Monday, 23 July 2012

....Thats Accounting


This past week has been flat out , and I suspect this trend not to stop as Pani and I are off to Phillip Island for a girls weekend. 

Last week was our work conference to Newcastle... Mezzy and I were sure ready for some adventures. We planned a surprise Hens night which went to plan perfectly... SUCKERS! We got you good! hehe... it was all good times... Penis straws included. Nothing is funnier than seeing certain people from the office drinking from these straws,... all a bit of tacky fun! 

Flashing lights from one of the two Tiaras given out on the night.... I don't think our cab needed headlights! 

This pizza sure looks delicious ... but don't be fooled, this lil baby caused me havoc all conference! Iso Bar Newcastle, STAY AWAY! Such rude staff ... you don't expect to be treated like that especially when you have a group booking! But enough complaining, the location was pretty so that was good, plus the company wasn't half bad either :)

Friday we went on a tour of the sand dunes... and man did I feel horrid. I sat on a rock while I waved two bus load of my workmates away. I am still shattered as they all went surfing the dunes.. looked like so much fun! 

My blurry photography.... bus leaving ... bye y'all! 

View from the picnic tables I ventured to whilst I was on my lonesome. 

Stunning! The wind maybe cold but the sun made up for it! 

Could of fooled me to this it was some sort of Desert! 

Couple of funny stories... 1 - We took a mediocre looking ferry for a trip in anticipation of seeing whales / dolphins. What really happened was we motored out about 15mins from the dock, threw out the anchor and experienced severe choppy waters when the water was actually flat as a tack! Dolphin sightings = one! and 2- After finishing up the days activities at Murray's brewery and embark on the bus ride home we manage to loose one of our workmates. It wasn't until we were down the road we realised he was not to be seen and more than likely still knocking back a frothy. As the bus rolled back into the brewery car park nothing was more hilarious than seeing him walking aimlessly down the dirt road with the look of 'they'll be back' on his face hehehe

I love this photo of Mez! So pretty! Me however not so good... and feeling a bit worse for wear. 

Trouble makers right there! 

When I got home all I did was sleep. Nothing beats your own bed thats for sure! I did manage to paint my nails though.... 

Finally thought I'd give this silver a whirl... Butter London - Diamond Geezer 

And then decided to go classic ... OPI - Step right up (NYC ballet collection) 

For the flight home some light reading.... I still love SHOP ... I dont really like to read magazines as such, just show me fashion thats all I need! 

After my reading I feel I am somewhat more up to speed with celebrity news. What the hell is going on with Katie and Tom? I find their child Suri rather obnoxious, and when I mentioned this to Mez she said "how could you hate a child". Do you also find this rather harsh of me? Its not like I know her either! haha...

Also that reminds me on my flight back to Melbourne I was held up by security - I felt like I was on boarder security! I had a swisscard in my handbag.. which is basically a baby manicure set the size of a bankcard. It has scissors, nail file which doubles as a screwdriver, pen, baby knife, pin, toothpick and tweezers! After asking me if I had any sharp objects in my bag and replying NO I realised they were looked for the card! NOOOOO! I love that thing, its like an emergency nail kit. They would not let me board unless I got rid of it.. so I put it in the post. I hope it returns. Although it can be repurchased... my dad gave it to me... so its kind of sentimental more than anything! 

Have any of you been to Newcastle? How did you find it? ... I thought it was better than first thought... are you a local? Were we hanging out at the wrong places? 

Hope you had a great weekend ! 


  1. Looks like fun... Minus the sick part! Not so sure about that haha

    The story about the guy getting left behind = priceless.

    Nails look good :)

    Hahaha No I find Suri also a tad on the "spoilt brat" side but then it's true... We don't know her :)

    1. U can sense the brat part haha

      Yes leaving behind workmates isn't ideal but it is hilarious :)

  2. That sucks you had to stay behind and the service at the bar! But it sounded like fun! haha!

    I actually dont like Suri either, like I can understand that you'd be spoilt if you had a wardrobe worth 15M but still hahahah she appears very bratty! x

    1. Crap service always angers me... I feel like I could turn into one of those obnoxious customers that staff roll their eyes about when they leave lol

      15m wardrobe ... No wonder she is bratty

  3. So sorry to hear you were sick :-(

    Glad you're better now though :-)

    1. Hehe thanks!!!

      Looking forward to relaxing this weekend!