Sunday, 27 January 2013

Kitty prowling the town....

Okay so after getting mega excited about New Years, I never actually did a decent blog about it! 

Pani, R & E and myself organised a night out at Riva on St.Kilda marina. I had been so excited for it because I just assumed it would be commercial house all night and then sneaky sound system. I love a good dance after a few drinks... I remember a few years ago going to the Point and singing my guts out to Ricki Lee and my friend looking at me with the what the hell is going on, you must be off your face drunk look hahahaha. E came to get us around 8ish...and Pani and I were still mucking around with lip gloss, perfume and sculling the last dash of moscato. 

This my friends is the bomb! I love this Moscato, its got the perfect fizz and tastes yum. I intend to get this on the menu for after work drinks at the office, but hey any moscato will do! 

I didn't take any pictures of the outfit I wore, probably because I was enjoying the moscato too much to stop and do poses haha... but I just took some now so you can see my outfit. It isn't anything exciting, but I went for comfort, as I knew we would be on the lawn all night. 

My boobs look slightly gigantic in this.. maybe more than usual. This is NOT a good thing. A guy walked past me and used them as bongos followed by a creepy wink... is this how the youngins show interest now. I find this quite odd! FYI yes that is a shower cap in the back ground.. water on straight hair is my enemy! 

Okay so we get to Riva and realised that we had to purchase drink cards.. the choice was $100 or $40... how ridiculous, what if I want to spend $70 huh huh! But anyway Pani and I settled for the $100 card, and see how we go! The shot selection was limited and the only one that was okay were 'wet pussies'... is it just me or do you feel like thats just wrong for a drink name?!?

Our tickets were lawn access only but I'm glad we chose that, the VIP section looked totally lame. They were just standing there looking down at all the fun! 

These are the few photos I got from the night,...

I looked up at midnight, and this discoball was there to greet me! 

Yes thats a stage, and as usual my awesome photography shows EVERYTHING that is happening. 

Pani and myself... my golly we are hot! hahaha

We had a fun night, but it could have been a bit better. But as far as new years events I can't complain although the 1am finish sucked. The music.. I dunno, I thought it was too hardcore. I just wanted more commercial stuff I could also sing along to. They played Don't you worry Child and the crowd went nuts singing and stuff.. and it went back to the same lame stuff. I am not a big fan of sneaky sound system (they were headline act), but my friend E wasn't really impressed -- I don't think she knows all their stuff and she just wanted to hear them main stuff right away. I also thought everyone seemed in groups, so mingling was kinda awkward. But I guess it was New Years, you do want to be around your mates, not randoms. But after a few drinks, I must admit, I love a chat with weirdos hahaha 

A few weeks later we all went to Spice Market as my final night out before I left back to Gtown. I had fun, although it did take me a while to get into it. There were some dodgy guys that were amusing us all night, and this crazy girl that was way to in love with the podium - that was her terrain -- she really didn't want to share haha. I love crowd watching, just funny seeing how people operate. Guys standing on the sides of the room waiting to pounce, girls giggling and laughing in their groups tossing back their hair, guys asking you if your interested in their friend as opposed to their friend asking you. Sometimes I feel like we all still operate as if it is a year 8 social, except we can actually buy drinks and not smuggle them in haha. Was such a fun night, we did get our picture on the website, but it was not my finest. This always happens when I have club shots taken, I'm probably too messed up to care! 


  1. HAHAHA I cannot believe someone did that to your breasts!? Omg I would of cried with laughter then smacked him one lol!

    Riva looked amazing on New years x

    1. hahaha You know what, I gave him this odd look like why the hell ...did you really just do that!

      Yeah riva was heaps of fun, would def go again!

  2. Can you tell i'm catching up on all your posts???
    You know what - I'm thinking why haven't I seen all of these posts? I mean I was away but I still looked here & There! Then I realised I wasn't even following you! HOW DARE ME! So please allow me to apologise! I must have always manunally gone to your blog instead of my blogger home page! Silly me!
    Hope the move is everything you need/want and everything goes according to plan :)

    - KK