats actually translated to relaxing around home). Unfortunately its getting to the stage if I don't embrace stockings or some sort of leg coverage I will look like a poor-per that can't afford pants.

So I've been googling and pinteresting for winter fashion. I like the idea of layering, but several problems have arisen thus far. 1 - tights/skin tight pants are BIG this season . 2 - due to number 1 I'd be required to wear boots (considering that's basically all you have to choose from in the shops at the moment) and 3 -Thick woolen jumpers. I bet your thinking yeah so what, nothing to worry about. Anything that requires me to wear boots is out of the question. Boots do not suit me AT ALL. My calves are like beasts. Even being a fitness freak my calves were big... unfortunately this means boots either cant' zip up OR when they do fit, they accentuate an already problem area. Tights are OK depending on the quality - but they also accentuate my thick legs. I do however desperately want one of the many gorgeous woolen jumpers in the shops at the moment - But the extra bulk scares me. I already have biggins, do I really want to make my top half look bigger? The point of the rambling is, do you have any winter fashion ideas for me? Just hit me with some links that would be awesome! 

Meanwhile on my hunt for a winter jacket, I found this gorgeous wool trench from Witchery. I adore it! Granted its bulky and probably isn't doing me any favours, BUT I don't care I love it! 

I actually bought stockings for this trench so I don't look naked under my jacket. I am not looking for that look as I go into the office! 

I also have embraced hats... this is my current favourite! 

My only pair of jeans but more importantly the jacket. Its brand new from David Lawrence. What a disappointment. Such a saga.... I bought it and when I took it home, right next to the zip there was a hangy bit of stitching that kept getting caught in the zip. I couldn't cut it, because it was actually in a loop (this is really hard to explain clearly). Obviously it kept catching on the zip until finally it pulled the stitching and now I have this long hangy thread on the inside that I never pulled to begin with! Whats annoying is that when I took it back to the Geelong store, I was told to possibly choose another item, and they need to 'check with the regional manager' if they could refund, but they would let me know on Monday (this happen on Sunday). Anyway I'm yet to receive a call. I'm concern because they took the item, and all my docket details, and told me to retain the docket.  Now that I don't have the item I feel like I have nothing to show for this docket  Does this sound dodgy to you? I dunno, I'm really a bit confused about the whole thing. 

Anyway that's enough rambling for the moment. and yeah I know, I'm yet to blog about my birthday. I will do it soon! Every time I go to write something about it, I realise I have the funny photos on the other camera damn it! 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Loving Mimco

Hey peeps, 

Yeah I know I've been hiding again! A lot has been happening- will have to fill you in about my birthday celebrations but as I'm half asleep thought I'd quickly check in about my new loves from Mimco! 

If you guys remember after my stay at the crown spa I left my watch behind which has never been seen again :( 

I came across the sportivo at Mimco and loved it instantly. It's got a gorgeous big face and perfect to go with that whole arm candy kinda trend! 

Mimco sportivo $249- 

I'm a silver girl but love the black and rose gold look of this watch. It looks fantastic against my Charlie Brown pink peplum dress. 

For my birthday my brother generously gave me a gift card to Mimco and I thought I should really get something i can wear forever and not date. So I got another watch, this time in silver. I rang four stores until I tracked one down at crown casino! 

Large glimmer watch $249- 

Sorry it still has the plastic all over it! I just unwrapped it then! 

I can't stop thinking about the nebula bracelet that would look amazing against the sportivo. As I have chunky wrists the bracelet was too firm and didn't quite work! Here is the bracelet in question... 

Look honestly I could go on about the awesome stuff Mimco have at the moment (I have also got a wallet and clutch swirling around in my mind but trying to control myself), but I am sounding like a commercial! I'm pretty happy with why I found though! 

I go through phases with particular stores. Sometimes I love sometimes I can't stand... Obviously Mimco is a fav of mine at the moment. Which makes me wonder, what stores are you loving this season? 

Ps I did this post via my phone! I really hope this works!