Friday, 21 December 2012

Holidays are here! YIPEEEEEEE


The holidays are finally here... I don't have much time off, will be back at work on the 3rd Jan - but a little time is better than none at all! I want to save my leave as much as I can for a proper holiday. 

I have been struggling this week... just so damn tired! Last night I thought I'd get in the Christmas cheer and do my nails Christmas style... 

I ended up taking this off... hate it! That red just doesn't do it for me! 

I then put on this... what I thought was a red with a pink through it... but clearly I couldn't get away with the red argument at work, everyone agreed it was pink! ahh well.. what can you do! I'm loving the nude colours lately. When I'm feeling a colour, I should just run with it, I just end up wasting time taking polish on and off. My nails need a good shaping to be honest. I have been quite lazy of late.

We got these hampers from our bosses' today! Horray! Love the double bottles of wine... 

I got these little goodies from buddies at work as well...

Shortbreads in this cute tin! I love it! 

And a little bag of lindt chocolates.... one of my FAVOURITES! hehe

Can't wait to relax for a few days ... What are your plans over the Christmas break? I love to know what everyone is up to! 


  1. That is the cutest tin for shortbread!

    1. Hi Libby!

      I love the tin too... I especially like things I can reuse! I suspect this will be perfect storage for my nail treatments ;)

  2. I agree some days red just doesn't work for me so ill put it on then take it off! Cute Xmas presents!! I'm heading away for the Xmas break with the boyfriends family and back in melb just after New Years! Xx

    1. Sounds good hol! Hope u guys have a great time ... I saw on Insta the pig on spit, hells yes hehe

  3. Merry Xmas I am staying in melbourne on my own haha I am actually happy about it too! Adore you nails... you always have such nice nails :)

    1. Hi Soph!

      Hope you had a good Christmas! I just got back to Melbourne, and am still recovering from a food coma haha

      Thanks about the nails! I have to start looking after them again... i have been lazy and neglectful!