Saturday, 26 January 2013

Quick wrap of the week that was....

My room is looking pretty good after the move. I actually don't mind the set up I've got going, Dad even came along and put up all my pictures on the walls and got all my furniture in how I wanted it. So its not so bad to be honest. 

I enrolled into my CPA Auditing and Assurance unit for this semester... $950 later! Bloody hell... what a rip! Well I won't be saying that if I pass, but still.... annoying! Meanwhile my plan to move home and actually go well with my study better work! So far its been alright travelling, albeit the trains aren't exactly perfect. Last night my 5:54 train didn't rock up till 6:30ish... but it was express home so thats not so bad. Having dinner on the table for when you get home is pretty good to! I hope to get through this year doing this, we will see how I go before I go crazy! 

Mez had her final day at work before maternity leave on Friday... I am sad she is going, but i'm glad Jkats will be returning! Yipeee! My side of the office is far outweighed by males, there is only so much sports talk one can handle to be honest. and can I just say guys NO I don't know the cricket score, that joke is long over... but thats okay you keep running with it hahaha

Speaking about the office I made some awesome cookies to celebrate Mez's birthday as well as the dude next to me. They were a hit, by 11am, they were gone! Subway cookies ain't nothing on these little babies hehe

This was the cookie mixture, white choc and macadamia, seriously it was so tempting to each spoon fulls of this batter! I did restrain... only just! 

These are the final product, Dad managed to steal one, but someone has to be the official taste tester! 

I've said it many a time about laying low on the shopping,but there were a few sales I just couldn't resist on Ozsale. Not that I need more nail polish, but I really wanted more everyday soft colours, and maybe a few for Mum too.

Essie was going for $6 ... how can you say no to that! 

I really need the nail polish thinner - can't wait to use it on Essie Fiji, its one of my favourites, but its just way to gluggy at the moment! 

I also picked up these Butter London polishes... Yes I know more pink. I can't help but love! 


I have no plans really for this Australia Day long weekend... and its just the way I like it. I feel like my last few weeks have been so hectic that it will be good to just relax and take things as they come. Hope you all have a good long weekend xx


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