Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Long weekends are never quite long enough

Finally I had the best sleep in on Saturday. I haven't been sleeping too well since the move, I think because I keep thinking about things I need to do, what to pay when etc etc... So I pretty much wasted most of Saturday being pretty lazy. 

On Sunday, again after sleeping in I woke up to Mum asking me if I wanted to go to the shops. I have come to the conclusion I hate the shops in the main part of Geelong. There is hardly any variety of anything... maybe I just picked a bad day I don't know... but we didn't last long. Instead we left and ended up down "pako" ... i love it. Cafe's and cute shops, perfect for a wander and a coffee. My favourite combination. 

Monday I was back on the road to the apartment in Essendon to finish the last part of the move. After letting the cleaner in I was stuck with nothing to do from 9am to 1pm.. I messaged my buddy pods to come to breaky with me. We ended up down Keilor Road at this place called Hey Jude (I think). It was pretty good actually... If only I noticed this place when I lived so close. Surprisingly Pods chose the semi healthy option but stuff that, if I'm going to do breaky, I don't do it by halves! 

Scrambled eggs with danish fetta --- BORING! Well maybe a little harsh but still...

My feast .. and delicious! This is my perfect breaky.. with the latte of corse! 
I love me a poached egg. Why are they so damn good! 

Anyway so I procrastinated at the cafe for ages, but I thought I better relieve pods with his duties of keeping me company... and I ended up with time to check out DFO. I only spent $30 (go me!!) and it was for something actually I need... well so I was told from Mum. 

I bought this cute basket for all my shampoos and bathroom stuff... I have heaps of this rubbish but my parents have little room so I guess now I have it all in one place. This was from Provinical. I managed to waste a good 30mins there. That place is the bomb! 

I also caught up with Pani too... she came to check out my room or should I say rooms.. I've managed to take over both bedrooms within 2 weeks haha.. As she left she said it feels like we are 18 again hanging out at each others room speaking girlie crap... ahh we sound so pathetic hahaha

Pani brought a pack of these awesome weis bars... Pineapple and coconut.... THE BEST! 

Well all in all that was a pretty boring post haha... hopefully I'll have some more exciting news in the upcoming few weeks. I doubt it though.. Just enrolled for study for another semester. Its a drainer.. But I have to get through it, I've dragged it out long enough! Master procrastinator is what they call me! 

Finally the newbie told me that my name Kitty reminded him of that old song by the presidents of the United State of America. You can listen to it Here... and laugh at the meow meow meow meow meow meow part ... ahhh makes me laugh everytime! 

ohhh before I forget Mum messaged me at work that she bought me a surprise! I get home from work to find a cute dress from David Lawrence. Yipeeeee!!! Mum was very observant. She saw me eyeing it off in the shop from the weekend. Maybe it was worth going to the shops with Mum afterall!! 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kitty prowling the town....

Okay so after getting mega excited about New Years, I never actually did a decent blog about it! 

Pani, R & E and myself organised a night out at Riva on St.Kilda marina. I had been so excited for it because I just assumed it would be commercial house all night and then sneaky sound system. I love a good dance after a few drinks... I remember a few years ago going to the Point and singing my guts out to Ricki Lee and my friend looking at me with the what the hell is going on, you must be off your face drunk look hahahaha. E came to get us around 8ish...and Pani and I were still mucking around with lip gloss, perfume and sculling the last dash of moscato. 

This my friends is the bomb! I love this Moscato, its got the perfect fizz and tastes yum. I intend to get this on the menu for after work drinks at the office, but hey any moscato will do! 

I didn't take any pictures of the outfit I wore, probably because I was enjoying the moscato too much to stop and do poses haha... but I just took some now so you can see my outfit. It isn't anything exciting, but I went for comfort, as I knew we would be on the lawn all night. 

My boobs look slightly gigantic in this.. maybe more than usual. This is NOT a good thing. A guy walked past me and used them as bongos followed by a creepy wink... is this how the youngins show interest now. I find this quite odd! FYI yes that is a shower cap in the back ground.. water on straight hair is my enemy! 

Okay so we get to Riva and realised that we had to purchase drink cards.. the choice was $100 or $40... how ridiculous, what if I want to spend $70 huh huh! But anyway Pani and I settled for the $100 card, and see how we go! The shot selection was limited and the only one that was okay were 'wet pussies'... is it just me or do you feel like thats just wrong for a drink name?!?

Our tickets were lawn access only but I'm glad we chose that, the VIP section looked totally lame. They were just standing there looking down at all the fun! 

These are the few photos I got from the night,...

I looked up at midnight, and this discoball was there to greet me! 

Yes thats a stage, and as usual my awesome photography shows EVERYTHING that is happening. 

Pani and myself... my golly we are hot! hahaha

We had a fun night, but it could have been a bit better. But as far as new years events I can't complain although the 1am finish sucked. The music.. I dunno, I thought it was too hardcore. I just wanted more commercial stuff I could also sing along to. They played Don't you worry Child and the crowd went nuts singing and stuff.. and it went back to the same lame stuff. I am not a big fan of sneaky sound system (they were headline act), but my friend E wasn't really impressed -- I don't think she knows all their stuff and she just wanted to hear them main stuff right away. I also thought everyone seemed in groups, so mingling was kinda awkward. But I guess it was New Years, you do want to be around your mates, not randoms. But after a few drinks, I must admit, I love a chat with weirdos hahaha 

A few weeks later we all went to Spice Market as my final night out before I left back to Gtown. I had fun, although it did take me a while to get into it. There were some dodgy guys that were amusing us all night, and this crazy girl that was way to in love with the podium - that was her terrain -- she really didn't want to share haha. I love crowd watching, just funny seeing how people operate. Guys standing on the sides of the room waiting to pounce, girls giggling and laughing in their groups tossing back their hair, guys asking you if your interested in their friend as opposed to their friend asking you. Sometimes I feel like we all still operate as if it is a year 8 social, except we can actually buy drinks and not smuggle them in haha. Was such a fun night, we did get our picture on the website, but it was not my finest. This always happens when I have club shots taken, I'm probably too messed up to care! 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Quick wrap of the week that was....

My room is looking pretty good after the move. I actually don't mind the set up I've got going, Dad even came along and put up all my pictures on the walls and got all my furniture in how I wanted it. So its not so bad to be honest. 

I enrolled into my CPA Auditing and Assurance unit for this semester... $950 later! Bloody hell... what a rip! Well I won't be saying that if I pass, but still.... annoying! Meanwhile my plan to move home and actually go well with my study better work! So far its been alright travelling, albeit the trains aren't exactly perfect. Last night my 5:54 train didn't rock up till 6:30ish... but it was express home so thats not so bad. Having dinner on the table for when you get home is pretty good to! I hope to get through this year doing this, we will see how I go before I go crazy! 

Mez had her final day at work before maternity leave on Friday... I am sad she is going, but i'm glad Jkats will be returning! Yipeee! My side of the office is far outweighed by males, there is only so much sports talk one can handle to be honest. and can I just say guys NO I don't know the cricket score, that joke is long over... but thats okay you keep running with it hahaha

Speaking about the office I made some awesome cookies to celebrate Mez's birthday as well as the dude next to me. They were a hit, by 11am, they were gone! Subway cookies ain't nothing on these little babies hehe

This was the cookie mixture, white choc and macadamia, seriously it was so tempting to each spoon fulls of this batter! I did restrain... only just! 

These are the final product, Dad managed to steal one, but someone has to be the official taste tester! 

I've said it many a time about laying low on the shopping,but there were a few sales I just couldn't resist on Ozsale. Not that I need more nail polish, but I really wanted more everyday soft colours, and maybe a few for Mum too.

Essie was going for $6 ... how can you say no to that! 

I really need the nail polish thinner - can't wait to use it on Essie Fiji, its one of my favourites, but its just way to gluggy at the moment! 

I also picked up these Butter London polishes... Yes I know more pink. I can't help but love! 


I have no plans really for this Australia Day long weekend... and its just the way I like it. I feel like my last few weeks have been so hectic that it will be good to just relax and take things as they come. Hope you all have a good long weekend xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A change is as good as a holiday...

I have had a busy start to 2013... I made a quick decision to move out of my apartment, and I am coming to you live from my old room in Gtown! I actually am pretty happy with how my room is looking...  although there are boxes everywhere and finding clothes is a nightmare. I hope that being at home I'll be safely away from any studying distractions which is a big problemo for me... we'll see how I go this semester! 

So the weekend has literally been the big move, and let me tell you, my calves hurt so bad from 3 flights of stairs at my apartment. This is a terrible downside about moving in and out of an apartment (although probably a great work out). My packing was terrible, and I ended up stuffing things in any box I could find - which I'm paying the price for now. I have boxes of useless stuff here, but things I use everyday in storage. Note to self, don't underestimate packing time again! Honestly right now I feel like I'm just here for a few days - almost a holiday, I think in a few weeks I will realise that I no longer have my apartment... I just hope that I don't regret the decision! I will miss having my friends so close.. that will probably be the hard part. But I guess once I'm in a routine all will be okay.

I have managed to fit in a little bit of shopping though... especially because I love sale time during January, I always pick up things I've been eyeing off for ages, waiting to pounce when its discounted to the max. 

I bought this gorgeous dress from Witchery. I've had my eye on it for ages, but honestly I didn't want to buy it full price. I picked it up for $149.95 which was a $100 saving. Yipee! 

And finally I got the peep toes (style - Miss Soho) I've had my eye on. Originally $199.95 down to $99.95 -- I was rapt to find these online. 

Can't wait to wear these lil babies with the dress, I feel they are a great combo. 

Mimco has also been drawing me in of late, but I'm holding back. I actually am after some cute flat shoes for running around in. I like to strut around in heals at work, but racing from the train to tram etc calls for more appropriate footwear... I hate how the tip of the heal wears down so easily if you 'off road' your shoes even a tad. 

I'm pretty excited, it will be Mez's baby shower coming up soon. I have some gift ideas, but I can't stop looking at these adorable chairs. 

These are from Provincial Home Living ... I adore that store. 
I can't believe the baby will be here soon! I can't wait to meet her! 

I just realised I have never even posted about new year... I shall do that soon! And if your from Geelong... where do people actually go out when your over the age of 25? .... 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Prowling around the sales bin


It is my last day of holidays and I have officially done absolutely nothing! And loving it! 

I haven't really done anything eventful during my time off.. I did venture off to the shops a few days after boxing day. I did get a bit carried away though, which is annoying. I think I actually do have a problem. I say that then the next sentence I typed was ---At the moment I want a few more dresses for work and another pair of work shoes. Hrmm do I really??

So this is the list of discounted/useless items I bought : 

  • St.Tropez Self Tanning Mousse ($40), tanning mitt ($10) as well as my ever reliable Garnier body milk ($9)---(Note that I just invested in a stack of tanners a few posts ago)
  • Lamp from Freedom (this was actually needed $50)
  • Revlon Photoready and powder (I think both together was $36 --- 1/2 price at Chemist Warehouse woo hoo!)
  • Two dresses from Myer (One full price $80- and one half price down to $80-)
  • Circulon fry pan (40% off at Myer down to $72 -- wanted for ages and def is awesome!)
  • Took back full price dress from Myer, bought 3 others instead... one from Forever New for $60, and two from portmans $30 and $70. 
  • Cute and comfy Lavish sandles for $40 (My never fail True Blue Shoes --- Syd Road, esp for Tony Bianco, RMK)
Okay so there wasn't anything on the list outrageously expensive, but the point is , do I really need it - I guess it all adds up. More dresses to sit in my cupboard for when I loose that extra 10 kgs! (Yes - Sometimes I am one of THOSE shoppers). I usually roll my eyes when I hear people taking on shopping bans. Maybe I shouldn't be so critical and actually need to give it a go.

Anyway so pictures tell a thousand words so here we go....

Dress I took back --- Felt old and frumpy. Colour did nothing for me either...

Karen Walker Hi There dress... Discounted to $80! Bargain! But it was missing the belt, so I had to improvise as follows....

Black belt and heels and I'm ready for the hot weather when I'm back at work! 

Okay I must admit, this stuff is good. It did take me 3 coats to get the colour I wanted, but that said, the colour is staying and looks natural. I feel like the Garnier mousse (check out my post on tans here) could possibly build to this colour if I actually gave it a proper go - plus Garnier is like a third of the price & we all love that esp if you tan regularly! So I'll keep you posted on that one.  

See True Blue have so many to pick from, limited sizes though! $40!

Love this colour, perfect against a summer glow

Probably should have whipped on this outfit for new year. But all good! This black dress from Sportsgirl has been very good to me! 

Okay so Circulon is expensive, is it worth it, YES! I have been using this for nearly every meal from when the day I purchased it. Once you get used to how the lil baby cooks, you'll be loving it! 

Hrmmm the fry pan is a bit random in this post huh haha.. Anyway so I'm hoping I've got the impulse buying out of my system. Did you get any awesome bargains during the sales? What kind of things did you get? Love to see how you all faired! And did anyone actually attempt the shops on boxing day?

Hope to post about New Years soon!