Monday, 27 August 2012

Greys Be Gone!!!!

Maybe 3 weeks ago now I headed down to Geelong to spend time with mumma. I guess it would suck to live with boys all the time... who are you going to talk about shopping and the like to ?! So I came down on a Friday night and left on the Saturday night. 

On Friday mum and I decided to try the Customs House for dinner... it is located along the water front and looks gorgeous. Before we go on excuse my horrid picture taking... I was trying to be subtle so I snapping quickly...

This is a terrible picture .... you can't see the water that is lit up by the blue light. 


From chef - an asian broth.. it was horrid. What was the kitchen thinking serving this up to people! 

For entree... mum had this interesting tastings plate. In the cup was this thick and gluggy pumpkin soup, some beef carpaccio and I think some procuttio and something salad. I think mum wasn't that impressed!

My salad was beetroot and goats curd and walnuts and pear! Just not good at all! It was literally jelly on a plate with chunks of randomness on the plate. The walnuts were good... I guess!

Our mains were alright.. but things didn't match the description in the menu. The mushroom sauce was awesome though! 

Presenting the bill... in an empty book... which also emptied my bank account needlessly! 

This was really a disappointment. The location is great and all but it doesn't make up for the try hard menu and terrible service. There seemed to be so many staff running around but doing nothing. I hate how businesses do this... spend the money on awesome well trained staff.. you will need less of them and they actually control their designated areas properly. We were served by at least 4 different people throughout the night. The meal cost together $176 --- Ridiculous! We had sparking water and one glass of wine, the two entrees and two mains. The food is not good enough to justify such a price. All is not lost though, it still is a pretty place to go to, and its good to see an old building in Geelong being put to good use. Ah well hopefully it gets better over time... definitely some tweaks need to be made! 

After our interesting Friday night I went to bed early as in the morning I was off to the hair dressers! and guess what... 

I did it, finally coloured my hair!!!

T did a great job! I am really happy with it. That said I'm not 100% sure if I want the foils in it again. Maybe I just go all dark like my natural colour. Although I am loving that my hair is growing longer... slowly but surely people! 

Pre Cut and colour...


TA DA! No more stark whites!!! 

Horray! I am looking forward to next time ... any ideas you have that would suit me I am happy to give a go. I wouldn't mind experimenting... seeing as I can't do much with the cut for now, may as well enjoy the colour. 

So after my excitement I rushed home to get Mum as we were off to get pedi's done! Mum did a bit of ringing around to find somewhere that could do both of us at the same time... and randomly came across a small business called the Nail and Beauty Room. It was awesome! A lovely lady, who I forget the name of, has set up a cute nail room in her house. The bonus is the prices are dirt cheap! We had great pedi's done for $45 each! I highly recommend this place if you are a geelongian. It is located in Highton and they do anything from waxing, shellac, facials and hot stone massage. You really can't go wrong! 

After our pedi's we went to visit Babcia's for coffee and cake.. and I passed on the couch. I have been so tired lately! I changed my hours for work and I think my body clock is a tad out of whack! Babcia said " I don't care if you sleep... as long as I get to see you" .. awww!  

So that was my little adventure to the hometown! 

In other random news... here are a few of my favourite nail polish purchases I have made over the past few weeks. 

Finally received my OPI polishes from Brandsexclusive... unfortunately one smashed in the package so that was pedal faster suzie so i'm a little upset about that. Although they happily refunded the money which was good! The colour are... pamplona purple (thumb), ate berries in the cannaries and finally black cherry chutney. I love love love love these!!!

I randomly bought these revlon polishes.. not sure why i got the glitter. It is rather an odd tone so trying to work out what it will look best with. The white is called calla lily which is a sheer white with a shimmer. Love it! I used it as a top coat on my essie lilacim and looked great! Calla lily is actually a colour stay polish... in general not a fan of the revlon polishes but this one has been an exception. 

Kit - Winner takes all and High roller 

Kit polishes are awesome! I highly recommend them... I love the colour selection! Here is winner takes all teamed up with sally hansen gemcrush big money. Sometimes we just need a bit of bling!  

Sorry for my huge posts lately... now with my new lappy I hope to keep much more up to date!!! 


  1. OMG - That salad looks rank!!!! hahaha
    Can't believe how much it cost and you weren't even happy with it blah!

    Hair looks great :)

    Revlon Colour stay polishes are amazing! Shame the OPI got smashed on the way! :(

    1. Hey Megs!

      Haha yeah salad sucked! They r just trying to be to damn fancy!

      I may try more of the colour stay polishes as I'm impressed with this one!

      Thanks re- hair :)

  2. I hate when I go somewhere and food is below average! ITs my pet hate!

    Your hair looks super cute, whats your hair like naturally? wavy? or straight?


    1. Heyyy!

      Yeah just disappointing when you spend so much money!

      Thanks about the hair.... My natural hair is crazy curly! Blow drying and straightening are the biggest drainers of my time haha I shall post my hair el- natural for u sometime :)