Monday, 1 April 2013

Kitty goes Metropol

Happy Easter Everyone! 

I'm in a little bit of a daze...  so this post is going to be pretty picture heavy. But hey, I figure you'd appreciate the less reading as the long weekend winds up. 

Pani and I went to Crown Metropol last night. This was our room....

Queen beds... with pillow overload yay! 

Bathroom, which has sliding doors for privacy. 

The view... yep, not that impressive. The boring side of the city. Nevertheless, still pretty with all the lights happening at night. 

After the thrill of getting to our room, we wandered down to crown for a bite to eat, and again, we received a bottle of champas and chocolates. I'm starting to think people really do think we are a couple haha! 

We lazed around, and started to get ready for a night out. I really lathered myself up in bronzer and tanning product, I literally was glowing! I found this rather amusing as this is usually Pani's terrain. 

Unashamble selfie! Look theres no denying I love this dress! (Care of Witchery sales rack - how this got to be a sale item I don't know!) How many wears can I get out of something before its too much!?

Pani's going to kill me, but had to post this. YEP I think someone was enjoying the vodka hehe

I used my benefit smokin' eyes kit. Look for a novice like me, its pretty awesome. Click here to check it out!

Okay so the night in short.....
We started off wandering through Crown all dressed up, ready to find where the action is happening! So we go to Merrywell, NOBODY there! Hrmm, well this isn't a good sign. So we walk through the gaming area where we literally felt everyones eyes turn to us. We must have been way overdressed and out of place haha.. so we thought, Flinders Lane, something will be happening there surely! Turns out, there wasn't! 
Cut a lot of rambling short, we ended up back in Crown, paying $30 to get into the dodgiest clubs going around! It ended up just being flat out hilarious. We got on the dance floor at one of the clubs and we were flocked with randoms, which made me feel so uncomfortable. Then this random guy grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the middle of the dance floor. The music was rnb and believe me he was ready to do a bit of bumpin and grindin hahah He kept saying, your shy your shy, well yes I am, so STOP trying to grab at me! This is not the way to lure your meat in I tells ya haha.. Thank goodness Pani was there to rush on in and save me. Her saving skills are awesome haha 

After our little boogie, we wandered back down to the gaming area, and a bunch of guys asked us to help them get into the clubs upstairs. I really felt for them, I mean nobody was up in those clubs, and they rejected them. I found that so wrong. But hey, when a girls feet hurt, every unnecessary step is a struggle so we left them. I hope they got up there! 

I'd love to stay at Metrolpol again, probably at a time that isn't school holidays where kids are all let loose at the pool area. We wandered up to the pool to find there was no room as the kids had taken it all up haha. Not that it phased us, we had some drinking to do!


  1. That room looks amazing! Shame the rest of the night out wasnt so great. Going/staying anywhere on school holidays is never as relaxing or nice hey.

    1. Yeah the room was really nice, we loved it!

      We still had a laugh, so that is the main thing I guess! Yeah I should really take into account the school holiday factor I think hehe

  2. I freaken love that dress on you .. and look at you rocking the smokey eye !!! wooo!!!

    1. Thanks Soph! I think i will wear it on my 30th... can't find anything else i love quite as much! :)

  3. I swear I had commented on this post!??

    The dress looks ah-mazing x