Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Winter Freeze

Hi Guys,

How cold has it been? I went to visit some friends last night who live in Sunbury .. If your not from Melbourne its about an hour and a bit from the CBD. I think I am so used to city driving it felt weird being on a highway driving 100kms ... on the way home it was pitch black and I freaked out as a car looked like it was coming directly for me. The road was kind of bending and it was deceiving... that said I still swerved like a drunken person even though I was not drunk at all! I blame frostbite to my head... I took a picture of my car temperature gauge... actually thats really hard to read but it says 2am ... 1 degree! BRRR!

Although the weather was cold, the company was not! My Sunbury buddies are so funny, they make simple things hilarious. They have a son who is nearly 3, and came to greet me thinking he would be seeing a real cat. No no, just me buddy! Apparently he has a blue cat.... well thats what he told me, I'm not exactly sure where this blue cat is but ehh whatever hehe .. very cute! 

When I finally got home to sleep I shivered most of the night... I seriously have never been so cold! I feel like I have a hangover just from the terrible lack of sleep. I feel I should invest in some sort of small portable heater, although I love my apartment, heating was not on the landlords agenda when leasing this little baby out! 

So during the week I finally ventured into the city to visit Miss Fox for my eyebrow threading appointment. With Mezzy as my escort I still nearly opened the doors to the wrong place.... but I made it! and to my delight Miss Fox was as cute as can be! I really forget the name of the girl who did my eyebrows but she was lovely, and told me all the things I wanted to hear like .. I think they need to grow out a bit and maybe the shape should be this way bla bla bla. Anyway so off she went and truth be told , it is rather painful... but I am reasonably happy with the results. I think I just don't like how they aren't thicker on the ends how they used to be so I am glad she mentioned to grow them out. Here is the verdict.... 

As you can see I'm no photographer but you get the idea.... 

I have found the skin has been rather tender after the threading and I may have had a slight reaction to the aloe used afterwards. My skin is like old person, it doesn't like change! 
Have you tried threading? How do you shape your eyebrows? 

Afterwards Mez and I had dinner at the pancake parlour! Seriously their deluxe fries are the bomb, its heart attack material but o'so good! 

I had to laugh during the week... I don't know if any of you follow the footy but I like to know whats going on so I watch my fair share of shows like before the game, the footy show etc... however one person I cannot stand is Hutchie. I found this photo of him online, and I thought it was rather funny... I am not sure what he is doing... off to get few croissants (you wouldn't believe how many spelling attempts I made before I got that right - I am the worst at spelling) before the match Parisian style, I don't know haha His right eye looks rather odd.. I only just noticed this... hrmmm

Mezzy gave me this lipstick holder at work on Friday... and funnily enough I can make good use of it! 

I have also fallen in love with my Kit Shine on Polish. Love love love! If you have OPI do you lilac it, you surely would love this too. 

I have been asked by a few for the strawberry jam recipe I previously posted ... I shall try to put it up soon. Unfortunately I did follow a recipe but kind of adapted the amounts for uno... cooking as a solo can often make things rather difficult! 

Meanwhile I have really got on board with the whole get my hair dyed thing... I am trying to get some ideas as I want to easy myself into it but also have a somewhat half dramatic change. Maybe I am jumping the gun again... last time I wanted change I cut my hair too short and regretted it! If you have any good ideas please post pictures or tag them on insta for me ... i'm @kitty1983

Have a fab sat night ... and keep warm :) 


  1. 1 degree... Nooooo! That's terrible I struggle at 15 degrees haha.

    I LOVE that the little boy thought you were going to be a real cat hahaha

    Eyebrows look good :) A eyebrow threading place has just opened near us, am thinking about it... But am scared as you and Mez have said it's painful!


    1. Yes he was very cute I might say!!!

      I would say try threading.. It's quicker than waxing and more precise. Then again I've only tried it once... So not exactly an expert haha

      As for the cold, this winter seriously is not agreeing with me... I am dreaming of a hot summer by the beach!