Monday, 20 May 2013

Loving Mimco

Hey peeps, 

Yeah I know I've been hiding again! A lot has been happening- will have to fill you in about my birthday celebrations but as I'm half asleep thought I'd quickly check in about my new loves from Mimco! 

If you guys remember after my stay at the crown spa I left my watch behind which has never been seen again :( 

I came across the sportivo at Mimco and loved it instantly. It's got a gorgeous big face and perfect to go with that whole arm candy kinda trend! 

Mimco sportivo $249- 

I'm a silver girl but love the black and rose gold look of this watch. It looks fantastic against my Charlie Brown pink peplum dress. 

For my birthday my brother generously gave me a gift card to Mimco and I thought I should really get something i can wear forever and not date. So I got another watch, this time in silver. I rang four stores until I tracked one down at crown casino! 

Large glimmer watch $249- 

Sorry it still has the plastic all over it! I just unwrapped it then! 

I can't stop thinking about the nebula bracelet that would look amazing against the sportivo. As I have chunky wrists the bracelet was too firm and didn't quite work! Here is the bracelet in question... 

Look honestly I could go on about the awesome stuff Mimco have at the moment (I have also got a wallet and clutch swirling around in my mind but trying to control myself), but I am sounding like a commercial! I'm pretty happy with why I found though! 

I go through phases with particular stores. Sometimes I love sometimes I can't stand... Obviously Mimco is a fav of mine at the moment. Which makes me wonder, what stores are you loving this season? 

Ps I did this post via my phone! I really hope this works! 


  1. I've been lusting after that Sportivo watch for a while now! You've convinced me to get myself one :D

    1. Yes do it! You won't regret it xxx

  2. Love the watches - you have great taste! :)