Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Long weekends are never quite long enough

Finally I had the best sleep in on Saturday. I haven't been sleeping too well since the move, I think because I keep thinking about things I need to do, what to pay when etc etc... So I pretty much wasted most of Saturday being pretty lazy. 

On Sunday, again after sleeping in I woke up to Mum asking me if I wanted to go to the shops. I have come to the conclusion I hate the shops in the main part of Geelong. There is hardly any variety of anything... maybe I just picked a bad day I don't know... but we didn't last long. Instead we left and ended up down "pako" ... i love it. Cafe's and cute shops, perfect for a wander and a coffee. My favourite combination. 

Monday I was back on the road to the apartment in Essendon to finish the last part of the move. After letting the cleaner in I was stuck with nothing to do from 9am to 1pm.. I messaged my buddy pods to come to breaky with me. We ended up down Keilor Road at this place called Hey Jude (I think). It was pretty good actually... If only I noticed this place when I lived so close. Surprisingly Pods chose the semi healthy option but stuff that, if I'm going to do breaky, I don't do it by halves! 

Scrambled eggs with danish fetta --- BORING! Well maybe a little harsh but still...

My feast .. and delicious! This is my perfect breaky.. with the latte of corse! 
I love me a poached egg. Why are they so damn good! 

Anyway so I procrastinated at the cafe for ages, but I thought I better relieve pods with his duties of keeping me company... and I ended up with time to check out DFO. I only spent $30 (go me!!) and it was for something actually I need... well so I was told from Mum. 

I bought this cute basket for all my shampoos and bathroom stuff... I have heaps of this rubbish but my parents have little room so I guess now I have it all in one place. This was from Provinical. I managed to waste a good 30mins there. That place is the bomb! 

I also caught up with Pani too... she came to check out my room or should I say rooms.. I've managed to take over both bedrooms within 2 weeks haha.. As she left she said it feels like we are 18 again hanging out at each others room speaking girlie crap... ahh we sound so pathetic hahaha

Pani brought a pack of these awesome weis bars... Pineapple and coconut.... THE BEST! 

Well all in all that was a pretty boring post haha... hopefully I'll have some more exciting news in the upcoming few weeks. I doubt it though.. Just enrolled for study for another semester. Its a drainer.. But I have to get through it, I've dragged it out long enough! Master procrastinator is what they call me! 

Finally the newbie told me that my name Kitty reminded him of that old song by the presidents of the United State of America. You can listen to it Here... and laugh at the meow meow meow meow meow meow part ... ahhh makes me laugh everytime! 

ohhh before I forget Mum messaged me at work that she bought me a surprise! I get home from work to find a cute dress from David Lawrence. Yipeeeee!!! Mum was very observant. She saw me eyeing it off in the shop from the weekend. Maybe it was worth going to the shops with Mum afterall!! 


  1. How awesome, I miss going shopping with my mum, she does sweet things like that too!

    1. Yeah it made my day!

      U sound like u have an awesome mum like mine ;)

  2. Your mum is the best! haha when I used to live at home I would point something out to my mum in the shops and she would just say "Oh, you dont need that!" and keep walking ha! Probably now the reason why I buy EVERYTHING lol!

    Weisbars are the best!

    1. Yeah when I was younger my parents were totally like that! She probably feels sorry for me and my sito hahaha

      i know huh.... this particular one is my new fav. Pani and I were talking about wendy's frozen yoghert too, that stuff is the bomb! I used to eat that like a machine when i was younger!

  3. I didn't know you had moved - how did it go?
    Mmmmm I love poached egg so much. I wish I could make it myself!
    Alas, it never works out. That basket is SO cute!
    Your Mum sounds sooooo sweet! My mum is not as observant! lol

    - KK xx