Thursday, 14 June 2012

Did someone say Lipgloss?!.........

Hey Prowlers..... far out i nearly killed myself... went to get up to put some dinner on while my photos were uploading for this post and i literally slipped and fell side first into the floor. werido! Then i go red out of embarrassment but hello... nobody was around to see it! haha 

Anyway i have recovered and can tell you all about my lipgloss collection! o'how i love lipgloss! i dunno about you guys but its probably just about the one beauty product i can't live without. I was thinking about what i have acquired over the years and realised i don't have anything ultra expensive or fancy branded... just standard stuff that everyone can get without breaking the budget (and u gotta love that). that said i am definetly not oppossed to branded items, i just haven't bothered to branch out! 

So for everyday use i switch between the following .... papaw (should be standard for every man woman and child!) , Clinique Superbalm moisturizing gloss, and Lanolips! Seriously these are my absolute favourite standards... one of my besties just got me onto the lanolips lemonaid recently and its awesome! it smells so good you want to eat it! haha... 

 o0o0o0o yeah hit me with the lanolips... 
 I bought a Clinique chubby stick (terrible name if you ask me) and these revlon lip butters. Personally i think overrated. but hey each to their own. For me i layer the clinique superbalm over the top for that extra shine. 
Another assortment of randoms that i often use..... 

 So here we have two Revlon Super Lustrous gloss' which i love! the one that is just about empty is called racy raspberry and its probably my all time favourite ! but it was a limited edition and i cannot find anywhere that stocks it ... apart from random people of ebay. i emailed revlon about my dilemma and they didn't reply... which upset me ... i'm a good customer of yours damn it! 
The CK one was a freebie i got from strawberrynet .... when i received it i thought what is this dodgy gloss... but turns out i really like it for a everyday nude colour. 

Okay so time to get up close and personal.... here is a picture of the nude CK gloss...
 see... nude with a bit of shine.. perfectos! 

 ........and below is a picture of me wearing the Revlon superlustrous pink pop (i would of shown u the racy raspberry but there is basically nothing left!)
 .... How you doinnnnnn' haha

 o0o0o glossy! 

All in all i just care about the gloss factor and the perfect colour... i don't care really about the consistency (i.e. ultra sticky etc--- except on a windy day when u end up with hair stuck to your lips haha). As long as it doesn't smell horrid then i'm happy! 

I am busting to try the lippy but Butter London (u know the nail polish brand --- don't get me started on polishes ---that will come in time haha). Has anyone tried them and what do you think? I want to get primrose hill and teddy bear! 
Do you guys acquire a tone of glosses just like me? As i'm a gloss fan can you recommend anything i would love?!


  1. Hello!

    I have glossss everyyyywhereeeeee

    Victoria Secret ones are my favourite along with Sephora ones. I picked up a whole stash when I went to the states last. You need to try some of theseeeee. I also love macs lipglass. Super sticky but ooooohh sooo glosssyyyyy

    Lol oh dear about the slipping . I laugh when I fall over and there is no one around to see it. Then I remember the scenario like a crazy person in my head and laugh to myself

    So my suggestions

    Mac Lipglass I think thats what its called
    Sephora Lipglosses
    Victoria Secret Lipgloss
    I also think Natio do a really good lip glass too,

    1. Funny u should mention MAC as I was checking their glosses out when mez bought her bright pink lipstick! ( which I love! ) and was tempted to buy one.. Thanks 4 the tips! I will def check them out :)

  2. Love all of the glosses! Your lips are so luscious... in a non creepy way.

  3. Replies
    1. Haha horray I worked it out! Still getting the hang of this blogging business... I need to start following people