Saturday, 8 December 2012

Its Christmas time!!!!

Heya Prowlers! 

I am the worst blogger ever! I know I know! 

BUT I'M BACK! with an attempt to be a good little blogger hehe

Is it just me, or has Christmas come around ultra fast! I'm determined to get into the Christmas spirit this year ... My year hasn't exactly gone to plan so I want to make an attempt of a great Xmas and New year! I love my optimism about New Year... however its often quite the let down...  My last 3 New years have been at Docklands and every event I've been to has just been crap! I'm still haunted by my experience at the Watermark... they ripped us off, and had hardly any bar staff to cater for everyone and therefore impossible to get a drink - not to mention a dud crowd. We did another event at a place I can't quite remember the name, but it was another horrid night. Bogan central! One of the better nights was H2O... but still wasn't thrilled by it either. I was speaking to Mez today and we both agree Docklands is where fun goes to die! But I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do! 

Anyway more importantly back to CHRISTMAS!.... Last week I thought its about time I got myself a Christmas tree. I just decided on a fakey... especially since I'm solo and carting that little baby up to my floor of the block didn't sound like my idea of fun! I got this giant 6 footer for $27 from Big W! Can you believe how cheap! I texted my dad to tell him I got it from there where he replied with "I can't believe you shopped at BigW"... (He thinks i'm a brand snob, I proved him wrong huh!). I also got the lights and star from there too... seriously that place is the bomb for Christmas decos at el-cheapo prices! 


I must admit I did buy some gorgeous Christmas ornaments from Myer before my venture to BigW. I love them all, and they had 30% off so its hard to say no really! I could say no to the hyperactive children running around the decorations section of Myer. Look I know I don't have children and I am sounding like the Christmas grinch, but as I pondered at my lighting choices, some kid ran over, fell to the floor and whacked my legs and was looking up at me like I'm the weirdo. His mum didn't say anything .. I thought it was odd .. is it okay to let random kids just hit you on the legs while your minding your own business? Hence the reason I ran off to BigW ... I shouldn't be such a kid hater, to be honest majority of the kids were pretty cute, amazed by all the Christmas trinkets to choose from!

I didn't think through my shopping as I had to carry a Xmas tree and bags of random decos etc back to the car on a very busy Sunday afternoon! Dumb decision... I was grumpy and irritable by the end.... but my mood quickly changed once I got home and started putting up the tree! 

I love these glass ornaments ... my brothers would always break them when we were little! Myer had so many of them I was like a kid in a candy store! 

I posted this on Insta (kitty1983) ... my Camera skills are terrible! 

Anyway so I'm happy I feel quite festive with my tree up... now to accumulate a few presents to sit underneath! 

I got some great little gifts from Myer today! Myer has a awesome section of stocking fillers and gift packs in the back left hand corner of the store on ground level (Myer Melbourne City store). 

This candle smells AMAZING! I'm not sure if its soy or anything fancy but the scent alone is a winner. 

These MOR packs are so cute! They even include a mini candle! 

What are your fail safe Xmas stocking fillers? I feel like i'm giving the same old thing! 


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