Monday, 3 September 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Heya guys! 

My weekend went far too far fast as usual! On Saturday I thought I'd pop into Highpoint to go and hunt down that Penny Peplum top I rambled on about last post. So I rang up Portmans and made sure they had it in stock and off I went... all was going well until I hit the car parks! OMG! Drainer! After driving around in circles for a while I gave up and went straight to the city! I should really have opted for this in the first place, but never mind! 

I went straight to Melbourne Central and found the top! Horray! It is a bit shorter than anticipated, but I still love it. I wish there were more of these peplum tops in a cotton type fabric with a cap sleeve. Sportsgirls Peplum tops are awesome, great colours but they are all sleeveless! How much better is Sportsgirl lately! I've seen a few cute dresses in there of late. I think I might give it more of a chance now. 

Anyway as I raced out of the shops, really to avoid more spending, I spotted this necklace in Forever New that would go well with that black peplum top I bought on Friday. I really need some cute statement necklaces! This was $25 ... and I think money well spent! 

So by Saturday evening I ventured down to Gtown to visit mum and dad. Far out Dad was so excited about the lap top, he ripped open the box right away and was mucking around on it most of the evening. He said wow it has a webcam now I can talk to you all the time ... so we set up skype accounts haha I'm sure the thrill will pass! I'm not keen on this webcam type scenario! 

On Sunday we went out to lunch at the Lord of Isles... my parents regular. They love it! I think my parents are very much creatures of habit. When my brother walked in he said, oh you have the warnie look going on, referring to my lippy looking like zinc hahaha Thanks! My other brother is overseas at the moment -- how is this, he went to book a ticket home on the 29 of August except he did it for September instead. Now he is stuck for another month lol... this is typical of him! I dunno why you would want to come home early anyway! Enjoy it all while you can! 

Anyway after that I went to visit Pani who had a few adventures to tell me about. That girl I tell you, 29 going on 18! haha (Sorry Pani)! She managed to pass onto me a few bits and pieces that she knew I might like! ahh Such a good friend! 

I love the Photoready make up and this powder... people always comment on my skin. This stuff really is the key people! 

The gloss and two lipsticks. My kinda colours! Knows me to well :) 

As I was writing this post I actually had a call from a guy I went out with a few times and wanted to 'catch up'. Hrmmmm this always sounds suspect to me... avoid avoid avoid!...This is why you never answer blocked numbers people! What are your best lines of excuses to get rid of people? Of late I've been running with 'so busy with work and all, you know, tax time' .... man if that isn't a brush off I don't know what is lol 

I have had today off to study but unfortunately I haven' done anything thus far, after I slept in, did some cleaning then went to do groceries and what not... I couldn't stay inside its just too damn nice! I love this weather! Just makes me excited to know that summer is around the corner! Are you a long summer night kinda person or snuggle up to the heater winter chick? I feel like when I was younger winter was the best, now I just love the long days. 

I also managed to procrastinate and paint my nails, Essie - Pink Parker. Loving it! Not that you can tell but its neon and loud! Loving this against dark jeans or a little black dress and a tan! 

Hope you had a great weekend y'all!


  1. Love the nails and the statement necklace! Sounds like a really great weekend. :)

    1. Thanks so much!

      The necklace was such a random Purchase but I really do love it!

      Hope your weekend was just as good! X