Sunday, 15 July 2012

Weekend visit ... Gtown style

Heya guys!

I went and got my hair cut... nothing dramatic, just a bit more of a fringe. I did show T a few hair styles and a couple which would mean a fair bit of hair cut. She talked me out of it thank goodness,... I'll never get to the length I want if I keep succumbing to cutting it!  However we did discuss hair colour and I have booked it in for the 4th August. I am actually really excited! T made it sound really nice - warmer brown with some sort of caramel going through it (Soph -- I actually told her what you said in my comments last post haha) , I trust her so what the hell, she can go for it! 

Afterwards I went to visit Mum, Dad and Babcia in Geelong. I grew up there, and didn't leave until I was about 25ish I think...  Now the drive down there seems so far! I used to think Melb was just around the corner! Maybe because the drive is just so damn boring it feels more painful! 

First stop was seeing my Babcia (polish for Grandma). She is pretty funny, insists on feeding you like you have been fasting all month. My Aunty & principle are away so Babcia is looking after their dog Ruby. I think Babcia likes having a little friend keeping her company around the house. I bought up big at the Polka Deli in Glenroy -- Polish Magazines that is! They all look so tragic .. kind of like Thats Life magazine here. But hey, if a few magazines brightens up Babcia's day who am I to say no! 

Hanging out with Ruby ....Please take note of the ethnic rug and sofa hehe 

I stayed at Mum and Dad's on Saturday night. Didn't really do much except chat and veg out. I was determined to have a early night as I wanted to get up early and go straight to the city for some retail therapy! 

Once I got back to Melb I couldn't decide what to do! I remembered there was some sort of Melbourne run on so I opted to divert from the city and went local to Puckle street hoping to get some more tony bianco's to add to my collection! Unfortunately the shop that I go to all the time is closed! Disaster! Luckily their original store on Sydney road is still kicking so I will probably go there very soon! If your a Tony Bianco fan go to True Blue shoes on Sydney Road! They have random RMK stuff too and some other bits and peices. 

Anyway after procrastinating I ended up getting to Highpoint around quarter to 4... and I managed to buy a few things! 

I went to Sportsgirl and picked up this lil number! I actually really like it even though its quite short! I am wearing my costume jewellery from Diva and Tony Bianco wedged booties from a few winters ago (hoping I can get away with them in this dress).

Sportsgirl Ethnic Shift $99.95

I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to doing my make up for a night out. So I hit a few counters in Highpoint Myer for some assistance. It was 4:30 on a Sunday so I understand the girls maybe somewhat reluctant to serve you when they want to start packing up but geezez! I got to the MAC counter and they clearly didn't want to see me! SALE LOST! Its one of my pet peeves bad service.  Especially when I was ready to spend! 

So I usually go right past the Benefit counter but the girl quickly attended to me. I ended up buying these two lovelies....

Benefit Ultra Shines Gloss - Patootie $35-
Benefit Smokin' Eyes Kit $68- 

Not the best of pictures but the gloss is exactly what it says ultra shine, and I love the pale pink. I love this over my Teddy Girl Butter London Lippy too! 

This is the Smokin' Eyes kit. How good is this! Not only do you get step by step instructions but you get everything you need ... including tweezers! 

Okay so you can't really tell here from the lack of light but I have only put the smokin' eye-shadow and the gloss and it already has made a difference. Can't wait to experiment with this product more! 

I am extra excited for the next few weeks! We have our work conference this week to Newcastle... and any excuse to get out of proper number crunching work is a-okay! The following week Pani and I are off to Phillip Island for some pampering! Good times ahead! I figure anything to take your mind off this darn cold weather is a tick in my books! 

Have you used Benefit products before? How did you find them? and am I really a big complainer when it comes to getting customer service these days?!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! :) 


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    1. Should be fun ... Especially if your my partner in crime!

  2. The fringe looks really good... Can't wait to see it once it's dyed!

    Dress is nice too!


    1. Thanks!

      Can't wait to get my hair done I'm actually really excited :)

  3. You did a great job! Ruby is so cute!