Sunday, 23 September 2012

Running my way into Summer

Hey guys!

I have been a bit neglectful lately. My life has been literally working and studying ... so even if I wanted to blog, I really don't have anything to give! 

The weather has been amazing this weekend! Finally my apartment isn't a permanent icicle and is actually at a decent temperature.... This winter has been way to long! Last weekend I looked up from my books to see the tree outside my window green again. The change in season really is upon on us. I am three floors up so this tree is actually huge. 

Last weekend Pani came to visit... we didn't go out but we did have a late dinner at Esca Grill. Jkats recommended it to me and seriously now I go there all the time.. mainly because its never disappointing - sometimes I don't want to take the risk of going somewhere new! For once I didn't take pictures of what I ate but we had oysters to share, and for my main huge tiger prawns. Delicioso! Esca Grill is on Mount Alexander Road, so north westerners ... you know where to go!

Well its the grand final next weekend... and I have no plans at all what to do! Generally my friends are not that keen on the footy so its really a non event for them. I feel that I may need to go down to Gtown and watch it at home with a BBQ and drinks!... I would of loved to have a BBQ here but I don't have an outside area which sucks! 

My hair is starting to grow out and i'm not sure what to do .... stick to the foils or just go all over with one colour. Foils confuse me... sometimes i think they can look kinda bogan... so i'm not sure if i really do like them. I'm not really good with this hair colour thing... i don't know what i'm doing. I'm open to suggestions!? I think I would be happy to do something dramatic ...thats if it would actually suit me. 

Meanwhile after getting a stack of new music, I finally bought one of those arm bands for my iphone for running (at the moment lets call it my very slow jog haha). Hopefully it isn't too uncomfortable.. I don't mind looking like an idiot as long as it does the job! If you have one tell me how you find it? 

I need to make more time for running... yes I probably do need the exercise but the best part is how it clears the head! Whenever I come back I feel like whatever I was stressing about was rubbish and I put things into perspective. Maybe its my stress release? What do you do to release stress (apart from vegging out with a good mag and coffee--- this I have well and truly mastered).

And about exercising, what is the deal with sports apparel. Please stop making tops with writing and stupid 'inspirational' phrases all over it! Lorna Jane has stuff like ' dream, believe, achieve' and 'IMAGINE' and just other general lameness. The tops look good without it! Sorry if you like this stuff! I like plain comfy tops that are long and don't ride up ! What brands and styles do you like to wear when exercising? I love adidas tights but tops I like to get whats comfortable and not over the top. I feel lame getting brands like everlast, I ain't no boxing champ! Here are a couple of my wardrobe staples... 
(As you can tell I hate ironing - I mean, whats the point for Gym stuff!) 

Nike Singlet with inbuilt support. Any extra support is A-OK with me! 

I bought this leluu single 2 years ago, and I still love it! I recently got an update, in a pale pink colour. But the material is different and more stretchy. Not as good as this one! 

I bought two of these nike tops - the other one in white and the same colour writing. This as much rubbish writing I can put up with on gym gear. Even this is kinda stupid. But the top itself is light, has cap sleeves and is a tad longer than most tshirts which is good for people like me who have a belly that needs reduction :P 

Thick banded tights... always the most flattering... I like ones that sit just below the knee. Three quarters annoy me ... can never get them to sit right. I guess fine for standing around in body pump. 

This is the top I found in Lorna Jane. As plain as can be! Horray! 

Anyway I guess after all this talk about running I should do just that! 
Hope your having a great weekend and enjoying the sun (while it lasts)! 


  1. Woo! We can be each there motivation!! I'm hitting up the gym hardcore this week!

    Mmm maybe go over one colour or get half a head (the bottom up) of foils!!

  2. Hey...

    I just want to get into a routine again so we'll see how I go! Once you have it, its smooth sailing haha

    Yeah i'm thinking maybe go one colour! But I'm not sure. To go lighter or get a richer kind of brown. I guess i'll suss it out with the hairdresser!

  3. So agree about stupid slogans on gym clothes! It doesn't inspire me at all, just peeves me off.

    1. I wonder who these Slogan loving people are?! They wouldn't make them if people didn't buy them!

  4. Agree with you also on the slogans! I love Lorna Jane but some stuff is ridiculously expensive and I'm on a stinky uni budget so most of my gym wear is old singlets or tees lol
    I was going to buy that exact iPod arm holder thingy the other day but wasn't sure about it! Let us know how it goes, I hate having to hold my iPhone when I'm jogging around town!

    1. U know I find the tops I've had the longest or bought on a whim have faired the best. For a uni budget track and field black tights are fantastic, wear well and are comfortable. I to like a bargin so sometimes I would venture down smith street to the Nike and Adidas stores. Sometimes u can pick up a real bargin!

  5. I'll try again....'Ready, Set, Run!!!!

    1. Yay it worked!

      Might see you along the river :)

  6. Hahah the best slogan tshirt for excercise I have is a Nike one and it says " Good Girls Play Hard " I get the oddest looks at the gym when I wear that top LOL . Oh I also emailed you back :)

    1. That's actually pretty funny. Maybe we should see how far the ridiculous comments go before we get funny comments from people haha