Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm back ... with a new laptop in hand!

It is true, I have been very neglectful of my blog. Not on purpose... my old computer at home has nearly packed it in. Literally by the time I logged in and wrote a blog post I was left thinking where the hell did my whole night go?! So I finally took the plunge and bought a new computer.. and yes a laptop. I am slowly entering the modern age haha. 

My Satellite L850/0CC Laptop.... anyone care about specs? If so click here

I am so sorry to everyone for my continual 20 questions about this! I fear you tech savvy people maybe ready to diss my choice! but back off punks! I really only want this computer for important purposes like internet shopping and the like hehehe.... plus surprise surprise, I like the white! (I have a thing for white... ) 

Whats even better is that Harvey Norman have buy a Toshiba laptop and get one for free... granted possibly a crappy one but who cares.. its free! HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! haha 

Can I just say as I waddled to my car with my laptops in hand, trying to open my car as my keys were all twisted in my hand, a guy ran over and helped me get my purchases in the car and proceeded to guide me out of the car park to avoid the bombardment of traffic. Chivalry is not dead people! 

In other shopping news I went to Highpoint right after work last night. I am a big fan of the hand car wash in shopping centres. You don't have the hassle of looking for a car park, get your car cleaned, and it somewhat limits your spending when you know you have to be back in an hour or so. 

My intention was to finally go to MAC and get my eyemake up done... but I really don't know why I bothered going to the Myer in Highpoint for this. They are terrible! I was standing in the MAC area and did not have one person approach me to say sorry we are busy but we won't be to long or something along those lines. So I walked to the Chanel counter... nobody, benefit... nobody.... and then finally to Christian Dior. CD had three girls behind the counter and having a convo, laughing etc. So I go over there and pick up some products and stand around for a bit ... they literally carried on and did not even acknowledge me. I'm sorry but this is terrible! I don't feel it should be my job to stop their conversation when they are supposed to be on the job. Granted I work in a very different industry but if a customer/client is standing around you drop what your doing and serve them. I have found the girls in the city store much better - why is the Highpoint store so terrible! Well David Jones will be in there before they know it so hopefully that drives up the competition! Anyway I should stop ranting ... Sorry!! 

So I proceeded to wander the shops aimlessly as I didn't really have a mission to get done! I did however go to JB and got a few cds that the biller at work recommended. Is it odd that I actually bought cds.. who does that these days thanks to itunes?

I have been after a pair of round cubic zirconia (not sure how to spell it) earrings for a while now. I went into Michael Hill and they charged $300 ... No sorry buddy I want the cheapest of the cheap! So I got these from prouds. I must admit all the jewelry I love is literally out of my price range ... so like I say, fake it before you make it baby! lol 

I ordered this Michael Kors bag which I love! It was from Ozsale... and can you believe it arrived in like a week! AMAZING! I think this will be perfect for summer! Whats better is that I haven't really seen anyone around with the same bag which is even better! I feel like some bags like those Mimco button bags, like everyone had them! I dont mind having the same things, but not all the time. 

I got the bag for $230 including shipping. Horray! I can't believe how expensive this stuff is when you go into DJ's.What did we do before online shopping? Dusted our homes? Polished the silver? lol How times have changed! 

Anyway while I've been gone I have had a few adventures which I plan to update you on. Pani and I went to Phillip Island... fun times! and I had a girlie weekend with mumsie in Gtown which unearthly a fantastic little nail salon hidden the suburbs!

I hope you have all been well and staying out of trouble! I plan to go to the city next Friday and suss eyebrow pencils/powders. Apart from MAC are there any other brands you would recommend?


  1. Woah a free laptop! that's awesome, even if it is shit! :P

    I hate the customer service in the cosmetic department, so often you get ignored cos they are too busy doing other people's makeup, or they simply aren't even there!!

    1. Hi Shellie,

      Yeah it freaks me out how fast technology moves! I remember laptop were out of most peoples reach and now they are giving them away haha.

      You feel my pain too! No wonder everyone is going online these days, if your getting crap service anyway you might as well go online and choose yourself!

  2. You so can't complain about a free laptop of any sort! Way better than none!
    Stores wonder why we all shop online now, if they took any notice and saw their customer service staff acting like that they'd realise why! Love the bag too. :)

    1. Thanks! I am rapt with the bag I must say!

      Exactly stores should take note!!

      ...talking about online shopping I just went a bit crazy on itunes haha

  3. Loooove the handbag, the white was definitely the way to go!

    And welcome to the 21st century with your laptop :) haha!

    1. Haha why thank you! It's great to be here... I haven't even had it for 48 hours yet and I wonder how one lives without it! Haha

      The bag will get much use over summer :)

  4. Good to see you back!

    Haha love the free lap top deal! :)

    The bag did come so quick, I was in shock when I Saw just how quick! Do love it, glad you went with white!

    1. Aww thanks!

      Haha i did rant on about my laptop purchase for a while... U can tell I'm excited about it haha

      Glad I asked everyone about the bag as I'm loving the white!