Sunday, 24 February 2013

Adventure to Lorne... and other randomness

Heya Prowlers..

Friday started off fantastic... I took this stuck in traffic before 7am ... I wasn't even near the city yet, just passing Werribee. I am not good in traffic, but just thought, getting frustrated isn't going to help so I put on some music and relaxed. I was surrounded by a fair few tradies , this made the view a bit better haha. I'm hopeless! 

So I went to the city after work on Friday night - Yeah I know more shopping. Just wanted a cute summery relaxed dress. I know summer is coming to an end, but I've been wearing the same dresses flat out, its making me feel a bit.. you know.. like ughhh....

I bought this dress at David Jones -- its Witchery. I love it. Its fully lined, comfy and cool for the hot weather. The sandals are new too... Tony Bianco had a sale so I was happy to pick them up for $60. Unfortuantely after about an hour of wear this happened....

What the hell! Thats so not right, I would of look like the biggest loser when it happened at the petrol station.  Lucky I cart around my trusty thongs...  I'm actually really disappointed though... I love Tony Bianco.. and have so many of their shoes, and this happens, I dunno maybe they were just a dud pair. 

Pani, Pods and I went down to Lorne on Saturday afternoon, and the weather was perfect. Shattered I didn't actually get to swim, the water was flat and inviting! Love the beach. But anyway here are a few pictures ....

Cockatoos I guess... they were everywhere! 

Went to this cute little burger place called the Milk Bottle. The burgers were like grilled but better. I chose the pickle ... it was delish! 

The bridal party of a wedding were down on the beach taking snaps... good work to the bride, I don't know how she managed to get out there! Fanstastic view though! 

Strolling along the pier. I think the prerequisite to do this is to have a fishing rod in your hands. Kinda out of place, but whatever. 

More parrotts or cockatoos (i'm not good with wildlife) ... they were pink. I was impressed. 

Amazing views from Teddys lookout. I could sit up there for hours. 

More of the view...

View from opposite direction..

Just me taking a selfie....

Seriously Pods and Pani have this constant pickering all the time. I can't work out if its all in fun, flirting or they seriously just like arguing. So if your reading this guys, stop it, or else I'll stop the car next time and chuck you both out lol 

Pani and I also went to the movies to see the Silver Lining. I actually really liked it... Although I find it really hard to sit still right through movies these days. Sorry to the people behind me who probably were getting annoyed by my constant repositioning! Meanwhile, this is so gross, but before the movie one of the attendants had to catch a little mouse running around the candy bar. He did it by using two empty popcorn boxes. I hope they are not reused... *shudder*

Patty got me onto these... they are awesome! Pineapple and coconut... my fav combo! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. Weekend looks lovely, that dress looks fab on you but seriously the TB sandals broke? I wouldnt be impressed! x

    1. Hi Hol,


      And def taking the shoes back. Hopefully they take them back! Unfortuantely they can't take back the embarrassment I felt when they fell apart on me and I coudln't walk lol