Sunday, 17 June 2012

Help .... I appear to be a Clinique addict!


How was the weekend for everyone!? 

Mine once again was non eventful... although I did a lot of girlie crap that I love. I don't know about you, but guys just don't understand! I mentioned to a guy friend that on Saturday night I was doing nothing except painting my nails and watching a chick flick. His response, don't you think you would have just as much fun going out. Well when its cold and wintry it just isn't that enticing! But he does have a point! 

I caught up with Jkats and Jlo on Saturday arvo.... i think Jlo is all of 4 months. As Jkats went to get our coffee I was in charge of keeping Jlo entertained, and I resorted to this horrific baby talk. It is quite clear I have very little experience with interacting with the younger folk! hehe.... Anyway this family turned around to me ( I'm hoping cause Jlo is mega cute not the fact that i was speaking like an imbecile) and the lady said to me "Someones getting clucky"! Far out am I giving out the clucky vibes! Jkats is the bestest... i miss seeing her so often! 

I woke up this morning feeling horrific.... looked in the mirror and looks like I've been punched out! The dreaded winter cold is upon me! Could explain Mez and I's lack luster adventure through the city on Friday night. We were both clearly exhausted, and getting to that point where you cant be bothered conversing anymore. I really wanted to get a winter hat but I feel my noggin is just too damn big! ahh well... i probably didn't search too hard if I only hung around DJ's most of the time! 

The previous Friday night Mez and I were going great guns, we scampered around the shops for hours and decluttered a few racks hehe... Here are a couple of things I have bought ..... 

Last Friday I bought this Clinique 'take the day off' make up remover. Usually I use the lotion in the bottle to take all my make up off. Apparently the lady said its not really for your whole face. However my skin gets really sensitive so when something works I just run with it. Instead this time I bought the pot that looks rather paste like. So when you apply it on your face it becomes the consistency of the lotion. I don't know, it feels rather the same product just in the same form but a whole lot messier. 

I am so sceptical about the whole industry as they say anything and we eat it up like its gospel! I am in the market for a new moisturiser ... what do you use? What products would you say to avoid? There is a whole other world out there apart from Clinique... i need to let go! 

So if you follow me on Insta you would be well aware I love a good nail polish! So I thought I would try Salon Effects nail strips by Sally Hansen. I noticed they are all the rage hehe... However I just don't know .. 

I found them a little annoying to stick on, and I had to keep reshaping them all because obviously I have non standard nail size! I think I made a wrong choice, I don't like this look at all! I think that if you got a brighter colour or design, and then applied a top coat it would be a winner ... especially if you are time poor as there is no dry time and they apparently last for a week or so. 

Instead I thought I would finally apply to my nails OPI Alpine Snow from my last Ozsale haul. I have never been 100% with white nail polish because I think it makes you look like you have come second place to a bottle of white out! 

Not that you can tell but I applied Pirouette my Whistle over the top to break up the bright white look. It made a difference ... probably because I love Pirouette my Whistle.. unfortunately the camera didn't really bring it out so much. 

I would love to know your favourite skin care brands? Cheap or Expensive .. what has worked for you? 

PS - As I am new to this whole Blogging world I am kind of slow with the take up of following you all! My computer is so slow so after I blog I just give up.... maybe this is a good excuse to upgrade to a nice new laptop :) 


  1. Awww I miss JKats. Surely it should be GLo but JLo?

    I'm sick too. We work with too many germ carriers.

    I like the nails! Derr told you to go with the coloured print!!

    YES get a new laptop. I can live vicariously through you.

    1. Boo to the cold! Poor us :(

      Yes I should of trusted u with the bright colour... I think as an accent they would look great!

      Haha @Glo .... She had on a full jlo pink tracksuit on... It was very very cute!

      I think I shall investigate the world of laptops!

  2. I love Dermalogica moisturiser, it's gentle on your skin.

    Not sure about those sticky nail things either.. they are too busy for my liking. I do just like things to be simple though!

    1. Hi Rhiannon... Really? For some reason I thought dermalogica was heavy duty stuff. Maybe u should give it a go!

      The nail strips are not really my thing but eh u live and learn

    2. Holy crap I meant maybe I should give it a go! Sounded like I was dishing out an insult... Sorry x

  3. Hello Kitty!

    I know a brand that you should try but I have forgotten the name. I shall get back to you tomorrow !

    I like the sticky nail things I have used them before but they didnt last too long on me probably cause I chew my nails hence the "maria" acrylics I have on at the moment ( non french tip muahahah )

    1. Hey soph!

      Yes please get back to me re moisturizer.

      As for acrylics people may cringe but I actually like them.... But when I took them off my nails were horribly weak so I got my polishes out and started doing it myself.

      I feel we have similar Maria traits haha Go us!

  4. Haha can't really help you on the different brand front.. I'm also a clinique lover

    I'm also skeptical about the white nail polish, though I think you pulled it off.. I like the nail strips... it's a different pattern then the ones I have seen before :)


    1. Heya megs....

      Which moisturizer of cliniques do u use? I have used a trial of turnaround overnight which was nor good or bad.

      I may try a brighter nail strip design... And actually see how many days wear I get.

  5. I use demalogica products and love them! I have normal to dry skin with the occasional blemish and I use their Special Cleansing Gel, Skin Prep Scrub and Skin Smoothing Cream. I have been using their products for over a year now and they have been fantastic for me.

    1. Hi TJ,

      Our skin sounds very similar!

      Maybe I should check out d'logica ... I feel like I am the only person out there that hasn't tried it!

  6. I have the same Clinique balm that I bought 6 years ago (yep I'm sure it's passed the old throw out after 12 months mark for sure!) but only used it a couple of times, still unsure about it myself and I always buy too much skin care prods.
    Good work on your blog, can't wait to read more :)

    1. Howdy Lynette,

      Thanks for reading! Glad your enjoying my ramblings haha

      Yes I think over time we gather a stack of products .... I find a good clean out is sometimes needed so you know exactly what you do and don't need.

  7. Hi Kitty - happy new blog! I used to be a clinique girl too, think it was the clean lines and packaging that suckered me in, but I have just switched to Dermalogica and my skin is much nicer for it. That said I ADORE cliniques BB cream and still use the eye make-up remover as they are perfect for what they do! P.S Im Mez's big sister in Ireland! x

    1. Heya 'possum' hehe

      An international reader .. Horray!

      When i think of you i remember you shouting ...'Who does mez love .....' good times! Hehe

      So true about cliniques packaging!

      .. I think I really will give d'logica a try. But stick with my Clinique removers :)