Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Venturing into new territory.... Hair colour that is!


So I walked out of the ladies before and noticed my hair is fully grey at the front! I knew it was bad but now its out of control! I am 29 not 49 damn it!

Grey hair runs in my family, my mum tells me she started getting grey at 19... which is crazy talk! Whats worse is I have boofy dark maria hair which means any greys ( or should I say white hairs) stand out like nobodies business... Anyway so my mum has embraced the greys had runs around with a crop kinda like that Debra off masterchef (but without her mental personality though).

I messaged my hairdresser and she said next time I come in we'll discuss it and what to do... however I do want to walk in with some ideas... (hopefully your reading this T then you can see what I kind of like)...

I found some pictures .... now I'm more confused as I like so damn many!!!

I love this style but not the colour for me... Although maybe I shoudln't look at this kind of length as last time I chopped it I regretted it!

I think that the colours below would suit me ....

I am really liking this Mandy Moore picture... I feel like this is the best way to ease me into the whole hair colour world ...

So this is me (below of corse hehe) so you know what style that would semi suit me!

I have a mega werid look on my face here.... whatever! You get the idea... Forever new dress, Tony Bianco wedges...

My face when I was attempting taking pictures of the Butter London Lippy.... the flash hurt my eyes hence why they are closed lol

Anyway please I want all your opinions :)


  1. Not sure if you read my blog, but I did a post recently on the InStyle Makeover tool. It's online, free and fun for trying out new looks without the effort. Have used it a lot in the past trying to work out whether to get side fringes or straight ones etc.
    post -
    tool -,,,00.html
    I think you need to try it and post pictures of yourself with the ones you like best :-)

    1. Yes I did read it... That was an awesome post! Except I didn't want to steal your idea haha but I will try it and show you! I loved that Cameron Diaz look for you too! (I think it was the first one!)

  2. Replies
    1. Yes was loving it but now thinking im not sure about the short fringe parts... I will try that in style makeover thingy!

  3. The Mandy Moore one for sure. The colour is really nice and her face shape looks similar to yours. It would look good! And the fringe will always grow out if you don't like it. :)

    1. I guess that's true about the fringe... At least I can keep the length of most of my hair while I grow it longer.

  4. I love love nicole's (But that's because I want that cut) ahha

    I think you should go for a simple brown like Mandy's to ease yourself in otherwise it's going to be quite a shock for you

    I can't even see any greys in your pic!


    1. Believe me the greys are there! Lol

      I love the nicole one but maybe in mandy moore's hair colour? Best of both worlds maybe? Hehe

  5. Leave it long and put some caramel balayage through it . It will add depth in photos and shimmer. I also do like Nicoles hair cut. But I think long is sexy and also makes you look younger. I am 29 going 30 in less than a MONTH eeekk and yes I have greys too!

    1. I will def try and keep the length and do something with the fringe. Seeing the hairdresser tomorrow so we will see what she says about all these colour ideas for my hair. I am excited! Hehe

      And I want to look younger too .. I can't believe I'm 29! What the hell!

  6. I think this would totally suit you