Sunday, 24 June 2012

Maxin' and Relaxin'

Hey all,

Hope your having a good weekend! 

I must say I am pretty impressed with myself for making home made strawberry jam. This stuff tastes unbelievable! but talk about sugar high... this stuff is not for the weak! Perfect start to my Sunday! 

I finally think I have got this flu thing under control. I got into work on Thursday and realised I really shouldn't have been there and went straight to the doctor! Probably should of done this from the start but I hate seeing the doctor! ... Its not the doctor as such, its the waiting room that puts me off. No matter where you go there seems to be some weirdo causing trouble. Thursday I fluked getting an appointment just as I walked in as someone had cancelled, however there was a child there shrieking incessantly about " I want to see bla bla" ... okay buddy you wanna see you mate, but can you please calm the hell down! Thank goodness I only had a 10 minute wait!

Anyway the doctor sent me home and I managed to occupy my time with lots of napping and relaxing. I feel much better for it I must say. By Friday afternoon my fever had gone and I thought I would venture out in the evening to visit the parental's who were staying at Crown Metropol.

When I got to Metropol I rang Dad to tell him I was in the foyer only to realise I was in the wrong place --- Crown Promenade.... awkward! Then I totally got disorientated and did this massive circle to track down Metropol.... Seriously what the hell! I usually have a good sense of direction! (Mez, do you still want to attempt doing the amazing race with me after that ha ha) Anyway I have got to stay there! Perfect for a girls weekend with the day spa and the hot baths that overlooked the city! I was amazed by this... Maybe I need to get out more! Have you stayed there? What did you think?

We went to The Atlantic for dinner in Crown which was damn good. I am a massive seafood fan so I was happy to chow down on these delights!

Could not decide! ....

Oysters were certainly demolished by all! 

My main ... Prawns! You cannot go wrong. 

Dessert - Some strawberries and cream stack = deliciousness 

I am looking forward to next weekend already. I am sick of plodding around at home... there are only so many times one can paint nails! I have a work party on Friday night which will be enhanced with their decision to supply the masses with Moscato (HORRAY!) 

Pani is coming to stay with me Sat night and we plan to have a proper girls night out (touch wood the rain stays away but I'm not counting on it). I feel the need to create some delicious cocktails .... honestly the sweeter the better! Any ideas? (We do not have a sophisticated pallet ha ha) 


  1. Ruby slipper

    1 1/2 oz whiskey
    grenadine syrup
    7-Up® soda

    Fill a shot glass three-quarters full with whiskey, and with grenadine. Fill any large glass with 7-up. Drop the shot glass into the 7-up and drink everything.

    Read more: Ruby Slipper recipe

    Great new layout!

    1. Holy crap .... How lethal!!!

      Why thank u.... What would I do without u x

  2. anything with lychee rates high on my list!!!

    I need a girls weekend.....................among others things LOL

    1. Mmm lychees ... That is a good idea!

      too funny! ... I hear ya sista lol

  3. Impressed by the strawberry jam!

    haha and love that you got lost

    Hope you're feeling better!

    Pina colada all the way!


    1. You know I haven't ever made a piña colada before! Sounds good :)

      As for getting lost I am even more the fool as I booked the apartment for them haha

      I'm feeling so much better, thanks x

  4. I also agree with Lychees, I love a good Lychee Martini!

    I really need to get to Atlantic after see these pics, the Prawns look amazing!

    Can you post the recipe you used for your jam??

  5. Pani loves lychees so we could be onto a winner hehe

    I shall post the recipe soonl... It's so easy... Microwave style!

    And yes Atlantic... Do it! :)