Tuesday, 26 June 2012

o0o0o Is that delivery for me?....

Heya guys...

I am so glad Tuesday is over ! It always seems to drag on... once I get to Wednesday its all downhill from there... horray!

I think I gave my horrid flu thing to Mezzy! Damn it .... she did text me saying I was a diseased mongrel hahaha

Finally I received my MOR products from OZsale. I initially was going to palm them off as gifts, but I don't think I can part with them all. They smell to damn good!

 How good is getting a parcel delivered to work! Brightens my day everytime!
Pomegranate body wash, hand wash and hand cream

The same again except I think this is sorbet flavour.... or something along those lines. Smells awesome, even though my nose is a bit blockaged!

Lychee on the go perfume and lipgloss!

Lip Macaron that everyone keeps telling me is awesome. Unintentionally it matched my nail polish (china glaze something sweet).

What do you guys think about the brand MOR? I like it... except Pani always bags it! How can you bag it?! I mean its in cute packaging and smells awesome -- I don't think its supposed to be some miracle skin care brand.. it is what it is.

I have printed a few cocktail recipes for the weekend. Lychee martini's sound like the way to go! Then i found this really sickly sweet cocktail recipe (its in my handbag - too hard to dig out).. but the main ingredient was Malibu. That stuff causes headaches everytime! Talking about drinks that you know cause you trouble the next day hangover style... Smirnoff double blacks. OMG! When i jump onto those (usually later in the night) I'm in for some serious pain the next day!

Do you guys have any hangover cures? I feel like I don't want to sacrifice the drinks I like just because I can't handle a more than extreme headache.

I am NOT an alcoholic! Even though I'm noticing a trend in my posts haha


  1. Okay maybe I was about rash calling you a mongrel..., or maybe not!!

    Gatorade & McDonalds before bed and you are set!! No hang over.

    1. Rash or not it made me laugh hehe

      Good idea! I have never tried the Gatorade trick!

  2. Oh..nice buys!

    Hangover cure - Banana and water I know it sounds weird ha!? x

    1. hahaha... banana.. I guess they are high in all sorts of good get up and go vitamins - so I can kind of see where your coming from!

  3. Ok before you go to bed. Take two neurofen ( or however you spell it im not in the mood to spell check lol ) take 2 multivitamins. Also chug 1 litre of water. Just becareful you dont vomit it up...................... not that I would know or anything. Parcels at work are fab and I have serious nail envy.

    1. Haha u crack me up with the guzzling of water!
      That always makes me feel like I'll spew!

      Thanks about my nails! Polishes have become quite the addiction!

  4. I ordered the sorbet trio pack but they sent me pomegranate instead. I sent a message to ask if I can send it back for swapping & they sent back this:

    If you would like to return the incorrect product received we will see that you are refunded back onto your credit card (or into your Ozsale account, your choice) as soon as the return has been received and evaluated, provided we cannot replace the return.

    If we can replace the return we will see that this is dispatched straight away.

    Now I don't know what to do. Arghh.

    1. Hi loz,

      That would make me mad! Id want a refund and to keep the product!

      The pomegranate still smells good tho! Maybe see if they will refund ur shipping and just keep the product?

      I have liked the products I've got from ozsale but I'm a little bit unhappy about their dispatch times... I know they state to be up to 4 weeks but Its like if they make u wait that long at least get te order right!

  5. Kitty I saw this today and thought of you!

    Hopefully you can see it . Looks fab!

    1. Yo soph!

      I couldnt get the link to work ... Boo! Now I'm intrigued! Hehe

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