Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My great start to the work week


Ahhh I've had such a weird 48 hours. Sunday night I had this horrid migraine ... whatever happens occasionally. Anyway Monday morning woke up at 9:30 ... usually I'm up at 5:30 ... so I had well and truly slept through my start time.. oppsies! Mezzy had left missed calls and distressing messages on my facebook and phone as to my whereabouts. This is one downfall of being solo... Who is there to make the sicky call if you are well and truly knocked out and sick! At least Mezzy has my back! My brother tricked me into thinking he spoke to her and said that I slept in after a big night at Heat nightclub .... ahhh funny kid. Yes unfortunately I went to Heat a LOT when I was younger *cringe*. Have I any readers that went to Heat back in the day? If so do you also cringe?

Anyway I found some shoes that I think would go perfect with my ethnic shift -- see my last post. See below... What do you think? Yay or Ney?

I always played around with my Benefit Smokin' Eyes compact. I think I still need to master the technique. Does it look like I have just been punched out?

HA! I look horrid... post migraine! and I made the smokey eye look a little witchy....

It kind of worked but you cannot see the colours graduating which looks a little odd.. ah well practice makes perfect!

I have been playing around with a few of my nail polishes...

Trout Pout - Butter London

I am loving this colour ... sorry if I have previously posted my nails like this!

Love a good accent nail ... Shine on and Game on - Kit

Also I found a Peplum Dress in Portmans that looks exactly like the one I took back to Sportsgirl except its a bit longer (which is probably better for me). I feel like I should go back and try it on. Then again, do I really need it?! Bloody hopeless I tell you.

I have been trying to find a good places to venture out to for our work conference but is not going to plan at all. Thus far I have found people to be very un-accommodating. Any Newcastle readers help... Silo Lounge is out unfortunately!

I am going to Phillip Island in a few weekends time ... do any of you have any ideas as to the best place to get pampered... massages, nails etc...?

Okay I think I have left you with a few questions to dwell on... If you can be bothered commenting hit me with your suggestions!

Hope the working week isn't too draining for you :)


  1. sleeping in is my biggest fear, hence why I set SO many alarms on my iphone hahah!

    I love those FC shoes - you could even wear them for work! Smokey eyes look fab x

    1. You know what's weird the girl in FC talked me out of it! Why did I listen to her... I'll be back tomorrow (if they have my size left)!

      Yes I slept right through alarms how knocked out was I! Im going to set repetitive alarms I think your into something!

  2. I love the shoes! I have a very similar pair from Betts that I love.
    I hope your migraine went away fast, you poor thing! Nothing worse than sleeping through alarms.

    1. Thanks! I hope I can get time to track them down by Thursday.

      It has gone now but I feel so drowsy still. Ah well all good! I'm taking note of brunette's double alarm trick haha

  3. trout pout looks amazing!

    1. Thanks! Its a def must have :)

  4. Yay to the shoes!

    Do love the trout pout!!


    1. Aww thanks!

      Hopefully I can track down the shoes today!