Monday, 2 July 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Hey Prowlers,

I have been a bit neglectful of my post lately. You know what its like, too busy for your own good. 

Last Thursday I ran out of work to grab a few things for the weekend. I didn't realise the shops closed at 7pm (I thought 9pm for some reason).... so I ended up buying under pressure. I bought this gorgeous coral peplum dress from Sportgirl... I had the whole outfit planned in my head.. my tan wedges, gold jewlery... and I get home and find this! 


It made me so mad because I knew I didn't really have much time to take it back and get it removed. However it maybe a blessing in disguise, after trying on the dress with my shoes etc, from the front I thought yep loving this, then I turned around and thought good god, this really is not forgiving! I don't remember my butt looking like this ... ahhh I guess thats what happens when you neglect the squats haha! 

After the coral dress purchase I ran over to Forever new. I went there for one of the cute new dresses they have but ended up with this outfit..... 

I bought both the peplum floral top and white collarless jacket. 
I am a HUGE fan of Forever New. They have great stuff all the time. I don't know if I'm getting to old for it but I don't care! The jeans are bettina Liano Curvy Fit and RMK coral wedges. I bought some gold costume jewelry from Diva as I think it suits the outfit better than my standard silver. Generally I'm a dress girl, but I thought I should try to embrace jeans! I thought I did okay for a non jeans wearer haha

The weekend didn't turn out to be a drunken mess after all! Friday night Mez and I had work drinks for End of Financial Year. We were happy to be told Moscato was on the menu ... horray! I ended up driving , and found this to be a real drainer! Next time I will organise myself better so I can enjoy the bevi's. 

When I woke up on Saturday I felt a bit NQR for some reason... turns out so was Pani .. and she ended up at my place around 6ish. I got a few things done around the house etc, but really I needed that extra sleep. Anyway, so by the time we yabbered on for hours it was 8pm so we had to make a decision on what to do. The thought of dressing up in next to nothing for a night on the town did not appeal so we opted for dinner. We were going to try Mamacita's but I did read its a line up kinda situation so I randomly picked a Lebanese restaurant called Mezza at the top of Lygon. By the time we got there it was around 9pm but well and truley packed. (Sorry about my dodgy photography!)

Street view.... 

Falafel, fried cauliflower and some sort of Lebanese salady mix. 

Some awesome potatoes 

Lamb rice and veg... totally forget the name. Looks boring but tasted great. 

The funniest part was that they cranked up the Lebo music and out came the belly dancer. Call me a prude but I didn't know where to look! I must have had this unsure look on my face and the girl came right up to me and was like swishing around and what not... awkward! I said to her..."you just came up to me because I look petrified" and she said I wouldn't do that! I thought ...Sure you wouldn't! ... you get joy out of seeing my fear lol 

Some of the people there were getting way into it, full dancing old school style. Probably the only chance those old guys could dance with a half naked woman lol.... Anyway it was funny to watch and at least the place had a good atmosphere. We had a great waitress.... she was pretty friendly.. extra tips for her! 

Usually Pani and I waste most of Sunday if she comes to stay, but this time we thought we would go into the city.. the weather was awful! After returning the coral dress back to sportsgirl (the girl was ultra apologetic, but it was the mall store to blame not melb central so she can be forgiven), we stopped in at Mecca.... far out I could browse that shop for hours. I love all that beauty stuff... no wonder I'm broke and have nothing to show for it! I did however restrain myself and bought these beauties....

Kit 'Shine On' and 'Game On' and a 4 way nail file.... You know file, buff, smooth, shine. Honestly the girl raved on about it at the counter, but I have bought the same thing from Woolies that has Smooth, Buff and Shine and does the same job.. but for $6.95 I don't really care. Kit has some awesome nail colours, if your into the nail polish like me, I would definitely recommend to check it out! I'm pretty sure the polishes cost $15.95 .. they are Australian made too, which is always a bonus! 

Upon Pani's request, Game on.....

Pani bought some awesome coral jeans surprisingly from Dotti and black peplum top from Forever New. We are loving the peplum let me tell you that much! 

Meanwhile Pani and I were talking about where singles are supposed to find decent guys! Every guy I meet out turns out to be a flat out sleaze!....  Sometimes I think I am too nice for my own good......  The retards we have on our plates are just not worth it I can tell you that much! (sorry if your reading this .... well not really... get your act together you loser! grr!)

My threading appointment in on Wednesday which I hope goes to plan! Miss Fox better not let me down damn it hehe 

How was your weekend? Do you find winter adventures that more difficult when the temperature at night hovers around 5 degrees!? I guess thats why one drinks heavily before they leave the house lol I am becoming weak in my older age! 


  1. Shame about the coral dress, it looked like a nice colour. I think you pulled off the jeans look well though :-)

    And the neon nail polish. I'm too scared to try it still :-S

    1. Don't be scared! Go for it! You won't know what suits unless you try! I'm a big fan of pastels, I feel I should embrace them more.

      It is a shame about the dress.. but whatevs, probably not meant to be. Great colour tho!

  2. I think you pulled the jeans outfit off nicely! And I too love Forever New, my bank account doesn't though :(

    Nail polishes = Amazing

    Staying home in winter is all I ever want to do! Stuff 5 degrees, I struggle with 15 degrees haha


    1. How good is Forever New! It never lets me down! Although I agree, need to restrain from spending.

      I feel like I should move to a tropical destination in the winter to perk up my mood hehe

  3. I cannot stand sales assistants who leave on those tags? an the worst part is we cannot remove them ourselves! :|

    Food coma!!

    1. Yes! The girls were a bit blaaaa in the shop anyway, which is really frustrating! Should have checked before I left!

      haha @ food coma... yeah def! we coudln't eat it all and that doesn't happen often lol