Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Adore Beauty ..... I know I do!

Hey Prowlers,

I don't know about you but that earthquake freaked me out! My whole building moved! I've felt a little tremor before but nothing like this. ... and nothing even bad happened and I panicked. These are the times being on your own sucks. If your going to go out you don't want to be alone while doing it. 
I messaged JKats straight away as she lives close by, I needed to know I wasn't going completely delusional and that it did happen... but if she didn't.. the comments on facebook sure did.. phewww I'm not completely bonkers! 

I have had a terrible few days with this horrid flu! It ain't pretty let me tell you that much! I got to work today but felt awful this morning,... but perked up by the afternoon (or when the drugs kicked in haha). Hopefully I haven't passed it on this to anyone else! 

Enough of the complaining... I have more fun things to speak of! I am loving nail polishes at the moment, thanks to Mezzy and Instagram (follow me @KITTY1983)! I used to hate doing my nails but now I almost find it relaxing... is this odd? 

I have been wanting to try Butter London polish for so long, and could not track somewhere local that stocks it, so I turned to the web. I found this fantastic site called ! Horray for me, not only did I find the polishes I wanted but they also stock the Butter London Lippy I keep rambling on about! I don't want to sound like an ad here but seriously you should check it out ... sites like this are perfect when we get lazy and just want our products delivered to our door! I noticed if you like their facebook page they are giving 20% discounts out for the next few days... which is kind of enticing me to buy more but we shall see! 

I actually ordered two packages, both came with two samples and a fun size cherry ripe! What girl doesn't love a cherry ripe! You will notice a cherry ripe is missing, I gave it to Rivers at work.... he is sooooo lazy and never works hard enough! ( if you are from the office you know this is quite untrue haha ) 

The Lippy's ($25 each) .... Teddy Girl (the lighter one) and Primrose Hill Picnic. I also got this awesome Essie polish called Pink Parka ($18.95) which I can't wait to try! 

Left to right : Diamond Geezer , Trout Pout ( both $19.95) and Queen Vic ($22)

The flash was killing my eyes hence the reason they are shut haha.... Teddy Girl Lippy. I actually really like this more than I thought I would. It would look awesome against more olive skin! 

My goodness I look horrid from my flu... however we shall press on, Lippy - Primrose Hill Picnic. 

The Lippy's are really sticky so if that's going to annoy you stay away! However I really like these colours.. I'll definitely be using these little babies! 

Also this may seem weird but I have never coloured my hair before (and I'm 29) ! I feel like I want to wait to grow my hair longer and then give it a crack hehe. I've seen the same hairdresser "T' for ages now, she does a great job with my boof. Trust me, my natural hair is crazy curly and Afro, people from my younger days only remember this about me! Since moving up here I have tried other hairdressers randomly but have really be disappointed and quite annoyed with a- how much they charge (I wouldn't care if the job was good!) and b - hairdressers not understanding my hair.  If anyone knows of a great hairdresser in the city (Melbourne) I would love to try them! I love seeing T (she is hilarious and a great shopper at that) but sometimes I need convenience after work before I go out etc...

I have also booked in at Miss Fox to get my eyebrows threaded seeing as Mezzy loves them so dearly. I'm sick of having my eyebrows demolished ... they used to be perfect now they are really weird looking! I hope they can fix them for me... I have to wait a few weeks until they recover from my last appointment. 

Anyway I'm off to paint my nails... "Trout Pout" style! See you on the weekend guys :) 


  1. Ohhh you have sold me on butter london. I LOVEEEEEEE the first lipgloss. I am going to order it right now!

    My friend goes to on collins street and she has amazing hair!

    1. Same here ... It is pretty sticky though... But it is worth it for the look!

      Thanks soph I'll google it now :)

  2. I am jealous of your polishes! Love the lip colours too!

    You were the first I saw about the earthquake on twitter I think? I thought it was a joke to start with... Then BAM.. It was not!

    I'm very impressed that you haven't ever dyed your hair!! I think that's an achievement!


  3. Thanks! I am pretty happy with my buys I must say!

    I don't have twitter but I did post on Insta. Earthquakes in Melb... What the hell is going on!

    I don't know if my lack of hair dye is an achievement or just silly now. I have some hard core greys that are not appealing! I feel like once I start I won't stop hehe

  4. Your lips look so good in photos, I'm jealous!

    1. Thanks! They do look ultra glossy don't they... Possibly OTT... but whatever I like :)