Saturday, 27 April 2013

I'm checking in....

Hi guys! 

Far out the last few weeks have been crazy busy. As you have realised, I've been laying pretty low on all forms of social media. 

My exam is literally in a week, so basically my life is work, travel, eat, study. I'm living the good life I tell you! 

My birthday is next Thursday (exam on Friday--- WAHHHH). And then celebrations can start. YIPEEE!!! Can you believe.. the big 3-0! 

Anywho, I cant really yabber on as I look at the books and feel guilty even checking in on here haha... hope y'all are all doing great!!! :) 


  1. Happy Happy Birthday for the other day and I hope (know) you would of aced your exam! x

    1. Hi hol,

      Thanks for the b'day wishes! Yeah glad exam is over now I can relax! X