Monday, 23 July 2012

....Thats Accounting


This past week has been flat out , and I suspect this trend not to stop as Pani and I are off to Phillip Island for a girls weekend. 

Last week was our work conference to Newcastle... Mezzy and I were sure ready for some adventures. We planned a surprise Hens night which went to plan perfectly... SUCKERS! We got you good! hehe... it was all good times... Penis straws included. Nothing is funnier than seeing certain people from the office drinking from these straws,... all a bit of tacky fun! 

Flashing lights from one of the two Tiaras given out on the night.... I don't think our cab needed headlights! 

This pizza sure looks delicious ... but don't be fooled, this lil baby caused me havoc all conference! Iso Bar Newcastle, STAY AWAY! Such rude staff ... you don't expect to be treated like that especially when you have a group booking! But enough complaining, the location was pretty so that was good, plus the company wasn't half bad either :)

Friday we went on a tour of the sand dunes... and man did I feel horrid. I sat on a rock while I waved two bus load of my workmates away. I am still shattered as they all went surfing the dunes.. looked like so much fun! 

My blurry photography.... bus leaving ... bye y'all! 

View from the picnic tables I ventured to whilst I was on my lonesome. 

Stunning! The wind maybe cold but the sun made up for it! 

Could of fooled me to this it was some sort of Desert! 

Couple of funny stories... 1 - We took a mediocre looking ferry for a trip in anticipation of seeing whales / dolphins. What really happened was we motored out about 15mins from the dock, threw out the anchor and experienced severe choppy waters when the water was actually flat as a tack! Dolphin sightings = one! and 2- After finishing up the days activities at Murray's brewery and embark on the bus ride home we manage to loose one of our workmates. It wasn't until we were down the road we realised he was not to be seen and more than likely still knocking back a frothy. As the bus rolled back into the brewery car park nothing was more hilarious than seeing him walking aimlessly down the dirt road with the look of 'they'll be back' on his face hehehe

I love this photo of Mez! So pretty! Me however not so good... and feeling a bit worse for wear. 

Trouble makers right there! 

When I got home all I did was sleep. Nothing beats your own bed thats for sure! I did manage to paint my nails though.... 

Finally thought I'd give this silver a whirl... Butter London - Diamond Geezer 

And then decided to go classic ... OPI - Step right up (NYC ballet collection) 

For the flight home some light reading.... I still love SHOP ... I dont really like to read magazines as such, just show me fashion thats all I need! 

After my reading I feel I am somewhat more up to speed with celebrity news. What the hell is going on with Katie and Tom? I find their child Suri rather obnoxious, and when I mentioned this to Mez she said "how could you hate a child". Do you also find this rather harsh of me? Its not like I know her either! haha...

Also that reminds me on my flight back to Melbourne I was held up by security - I felt like I was on boarder security! I had a swisscard in my handbag.. which is basically a baby manicure set the size of a bankcard. It has scissors, nail file which doubles as a screwdriver, pen, baby knife, pin, toothpick and tweezers! After asking me if I had any sharp objects in my bag and replying NO I realised they were looked for the card! NOOOOO! I love that thing, its like an emergency nail kit. They would not let me board unless I got rid of it.. so I put it in the post. I hope it returns. Although it can be repurchased... my dad gave it to me... so its kind of sentimental more than anything! 

Have any of you been to Newcastle? How did you find it? ... I thought it was better than first thought... are you a local? Were we hanging out at the wrong places? 

Hope you had a great weekend ! 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My great start to the work week


Ahhh I've had such a weird 48 hours. Sunday night I had this horrid migraine ... whatever happens occasionally. Anyway Monday morning woke up at 9:30 ... usually I'm up at 5:30 ... so I had well and truly slept through my start time.. oppsies! Mezzy had left missed calls and distressing messages on my facebook and phone as to my whereabouts. This is one downfall of being solo... Who is there to make the sicky call if you are well and truly knocked out and sick! At least Mezzy has my back! My brother tricked me into thinking he spoke to her and said that I slept in after a big night at Heat nightclub .... ahhh funny kid. Yes unfortunately I went to Heat a LOT when I was younger *cringe*. Have I any readers that went to Heat back in the day? If so do you also cringe?

Anyway I found some shoes that I think would go perfect with my ethnic shift -- see my last post. See below... What do you think? Yay or Ney?

I always played around with my Benefit Smokin' Eyes compact. I think I still need to master the technique. Does it look like I have just been punched out?

HA! I look horrid... post migraine! and I made the smokey eye look a little witchy....

It kind of worked but you cannot see the colours graduating which looks a little odd.. ah well practice makes perfect!

I have been playing around with a few of my nail polishes...

Trout Pout - Butter London

I am loving this colour ... sorry if I have previously posted my nails like this!

Love a good accent nail ... Shine on and Game on - Kit

Also I found a Peplum Dress in Portmans that looks exactly like the one I took back to Sportsgirl except its a bit longer (which is probably better for me). I feel like I should go back and try it on. Then again, do I really need it?! Bloody hopeless I tell you.

I have been trying to find a good places to venture out to for our work conference but is not going to plan at all. Thus far I have found people to be very un-accommodating. Any Newcastle readers help... Silo Lounge is out unfortunately!

I am going to Phillip Island in a few weekends time ... do any of you have any ideas as to the best place to get pampered... massages, nails etc...?

Okay I think I have left you with a few questions to dwell on... If you can be bothered commenting hit me with your suggestions!

Hope the working week isn't too draining for you :)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Weekend visit ... Gtown style

Heya guys!

I went and got my hair cut... nothing dramatic, just a bit more of a fringe. I did show T a few hair styles and a couple which would mean a fair bit of hair cut. She talked me out of it thank goodness,... I'll never get to the length I want if I keep succumbing to cutting it!  However we did discuss hair colour and I have booked it in for the 4th August. I am actually really excited! T made it sound really nice - warmer brown with some sort of caramel going through it (Soph -- I actually told her what you said in my comments last post haha) , I trust her so what the hell, she can go for it! 

Afterwards I went to visit Mum, Dad and Babcia in Geelong. I grew up there, and didn't leave until I was about 25ish I think...  Now the drive down there seems so far! I used to think Melb was just around the corner! Maybe because the drive is just so damn boring it feels more painful! 

First stop was seeing my Babcia (polish for Grandma). She is pretty funny, insists on feeding you like you have been fasting all month. My Aunty & principle are away so Babcia is looking after their dog Ruby. I think Babcia likes having a little friend keeping her company around the house. I bought up big at the Polka Deli in Glenroy -- Polish Magazines that is! They all look so tragic .. kind of like Thats Life magazine here. But hey, if a few magazines brightens up Babcia's day who am I to say no! 

Hanging out with Ruby ....Please take note of the ethnic rug and sofa hehe 

I stayed at Mum and Dad's on Saturday night. Didn't really do much except chat and veg out. I was determined to have a early night as I wanted to get up early and go straight to the city for some retail therapy! 

Once I got back to Melb I couldn't decide what to do! I remembered there was some sort of Melbourne run on so I opted to divert from the city and went local to Puckle street hoping to get some more tony bianco's to add to my collection! Unfortunately the shop that I go to all the time is closed! Disaster! Luckily their original store on Sydney road is still kicking so I will probably go there very soon! If your a Tony Bianco fan go to True Blue shoes on Sydney Road! They have random RMK stuff too and some other bits and peices. 

Anyway after procrastinating I ended up getting to Highpoint around quarter to 4... and I managed to buy a few things! 

I went to Sportsgirl and picked up this lil number! I actually really like it even though its quite short! I am wearing my costume jewellery from Diva and Tony Bianco wedged booties from a few winters ago (hoping I can get away with them in this dress).

Sportsgirl Ethnic Shift $99.95

I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to doing my make up for a night out. So I hit a few counters in Highpoint Myer for some assistance. It was 4:30 on a Sunday so I understand the girls maybe somewhat reluctant to serve you when they want to start packing up but geezez! I got to the MAC counter and they clearly didn't want to see me! SALE LOST! Its one of my pet peeves bad service.  Especially when I was ready to spend! 

So I usually go right past the Benefit counter but the girl quickly attended to me. I ended up buying these two lovelies....

Benefit Ultra Shines Gloss - Patootie $35-
Benefit Smokin' Eyes Kit $68- 

Not the best of pictures but the gloss is exactly what it says ultra shine, and I love the pale pink. I love this over my Teddy Girl Butter London Lippy too! 

This is the Smokin' Eyes kit. How good is this! Not only do you get step by step instructions but you get everything you need ... including tweezers! 

Okay so you can't really tell here from the lack of light but I have only put the smokin' eye-shadow and the gloss and it already has made a difference. Can't wait to experiment with this product more! 

I am extra excited for the next few weeks! We have our work conference this week to Newcastle... and any excuse to get out of proper number crunching work is a-okay! The following week Pani and I are off to Phillip Island for some pampering! Good times ahead! I figure anything to take your mind off this darn cold weather is a tick in my books! 

Have you used Benefit products before? How did you find them? and am I really a big complainer when it comes to getting customer service these days?!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! :) 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Venturing into new territory.... Hair colour that is!


So I walked out of the ladies before and noticed my hair is fully grey at the front! I knew it was bad but now its out of control! I am 29 not 49 damn it!

Grey hair runs in my family, my mum tells me she started getting grey at 19... which is crazy talk! Whats worse is I have boofy dark maria hair which means any greys ( or should I say white hairs) stand out like nobodies business... Anyway so my mum has embraced the greys had runs around with a crop kinda like that Debra off masterchef (but without her mental personality though).

I messaged my hairdresser and she said next time I come in we'll discuss it and what to do... however I do want to walk in with some ideas... (hopefully your reading this T then you can see what I kind of like)...

I found some pictures .... now I'm more confused as I like so damn many!!!

I love this style but not the colour for me... Although maybe I shoudln't look at this kind of length as last time I chopped it I regretted it!

I think that the colours below would suit me ....

I am really liking this Mandy Moore picture... I feel like this is the best way to ease me into the whole hair colour world ...

So this is me (below of corse hehe) so you know what style that would semi suit me!

I have a mega werid look on my face here.... whatever! You get the idea... Forever new dress, Tony Bianco wedges...

My face when I was attempting taking pictures of the Butter London Lippy.... the flash hurt my eyes hence why they are closed lol

Anyway please I want all your opinions :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Strawberry Jam?... Yes please!


I had a punnet of strawberries in the fridge (that I was supposed to take to work during the week at an attempt to be healthy) instead I thought I may as well use them to show you how I make strawberry jam. Trust me you have to try it .. just too easy! 

Instead of lines of instruction I thought pictures tell a thousand words so here we go....

What you need - Microwave proof bowl, sugar, measuring jug, knife and punnet of strawberries. 

Wash and quarter the strawberries and put into the bowl.. if you like your jam chunky like me, just half them. 

Add 3/4 cup of sugar... but that is pretty rough - I like to freestyle cook. Add just over a quarter of a cup of lemon juice. This acts as the setting agent. Then just put the bowl into the microwave (don't cover) for about 4mins...

Then you get this mushy mix...

Stir and put back into the microwave for about 15mins. 

Make sure you have a sterilised jar ready! 

This is the final mixture... its all runny... but don't worry it sets as it cools. 

Put the hot jam into the jar... 

Flip the jar upside down for a few mins . I have no idea why but the recipe says so...


The perfect sunday arvo snack. 

Give this a whirl ...its mega easy and makes you wonder why you bother with the bought stuff! 

I adapted the recipe from : 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Winter Freeze

Hi Guys,

How cold has it been? I went to visit some friends last night who live in Sunbury .. If your not from Melbourne its about an hour and a bit from the CBD. I think I am so used to city driving it felt weird being on a highway driving 100kms ... on the way home it was pitch black and I freaked out as a car looked like it was coming directly for me. The road was kind of bending and it was deceiving... that said I still swerved like a drunken person even though I was not drunk at all! I blame frostbite to my head... I took a picture of my car temperature gauge... actually thats really hard to read but it says 2am ... 1 degree! BRRR!

Although the weather was cold, the company was not! My Sunbury buddies are so funny, they make simple things hilarious. They have a son who is nearly 3, and came to greet me thinking he would be seeing a real cat. No no, just me buddy! Apparently he has a blue cat.... well thats what he told me, I'm not exactly sure where this blue cat is but ehh whatever hehe .. very cute! 

When I finally got home to sleep I shivered most of the night... I seriously have never been so cold! I feel like I have a hangover just from the terrible lack of sleep. I feel I should invest in some sort of small portable heater, although I love my apartment, heating was not on the landlords agenda when leasing this little baby out! 

So during the week I finally ventured into the city to visit Miss Fox for my eyebrow threading appointment. With Mezzy as my escort I still nearly opened the doors to the wrong place.... but I made it! and to my delight Miss Fox was as cute as can be! I really forget the name of the girl who did my eyebrows but she was lovely, and told me all the things I wanted to hear like .. I think they need to grow out a bit and maybe the shape should be this way bla bla bla. Anyway so off she went and truth be told , it is rather painful... but I am reasonably happy with the results. I think I just don't like how they aren't thicker on the ends how they used to be so I am glad she mentioned to grow them out. Here is the verdict.... 

As you can see I'm no photographer but you get the idea.... 

I have found the skin has been rather tender after the threading and I may have had a slight reaction to the aloe used afterwards. My skin is like old person, it doesn't like change! 
Have you tried threading? How do you shape your eyebrows? 

Afterwards Mez and I had dinner at the pancake parlour! Seriously their deluxe fries are the bomb, its heart attack material but o'so good! 

I had to laugh during the week... I don't know if any of you follow the footy but I like to know whats going on so I watch my fair share of shows like before the game, the footy show etc... however one person I cannot stand is Hutchie. I found this photo of him online, and I thought it was rather funny... I am not sure what he is doing... off to get few croissants (you wouldn't believe how many spelling attempts I made before I got that right - I am the worst at spelling) before the match Parisian style, I don't know haha His right eye looks rather odd.. I only just noticed this... hrmmm

Mezzy gave me this lipstick holder at work on Friday... and funnily enough I can make good use of it! 

I have also fallen in love with my Kit Shine on Polish. Love love love! If you have OPI do you lilac it, you surely would love this too. 

I have been asked by a few for the strawberry jam recipe I previously posted ... I shall try to put it up soon. Unfortunately I did follow a recipe but kind of adapted the amounts for uno... cooking as a solo can often make things rather difficult! 

Meanwhile I have really got on board with the whole get my hair dyed thing... I am trying to get some ideas as I want to easy myself into it but also have a somewhat half dramatic change. Maybe I am jumping the gun again... last time I wanted change I cut my hair too short and regretted it! If you have any good ideas please post pictures or tag them on insta for me ... i'm @kitty1983

Have a fab sat night ... and keep warm :) 

Monday, 2 July 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Hey Prowlers,

I have been a bit neglectful of my post lately. You know what its like, too busy for your own good. 

Last Thursday I ran out of work to grab a few things for the weekend. I didn't realise the shops closed at 7pm (I thought 9pm for some reason).... so I ended up buying under pressure. I bought this gorgeous coral peplum dress from Sportgirl... I had the whole outfit planned in my head.. my tan wedges, gold jewlery... and I get home and find this! 


It made me so mad because I knew I didn't really have much time to take it back and get it removed. However it maybe a blessing in disguise, after trying on the dress with my shoes etc, from the front I thought yep loving this, then I turned around and thought good god, this really is not forgiving! I don't remember my butt looking like this ... ahhh I guess thats what happens when you neglect the squats haha! 

After the coral dress purchase I ran over to Forever new. I went there for one of the cute new dresses they have but ended up with this outfit..... 

I bought both the peplum floral top and white collarless jacket. 
I am a HUGE fan of Forever New. They have great stuff all the time. I don't know if I'm getting to old for it but I don't care! The jeans are bettina Liano Curvy Fit and RMK coral wedges. I bought some gold costume jewelry from Diva as I think it suits the outfit better than my standard silver. Generally I'm a dress girl, but I thought I should try to embrace jeans! I thought I did okay for a non jeans wearer haha

The weekend didn't turn out to be a drunken mess after all! Friday night Mez and I had work drinks for End of Financial Year. We were happy to be told Moscato was on the menu ... horray! I ended up driving , and found this to be a real drainer! Next time I will organise myself better so I can enjoy the bevi's. 

When I woke up on Saturday I felt a bit NQR for some reason... turns out so was Pani .. and she ended up at my place around 6ish. I got a few things done around the house etc, but really I needed that extra sleep. Anyway, so by the time we yabbered on for hours it was 8pm so we had to make a decision on what to do. The thought of dressing up in next to nothing for a night on the town did not appeal so we opted for dinner. We were going to try Mamacita's but I did read its a line up kinda situation so I randomly picked a Lebanese restaurant called Mezza at the top of Lygon. By the time we got there it was around 9pm but well and truley packed. (Sorry about my dodgy photography!)

Street view.... 

Falafel, fried cauliflower and some sort of Lebanese salady mix. 

Some awesome potatoes 

Lamb rice and veg... totally forget the name. Looks boring but tasted great. 

The funniest part was that they cranked up the Lebo music and out came the belly dancer. Call me a prude but I didn't know where to look! I must have had this unsure look on my face and the girl came right up to me and was like swishing around and what not... awkward! I said to her..."you just came up to me because I look petrified" and she said I wouldn't do that! I thought ...Sure you wouldn't! ... you get joy out of seeing my fear lol 

Some of the people there were getting way into it, full dancing old school style. Probably the only chance those old guys could dance with a half naked woman lol.... Anyway it was funny to watch and at least the place had a good atmosphere. We had a great waitress.... she was pretty friendly.. extra tips for her! 

Usually Pani and I waste most of Sunday if she comes to stay, but this time we thought we would go into the city.. the weather was awful! After returning the coral dress back to sportsgirl (the girl was ultra apologetic, but it was the mall store to blame not melb central so she can be forgiven), we stopped in at Mecca.... far out I could browse that shop for hours. I love all that beauty stuff... no wonder I'm broke and have nothing to show for it! I did however restrain myself and bought these beauties....

Kit 'Shine On' and 'Game On' and a 4 way nail file.... You know file, buff, smooth, shine. Honestly the girl raved on about it at the counter, but I have bought the same thing from Woolies that has Smooth, Buff and Shine and does the same job.. but for $6.95 I don't really care. Kit has some awesome nail colours, if your into the nail polish like me, I would definitely recommend to check it out! I'm pretty sure the polishes cost $15.95 .. they are Australian made too, which is always a bonus! 

Upon Pani's request, Game on.....

Pani bought some awesome coral jeans surprisingly from Dotti and black peplum top from Forever New. We are loving the peplum let me tell you that much! 

Meanwhile Pani and I were talking about where singles are supposed to find decent guys! Every guy I meet out turns out to be a flat out sleaze!....  Sometimes I think I am too nice for my own good......  The retards we have on our plates are just not worth it I can tell you that much! (sorry if your reading this .... well not really... get your act together you loser! grr!)

My threading appointment in on Wednesday which I hope goes to plan! Miss Fox better not let me down damn it hehe 

How was your weekend? Do you find winter adventures that more difficult when the temperature at night hovers around 5 degrees!? I guess thats why one drinks heavily before they leave the house lol I am becoming weak in my older age!