Friday, 28 September 2012

Just one of those days....

Heya prowlers! 

Yes its sad but true, but I'm posting on a Friday night. 

I got a message from x late last night and it made me so mad and just frustrated. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting played the fool! I like x ... (which is ridiculous because we hardly know each other).. and its going nowhere because he won't step up and make a decision. You can't have your cake and eat it too. This played on my mind for hours last night, it really got to me. I don't understand why x is making things so difficult. If your interested contact me, if your not, don't contact me. I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but it does. Maybe I am more of a sensitive soul than I'd like to think haha

After stewing about this most of the night, I woke up in an atrocious mood! I was snappy and short with people and not up with my usual laughter. I think i'm sick of guys not making a damn decision and I just end up confused and letting the situation linger and not cutting them off. The problem is, I think I actually am angry at myself rather than them! Sometimes I feel like I'm too nice for my own good. But I guess I can't help who am I! ARGH I'm so going around in circles lol 

If I snapped at your at work today... SORRY! haha

Meanwhile I am so devistated about Jill Meagher. This strikes a nerve especially being a single woman, as I often go places on my own and take forgranted my safety. I hope that, (if anything good can come from this), is we as a society will look out for one another more. Maybe i'm just idealistic and naive thinking this way... 

OKAY onto some news that isn't such a downer!!! 

I will be laying low this weekend, watching the footy at home. I want to power through some studying, as the following weekend I'll be off to g-town! I'm going to get my hair done again, and thinking i'll get a block colour. I trust my hairdresser though, so maybe i'll just give her free reign! haha Any suggestions you have i'll be happy to take note! haha 

Finally I just want to send all my love to mezzy and big congratulations with the exciting pregnancy announcement. As with Jkats I am happy to be adopted aunt kitty! xoxo 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!! Are you doing anything for the grandfinal!? Sorry I don't have much to give you guys lately, while I'm studying I tend to lay low! 

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Running my way into Summer

Hey guys!

I have been a bit neglectful lately. My life has been literally working and studying ... so even if I wanted to blog, I really don't have anything to give! 

The weather has been amazing this weekend! Finally my apartment isn't a permanent icicle and is actually at a decent temperature.... This winter has been way to long! Last weekend I looked up from my books to see the tree outside my window green again. The change in season really is upon on us. I am three floors up so this tree is actually huge. 

Last weekend Pani came to visit... we didn't go out but we did have a late dinner at Esca Grill. Jkats recommended it to me and seriously now I go there all the time.. mainly because its never disappointing - sometimes I don't want to take the risk of going somewhere new! For once I didn't take pictures of what I ate but we had oysters to share, and for my main huge tiger prawns. Delicioso! Esca Grill is on Mount Alexander Road, so north westerners ... you know where to go!

Well its the grand final next weekend... and I have no plans at all what to do! Generally my friends are not that keen on the footy so its really a non event for them. I feel that I may need to go down to Gtown and watch it at home with a BBQ and drinks!... I would of loved to have a BBQ here but I don't have an outside area which sucks! 

My hair is starting to grow out and i'm not sure what to do .... stick to the foils or just go all over with one colour. Foils confuse me... sometimes i think they can look kinda bogan... so i'm not sure if i really do like them. I'm not really good with this hair colour thing... i don't know what i'm doing. I'm open to suggestions!? I think I would be happy to do something dramatic ...thats if it would actually suit me. 

Meanwhile after getting a stack of new music, I finally bought one of those arm bands for my iphone for running (at the moment lets call it my very slow jog haha). Hopefully it isn't too uncomfortable.. I don't mind looking like an idiot as long as it does the job! If you have one tell me how you find it? 

I need to make more time for running... yes I probably do need the exercise but the best part is how it clears the head! Whenever I come back I feel like whatever I was stressing about was rubbish and I put things into perspective. Maybe its my stress release? What do you do to release stress (apart from vegging out with a good mag and coffee--- this I have well and truly mastered).

And about exercising, what is the deal with sports apparel. Please stop making tops with writing and stupid 'inspirational' phrases all over it! Lorna Jane has stuff like ' dream, believe, achieve' and 'IMAGINE' and just other general lameness. The tops look good without it! Sorry if you like this stuff! I like plain comfy tops that are long and don't ride up ! What brands and styles do you like to wear when exercising? I love adidas tights but tops I like to get whats comfortable and not over the top. I feel lame getting brands like everlast, I ain't no boxing champ! Here are a couple of my wardrobe staples... 
(As you can tell I hate ironing - I mean, whats the point for Gym stuff!) 

Nike Singlet with inbuilt support. Any extra support is A-OK with me! 

I bought this leluu single 2 years ago, and I still love it! I recently got an update, in a pale pink colour. But the material is different and more stretchy. Not as good as this one! 

I bought two of these nike tops - the other one in white and the same colour writing. This as much rubbish writing I can put up with on gym gear. Even this is kinda stupid. But the top itself is light, has cap sleeves and is a tad longer than most tshirts which is good for people like me who have a belly that needs reduction :P 

Thick banded tights... always the most flattering... I like ones that sit just below the knee. Three quarters annoy me ... can never get them to sit right. I guess fine for standing around in body pump. 

This is the top I found in Lorna Jane. As plain as can be! Horray! 

Anyway I guess after all this talk about running I should do just that! 
Hope your having a great weekend and enjoying the sun (while it lasts)! 

Monday, 3 September 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Heya guys! 

My weekend went far too far fast as usual! On Saturday I thought I'd pop into Highpoint to go and hunt down that Penny Peplum top I rambled on about last post. So I rang up Portmans and made sure they had it in stock and off I went... all was going well until I hit the car parks! OMG! Drainer! After driving around in circles for a while I gave up and went straight to the city! I should really have opted for this in the first place, but never mind! 

I went straight to Melbourne Central and found the top! Horray! It is a bit shorter than anticipated, but I still love it. I wish there were more of these peplum tops in a cotton type fabric with a cap sleeve. Sportsgirls Peplum tops are awesome, great colours but they are all sleeveless! How much better is Sportsgirl lately! I've seen a few cute dresses in there of late. I think I might give it more of a chance now. 

Anyway as I raced out of the shops, really to avoid more spending, I spotted this necklace in Forever New that would go well with that black peplum top I bought on Friday. I really need some cute statement necklaces! This was $25 ... and I think money well spent! 

So by Saturday evening I ventured down to Gtown to visit mum and dad. Far out Dad was so excited about the lap top, he ripped open the box right away and was mucking around on it most of the evening. He said wow it has a webcam now I can talk to you all the time ... so we set up skype accounts haha I'm sure the thrill will pass! I'm not keen on this webcam type scenario! 

On Sunday we went out to lunch at the Lord of Isles... my parents regular. They love it! I think my parents are very much creatures of habit. When my brother walked in he said, oh you have the warnie look going on, referring to my lippy looking like zinc hahaha Thanks! My other brother is overseas at the moment -- how is this, he went to book a ticket home on the 29 of August except he did it for September instead. Now he is stuck for another month lol... this is typical of him! I dunno why you would want to come home early anyway! Enjoy it all while you can! 

Anyway after that I went to visit Pani who had a few adventures to tell me about. That girl I tell you, 29 going on 18! haha (Sorry Pani)! She managed to pass onto me a few bits and pieces that she knew I might like! ahh Such a good friend! 

I love the Photoready make up and this powder... people always comment on my skin. This stuff really is the key people! 

The gloss and two lipsticks. My kinda colours! Knows me to well :) 

As I was writing this post I actually had a call from a guy I went out with a few times and wanted to 'catch up'. Hrmmmm this always sounds suspect to me... avoid avoid avoid!...This is why you never answer blocked numbers people! What are your best lines of excuses to get rid of people? Of late I've been running with 'so busy with work and all, you know, tax time' .... man if that isn't a brush off I don't know what is lol 

I have had today off to study but unfortunately I haven' done anything thus far, after I slept in, did some cleaning then went to do groceries and what not... I couldn't stay inside its just too damn nice! I love this weather! Just makes me excited to know that summer is around the corner! Are you a long summer night kinda person or snuggle up to the heater winter chick? I feel like when I was younger winter was the best, now I just love the long days. 

I also managed to procrastinate and paint my nails, Essie - Pink Parker. Loving it! Not that you can tell but its neon and loud! Loving this against dark jeans or a little black dress and a tan! 

Hope you had a great weekend y'all!