Monday, 12 November 2012

Stakes Day Race Day

Heya guys!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Now I must say anyone who knows me would be well aware that I love my Saturday morning sleep ins and to get me up before 10am better be worth it! I found myself up at 6:30am knowing Mez will be at my place nice and early to get me to the races! We were off to stakes day, and we had to be there by 9am as Mez is part of our work social club, and had to deliver all the delicious goodies and help set up.

After mucking around with my makeup for ages, I thought I’d take a picture before I got messy by the end of the day! I love my headband with flowers on it, was so cute. I just don’t think the big fascinators suit me, I think any attraction to making me look bigger is a No No hehe.

We were located in the Nursery and had a few allocated car parks where the social club had set up with big umbrellas, tables of snacks and lots of alcohol on ice! Mez and I dumped the food and went to park the car … it was like a lego maze to get out of the damn car park, it took some skill but we made it!

We cracked open the champagne at 10:30... drinking before midday… yes its true! What can I say, the weather was fantastic and the drinks were going down way to easy . Before I knew it I was talking dribble, and Mez made me drink a flute of water before I continued with my day. She did have a point, but who wants to waste valuable stomach room on water!

I thought it was great to see all the girls dressed up and the guys in their suits! Such effort made by all! I wish people would make the same effort on a night out. For example, whats with guys and their crappy $20 slip ons. They should have a blanket ban, they are hideous and should only be worn by old men!

Mez had enough in the early afternoon, which was fair enough to, who wants to be sober while everyone else is having fun! I did however find some girls who had quite as many drinks as me which made placing bets extremely amusing! I wasn’t fairing too well in the betting department until I spoke to these girls, I made my money back plus more.. YIPEE!
There were some interesting behaviours near the end of the day! The people in the car park behind us started packing up and randomly left a platter of cheese on the ground when they left.  I was talking to one of the guys at work and we noticed some random chick just came along and started pecking at the cheese on the platter, nibbling away, and then went on her merry way hahaha What the heck!  

Another girl from work was sitting around all day drinking, and when she finally got up she toppled over into a bunch of chairs and on top of people! HILARIOUS! I usually don’t laugh at stuff like that but she was acting like it was quite normal behaviour lol… good times! Hrm clearly what seems funny at the time doesn’t sound quite so funny when typed out here…. Lol maybe cause its work people it makes it a bit more amusing for me!
Before I knew it, it was 7:30 and time to go home. One of the girls from work dropped me home which was excellent as I pretty much dumped Mez for grog haha. Anyway within 30mins the night turned ugly and I was sick, VERY SICK! I put myself to bed at 10! Clearly drinking all day in the sun is great at the time, but can have horrid consequences.  I was invited to a hens that night but declined, and as I suspected, there was no way I could of gone on all night! I clearly don’t know the concept of pacing myself!
Sunday I ended up feeling sorry for myself for most of the morning, until I perked up by the afternoon.. thank goodness!

Have you been to the races? We did not manage to venture to the general admin, which makes me wonder what its like? I feel like I’d love to dress up in a really expensive outfit and enter some sort of competition on race day! Lame I know, but I love gorgeous clothes! Maybe next year I guess….


  1. I want to go next year. I know its a year away but its seriously on my list of things to do for next year.
    You look fab by the way!!
    I would have drunk myself into a betting frenzy too. The more I drink the more confidence I gain... the less my bank account gets. HAHA about the cheese platter!
    I hope your hangove wasnt too bad.


    1. Thanks soph!

      Yeah def mark it in for next year! good times :) Maybe next time I won't leave my dress buying till last minute!

  2. More like I dumped you and left you stranded hahaha.


    1. No you didnt! You lastest ages I was impressed.

      I shall get the okay from the others and I will post :)